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    Do you support the "All girls Band" of Kashmir

    Hello All,

    Recently the " All girls rock band" have announced that, they were going to disband the group. Also the member of the band has expressed that she is not going to play guitar any more, and they have taken this decision due to the quote made by the a Senior Priest that this is "Un-Islamic". Even they have got some hate messages and death threat in facebook sites too.

    Do you think, this is the right reason to discourage the "Rock Band". Does this really affect the Islamic regulations? Cast your views.
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    I think we have already discussed on this issue very recently and shown support for the girls,Isnt it?


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    Already debated on same topic.
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    Baljinder Singh, I don't get your intention in asking the members to visit a thread that has been locked. Please don't indulge in practices which violate the policies of this site. You can't take liberty with the effort and time of the members by diverting them to a closed thread. I strongly object to this act of yours which I firmly believe was not done with good intentions in mind.
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    Dear Friends, I am surprised as to why this thing is being discussed here. If the mufti is saying anything then it is the discretion of the mufti and what he has perceived. This is something which should be left alone.
    Mr. Baljinder Singh has referred a thread in his comment, which is good that as he is propagating that the last comment on that particular thread by Mr. Tony is a caution to all the member to discuss the matter but restrain themselves from posting any provocative comment.
    I request the members to restrain from discussing anything which is related to the religion. I agree that the mufti who has announced this fatwa is not an important thing to pay heed to and we are unnecessarily propagating the mufti.
    I would like all the members to understand that such fatwa is not important as some mufti had announced fatwa against Sania Mirza when she was playing tennis with mini skirt. Did she stop to do that or she was thrown out of Islam. This is really stupid to give unnecessary publicity to these small time muftis.

    Nadeem Naqvi

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