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    How do you verify any product if it is original or duplicate?

    Duplicate or original, duplicate or original, duplicate or original every body is concerned about duplicate or original products of daily use including medicines. We the authors and content writers are penalized even for using same words or same sentences or similar paragraphs buy Google search engines. It is my earnest appeal to the editors not to close this thread and not to penalize any member for pulling the old thread as the very purpose of the thread is to make the public in general aware of the duplicate product' market flourishing even at the cost of human lives. All the participating members are requested to post their knowledge about at least one duplicate product they might have encountered. Even the manufacturers of the original products, through their marketing personnel, can become the members of this all IndiaStudyChannel and post awareness information about their one product with documentry evidence as attachment.

    I share one of my experience with Bisleri Water bottle of 20 Liters. Water, though is available for free, is purchased at a cost with the hope that it will not harm our health and sealed water bottles of big brands like bisleri are considered to be the best. But have you ever verified the originality of mineral water purchased by you at a cost of rs.10/- to Rs.15/- per liter. Rs.15- is selling cost at railway stations.

    I bought a 20 liter bottle of Bisleri mineral water. On verification it was found to be duplicate. The bottle did not have the Bar code, Hologram and Expiry date on the inner side of the bottle lid beneath the seal. Whenever you purchase Bisleri Water bottle look for three properties below:
    1. Original Bisleri Cap Image No.1
    2. Bisleri Hologram Image No.2
    3. Duplicate Bisleri Cap Image No.3
    Check Bar Code also .

    Latest Update on 15 Nov.,2013
    Company has started SMS service to confirm the originality of the Bisleri Water and that too has been imitated by the duplicators. In case of original, the customer gets back the confirmation SMS and in case of duplicate there is no response and customer is left high and dry.
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    in every day and in our normal life we come across such fake and duplicate items
    it is common saying is that when a company has launched a beautiful and a costliest product with big fanfare and spending a huge budget to launch that product but in a day or say two days another similar product with lesser amount came in the market
    (here no once is able to identify which is the duplicate one and which is the original one) and the duplicate piece has more demand
    we have more experts who are not utilized in the correct way and there skills are being wasted in this manner
    If they get a chance to establish then they will also become one of the Reliance like

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    Kamlesh, I am on my way to start a detective agency. In the days to come it will a rewarding career opportunity.
    Ashok Goyal

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    Such a sensitive issue getting lukewarm attention of the members .The subject mater might be disturbing you also. As such start building a chain to bring about awareness,
    Ashok Goyal

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    Ashok Goyal, I agree that we find so many duplicate products in our day to day life. Some appear so original that it is really difficult to make out that it is duplicate. The thing is that we are not very much aware about the verification signs of many products. We may get to know that a product is duplicate if there is a difference in the size or shape or the name. It may be easier for us to find out the difference of a product we are using regularly but not otherwise. Moreover, I think, such duplicate products are generally found in the remote areas where people are supposed to be ignorant about such products or in tourist spots where people don't wait for verifying the original indications.
    “The door to wisdom is knowing yourself." Anonymous

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    The story put forward is a real story of a big city falling in the National Capital Region which is also called as National Crime Region.
    Ashok Goyal

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    Big cities and crowded places are also areas where selling of duplicate things thrive because people just pay, buy and push off. Neither do they have the time to look for the original nor are they bothered. Coming to your story, can you tell us what you did after realizing that the product was duplicate?
    “The door to wisdom is knowing yourself." Anonymous

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    @Ashok Goyal sir, thanks for taking this informative as well as educative initiative about pointing out the duplicate and original products. Yes it is true that in our times so many malpractices are involved in the market that fool and lure the customers in buying into fake products and customers need to be vigilant and informed how to identify the original.

    I don't have any particular instance to tell, however once I went shopping where I shelled out 500 rupee note to the lady shopkeeper and she immediately held it in front of the light to detect the authenticity of the note (usually today everyone does it) and returned me back saying it may not be the original one. I was simply surprised because I had withdrawn it from the ATM a day earlier. It worked at the next shop and it just made be think that before going on for any kind of verification for a product every one must know the rules clearly.


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    Just imagine as to how an online auditor, who is also planning to start a detective agency of his own, would have reacted!
    Ashok Goyal

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    Dear Ashok Sir,
    Again you are awesome. This is really a great thing to think like this. To think for a nation, to be alive, to spread aliveness in people. You have planted a seed. Your topic can create new site to differentiate original and duplicate things whether it is a product, content or any thing in this world. I really like your thread.

    Generally we are used to check product by company name and its packaging which should be sealed. If it is Bisleri water, then we are just checking name and cap should be sealed. As per my knowledge Bisleri is trademarked name. So how can one sell same product with with same name?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nilesh Patel

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    I Didn't know that we have Bisleri products in duplicate form in market.
    This is a very informative thread. I don't know how to overcome this problem of duplicate products in the market. There are so many of them. I came to see on news channels about the duplicates of some very reputed products such as Garnier, Set wet, Johnson and Johnson etc. Our money is wasted on the duplicates and we don't even realize because the fake ones are almost similar to the real products. I think we need to move to the olden days where people used home products for beauty purpose. As for water ,it is always good to carry your own bottle at work or travel. If need to buy, the tips fro Mr. Goyal are very useful

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    Bar Code checking on the mobile sets will be technology of the future to differentiate between fake and original products. I am still searching for as to who provides domain name and hosting services to the fake sites. If you happen to encounter the domain name and hosting fake sites, do not forget to report through my Google+ profile.
    Ashok Goyal

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