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    How to develop self confidence?

    This forum message is to discuss about personality development factors. I need some tips on developing self confidence, reducing stress, improving memory power, improving relationships.
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    Hi Lucy,
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    You've asked a good question on how to reduce stress and develop self confidence. There are many resources on this matter; some of them are:

    You can go through these articles, or for more information you can ask this question in Ask Experts » Doctors » Mental Health section; where our experts will give better answer to you.
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    You can develop self confidence by speaking more and more in English. Try to be in an environment where people usually speak English and try to follow rules and regulations.

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    Hello Lucy,

    Great thread that how to increase self confidence. Mostly fear is one word that decreasing your self confidence. If you always trying to discuss your concept where you not understand I am sure that you can increasing self confidence. These days if you are always being happy then almost you increasing your self confidence at 50% because an free & happy mind helping you always to increasing your performance level in everywhere. So always try to happy and discuss your each problem with your friends then you can increasing your self confidence. I am also welcome to you ISC platform where you will getting all most all information's related to Indian education system. As you are a new member of ISC I recommended you to read carefully all ISC guidelines & all ISC helping topics to start your ISC journey more successful way. In the above responses you will finding many articles related to increasing self confidence.


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    Diffidence or lack of confidence is the result of fear of the unknown. When it relates to the performance like tests, competitions etc, the unknown is the result. So there is a fear what will be the reslt. Whether it will be favourable or not. If the result is not favourable then what will be the reaction of others. All these thoughts give one hesitation, confusion and thus stress.

    So to avoid confusion, stress and diffidence - and inculcate confidence the first thing one should tell oneself is- whatever be the result I will face it boldly. In both results, I can make benefit. Then face the test or exam boldly. There will be self confidence.

    Another factor which gives confidence is knowledge and preparation. If one knows fully about the way an exam or test or competition is conducted, and keeps himself fully trained and prepared for that one will not have any fear. Hence one will not lose confidence.

    Try and see the difference. Best Wishes.

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    I think one must follow the mission in his life with total dedication. The results will be far than expected. If the results are good our confidence level is sure to increase, If confidence level is more, our thinking ability also multiplies which gives to new ideas and innovations. This way one can develop without disturbing the fellow person. One more thing with your work of others can benefit, then the self confidence increases further.
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