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    Advanced railway ticket booking period to be reduced to 60 days.

    Advanced railway reservation timing is going to be reduced to 60 days from present 120 days from 1st of May, 2013.
    This step was long overdue and it was very much necessary to do so. Anyone who has to go for a journey does not decide it 4 months in advance. Most of the times this service was misused by travel agents who book bulk ticket and cause the seats to show full status in most frequent/popular trains.

    It is a welcome step and general people are going to benefit from it.
    What members of India Study Channel have to say about such step. Is it favorable to them or not?
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    On one side, it is good; and another side - bad. The good is what Manoj said in this thread; as bulk booking will stop that occurs by agents 3 month ago. Due to which, people are getting WL seats for more than 100s and at last they need to cancel due to non-conformation. Now, the people will make their tickets at least 2month ago.
    Cons of this step is, the seats will occupy very quickly by the passengers and agents. In addition, there are some provisions for booking before 30days in religious places like, darshans in Tirupati. Where a devotee can book before 3 month; but s/he not receive the train tickets for that day, it will be worthless.

    Naresh Kumar
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    I think sixty days is enough for anyone to plan their travelling need through Railways and I really welcome this move because the earlier lead period of 120 days in advance booking was giving enough rooms to agents to block ticket during rush period and thus genuine passengers were denied tickets. My appreciation to Railway Minister for considering this new proposal which will be welcomed by all.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    We are seeing this kind of gimmicks often.The decisions are ad hoc and not based on convenience to passengers.

    I had a hell of a time in the last few months in planning my travel. Everyday early morning I have to get up and be ready at the opening time itself for the online booking. But alas, I did not understand how within a few minutes the tickets were sold out and I used to get only Waitlisted tickets. At last I had to abandon my plans.

    The government having taken all the money in advance to show in the end of year finalization of accounts, now do not bother and so made it 60 days again. When they feel short of funds or want to shore up funds to show bloated figures, again they re introduce same trick. It does not make much of a difference now, because the plans for the peak vacation season was already finished and washed out four months back. Now the off season travel only is coming which otherwise also is freely available.

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    Thanks for sharing your valuable opinion. As you agree to the fact that there was and still is some pros and cons to the steps taken in this direction. But I think that there were more disadvantages than advantages. People usually plan their travel in advance but most of the times they change in a month due to other commitments. I believe the 'Tatkal' scheme was introduced for the same reason so that people may be able to book tickets in case of emergencies.

    I also think that those travelling for religious places are only a handful when compared to the population of this country. In addition the railways run special trains for them so that they may not get stuck in normal daily travel trains.

    @K Mohan, I totally agree with your opinion as 60 days are more than enough to plan and book your tickets.

    I myself welcome this step by the Government.

    There were also some news that since Government is able to get money in advance, almost 3 to 4 months in bulk which it can use as short term deposit and earn interest on it.

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