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    Do you agree Narendra Modi will be next Prime Minister of India?

    Recently Gujarat CM Shri Narendra Modi won third consecutive times as CM and it is hope everywhere that he will be next PM if BJP won next Loksabha election in 2014. How do you see his capabilities as PM? Will BJP use him as icon to win next PM election?
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    Let me admit that Narendra Modi is a candidate deserving and capable to be PM.
    In the same vein I can say that, having seen the BJP for the last few years, Narendra Modi will not be allowed to become PM by the party.
    The party does not allow anybody really capable to shine and come up. Somehow they are pulled down.

    The functioning of BJP for the last few years is as if it is an appendage of the Congress party. In fact BJP does not differ much from Congress in any major policy matters. The only basic difference at start was BJP has some marked leniency to Hindus. The party is quite shy now, to show this only differntiation. Then how can people choose BJP for ruling the country?

    BJP now lacks charismatic leader. Modi is the only leader having such a charisma now in BJP.

    I sincerely feel that Modi should not aspire for PM post now. He should make one more term in Gujarat as a golden term and then stake his claim for PM post when none can contest his achievements.

    If he aspire now for PM post, the ever detractors of him will put all sources to rally against him.He will then lose the goodwill of even People of Gujarat who sincerely gave him the third term.

    Hence it is better for Modi to continue in Gujarat and shine there as a national model with his positive development works.

    It is almost sure that BJP is going to come as a cropper in next general elections, having deliberately spoiled its own chances on showing weakness in many national issues and taking a shaky stand. The latest Parliament session was the best example i how BJP abdicated its moral right to fight.

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    Yes, definitly Narendra Modi deserves seat of prime minister rather than chief minister. He is governing state of Gujarat from last more than 10 years and successfully carry development process. He has capability of being PM and for next general election, 2014 BJP may nominate him for its leader. This gujarat assembly election result, 2012 will also help him to get good response for up coming election as BJP won with 115 seats not of 182.

    Vishal Gabani

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    Firstly, it is not yet time to predict the results of 2014 elections. We will have to wait and see whether the people of India will give the BJP another chance to 'shine India'.

    The contention to the effect that people of India are hoping to see Mr Modi as the next Prime Minister is not agreed to. There may be a section of the public and (a section of) the BJP expecting him to sit on that chair.

    My personal opinion is that a person like Narendra Modi should not be made the Prime Minister of this secular country, atleast for the time being. Notwithstanding the developmental activities taken over by him in Gujarat, I think that he is not mature enough to handle the varied and diverse matters having national and international ramifications.

    Besides that, the majority of those who are not pro BJP or pro Hindutva has a feeling that Mr Modi is first a Hindu, second a Gujarati and only then an Indian. It is better for him to wait for the right time to come.

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    I agree with the words of Narendra Modi as the ideal candidate for becoming the next Prime Minister of India. But unfortunately in India we witnesses politics everywhere and even in BJP some section of the leaders aren't happy with the candidature of Narendra Modi as next Prime Minister. Modi has the vision of making India as a developed nation, we have seen him making Gujarat as the top class state in India in terms of employment and attracting big industries. Gujarat is a state at where liquor is ban, hence we have to support him as the suitable candidate to rule India.
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    Its sure, if Narendra modi will be the next prime minister of India if BJP wins the next election.

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    I think winning third time by no means can be defined as a sign of becoming Prime Minister of India. There are Chief Ministers who stayed in office twice more term than him but they were never able to become a Prime Minister. Being a leader of national cadre requires a politics that unify whole country which is certainly missing in the Mr. Narendra Modi's politics which is only concentrated to Gujraat and a discrimination politics which is not going to help him to become a central leader. I have strong doubt that he will be able to become a prime ministerial candidate forget about being a prime minister.
    Farid Akhtar
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    No doubt, In Gujarat, currently Narendra Modi is riding on a high but when it comes to the National Politics, there are many factors which decide one's fate.

    If BJP promotes Modi as the PM candidate,there can be a severe breakage in the NDA i.e.- JD(U). Even many leaders in BJP are still against Modi's candidature for PM. If Modi is promoted for the post of PM, NDA can have a great problem to find allies in states like West Bengal, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, U.P., NE areas as these regions have a strong vote bank of minorities.

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    It is true that Narendra Modi is a senior and experienced candidate for the post of Prime Minister, but the current situation is not in favour of him. NDA divided over his nomination for prime ministerial candidate. Few parties, such as JD(U) and others are not supporting him for this post. So, it is very difficult to predict who becomes prime minister in 2014. Let the people decide the right candidate for this prestigious and responsible post.
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    I do not think that Narendra Modi will be the next Prime Minister of India. There are two reasons of it. First there are many great leaders in BJP. They are working hard for many years. They are waiting for this great opportunity. If they get the majority in coming election. The inside quarrel will never allow him to become the Prime Minister. There are many leaders in this party who also want to become the Prime Minister of India. If we make Narendra Modi the Prime Minister then there is a problem, " what will happen to these leaders wish?" Lal Krishna Adwani who is very curious to become the Prime Minister, what will become to him? Secondly, in the next election the BJP is not going to take a majority. It with its helper parties will be rejected by the public because they have no ability to form a stable government. They have inside quarrel.
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    This is the old thread pulled by the new member out of ignorance and still continued by esteemed members. Editor please lock this thread at once.
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    Raj rindani, a newbie, pulled up this Dec '12 thread and our experienced members were gracious enough to follow.
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    There are many senior members in BJP. Everyone aspires to take the seat of PM. But no member will come out openly say " I want to be Prime Minister". But they will say"I don't want to be PM. I am not power hungry etc. They expect other members to say about their fitness to the PMs chair. Also they cannot keep quite, but has to say something. that's what they are doing by taking the name of Modi. We need to wait for the election to get the decision about the PM. There will be lot of fights inside BJP as to who should become PM. As Modi is already in command of a state and doing well there, what is the need for him to aspire for PM and leave Gujarat to make it as hell. I do not think Mr.Modi will make it, Mr. Advani might get it.
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    Ya offcourse Narendra Modi
    deserves seat of prime minister
    rather than chief minister. It can be easily seen through his works and achievements in Gujarat.He has all the capability of
    being PM of india. I feel BJP may nominate
    him for the Pm post.

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