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    Pak troops kill two Jawans of Indian Army

    Two Indian soldiers were killed, when they tried to cross into the Indian Territory of Mendhar sector of Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday. Now it has become a remind to 1999 kargil war, and it is becoming more difficult to maintain peace at the Line of control. Pakistani Army took advantage of fog in thickly mountainous region where they sneak 500 to 600 meters across line of control. Indian Army took half an hour by firing at random effort. One soldier head was chooped and it reminded the Captain sourabh khalia, where his head was brutually murdered. Will Indian officials can make action against Pakistan Army? What is punishment, if Army violates the LOC? Share your views.
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    Hi Friend,
    This is a shame on Pakistani government.

    Pakistan is once again reminding about the Kargil war. It was few days back, the Pakistani troop tried to infringe the Indian border, were there was a random firing and in that incident one Pakistani soldier got killed. Again they have tried to breach the Indian security, and this time they have killed two of the Indian Soldiers. After killing the soldiers, they have cut off one of the soldiers head. This is really an inhuman act, which is done by the Pakistani troops. For this they need to face the consequences. The way they have treated the soldier's body tells us that, the Pakistani government is backing this act. A right justice needs to given for the soldiers

    "We will either find a way or make one"


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    Stop building relationship with enemy. This is what we get rewarded for friendship with enemy. We lost our soldiers. Bunch of people try to save their business and earn money from cricket matches. They put country reputation on edge.

    Our defense ministry can does only thing either making protest or negotiations across the table.
    We must react on this matter as Israel did with Palestine.

    But we know our Indian government evens they were not awake on kasab team attack on India and we were lost 300 peoples.

    Every once in a while, declare peace. It confuses the hell out of your enemies.

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    This all happening to our dirty politics, when we tried to improve in relation with Pakistan in 1999 and invite Pakistan to play a cricket match then he attack on Kargil and now when Indian govt. has given a permission to Pakistan to play match in India then Pakistan has murdered our two Army Jawans.
    This is Pakistan, it means he don't want to improve his relationship with India then why Indian government is trying.
    Our politicians yet believing to write letter to Pakistan government to make pressure on him.

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