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    Star of the Week - payment program (updated 31/12/2014)

    Every week we will select one member as 'Star of the Week'. The winner will get a cash credit of Rs 250/-.

    In most cases, this award will go to new members who joined in past few months and post actively in the forum. Such posts include asking questions about ISC, posting answers etc. Basically, we want to identify new members who show lot of interest in ISC and encourage them by giving cash awards.

    Established members do not need to worry about this since there are many other payment programs for them including AdSense revenue sharing program. Also, if we do not find a new member suitable for this award, we will select an established member.

    Remember that copying content from other sites are strictly not allowed.

    Read more about work from home and make money programs in ISC.

    [Earlier this was 'Member of the Week' payment program].
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    This is really a great program to motivate the new members.

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    This is a good initiative for the new members. All the best to all members eligible for this weeks and months payment program.

  • #7339
    This will ensure that those who contribute in a week will also receive some cash awards. So all you new ISCians out there what are you waiting for. Start posting on anything that you think would educate others and earn that extra buck.


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    hey its really a good program. whats your criteria for selecting the member when will you announce member of the week?????

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    This is really a very good program to encourage the newly joined members. I am also a new member. I would like to know when will my adsense revenue program be approved by IndiaStudy Channel team. It still shows pending. I do not know what is the reason. Tony, can u give reply to this message.

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    It seems now you have to be approved only by ISC team, its so somple, just post a seperate thread in Forum with title "Webmasters,Please approve my Revenue Share Account"

    In that thread you have to mention that your account has been approved by Google and only approval from ISC alone is pending.

    Hope this will solve your issue.



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    Thank you Ram kumar,
    My account is approved by ISC now. Thank you for your advise.
    Raghav kumar

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    Hi Tony,
    On what basis do u select the member of the week. I am also a new member and want to participate actively in ISC website. Can u give me some guidelines on how to try to become a member of the week. I would like to actively participate in the ISC website. Waiting for your reply. I never get a reply from you, I do not know why/ many times i asked you questions, but no reply.


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    hai every body its really a great opportunity for all the members...keep working on the website

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    hi this is the very good opportunity for all the members

  • #8072
    I have reach the diamond level with ur easy steps

  • #8098
    Thanks for caring about new users this is very attractive scheme for new users.

  • #8229
    i really appreciate it.

  • #8266
    Fantastic idea. Great going friends.

  • #8275
    This is a good idea.
    And I really want to get this.

  • #8289
    thankyou for more details

  • #8532
    this is good idea................

  • #8755
    Google Adsense in connection with indiastudychannel is the only way to get more money with knowledge sharing. I wish you all tne new members a good success
    Sobha Wilson

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    i also got the member of the week, when i joined this site first time
    only on that week i joined this site and get member of that week in the week i joined.
    that is only motivation from Tony to grow up me
    thank you ,

  • #9333
    Try your best to become the member of the week
    Sobha Wilson

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  • #9355
    Thank you Tony.
    This encourages me a lot.


    Best Regards,

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  • #10291
    i will try to do the best

  • #14024
    This is wonderful. new members will get impressed by this credits

  • #14027
    Yes, I will try to be in the race.
    Mohan - Ambigram Designer

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    This is really a very good program to encourage the newly joined members. I am also a new member.

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    tony whether do you have any idea to stop the member of the week prog as y u going to stop member of month prog

  • #15323
    Thats an nice idea
    Mohan - Ambigram Designer

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    i also working hard

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    good program
    India News

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