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    Self Confidence of youth being shattered easily

    In this age of cut throat competition,the young generation has to face stiff competition and high expectations in almost every aspect of life.
    Peer pressure and deadlines at workplace are a very common issue.
    Some survive because of the emotional support given by their family but some lose hope give up after seeing no way out of their troubles.

    If we consider the tragic death of Bollywood actress, Jiah Khan who committed suicide by hanging herself or the recent suicide attempt of the late popstar, Michael Jackson's daughter,Paris, one is compelled to think that who is to blame for this situation -the society,the people at work, the media or seeing continuous failure in one's life.

    Is it that the expectations from family and the continuous race to reach the top in almost every field be it education,business,acting,modeling,singing etc destroying the individuality and aspirations of a person.The hope of leading a content and satisfied life is decreasing day by day due to this race to prove to the world that you are the best.

    A normal person cannot handle all such pressures alone and needs an emotional outlet which can be in the form of supporting friends,co-workers and family ,which can help neutralize the situation and bring relief to a person under continuous stress.
    We may have heard of many cases where people have tried to harm themselves ,gone into depression or trauma ,started taking drugs and ultimately attempted suicide.Seeing the loss of lives who were so young is very depressing for us and is also a major setback for the country.

    My sincere hope is that everyone will try to lend a helping hand and comfort to any distressed person in such a situation because he or she may not take the extreme step just because of you.
    Let us work together to save humanity and bring back hope & happiness in everyone's lives.
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    I think when a person feels that their is no one to understand him/her and he/she cannot handle their problems and when they feel that there is no need to live more, they are committing suicide. In most cases, suicide is due to the lack of one person to share their problems or even one good word from a person.

    We can do one thing for this, when one person want to share their problems, just take some patience to hear what they want to say. Say some thing to make them relieve or we may hear a sad news.

    The best thing is just share our problems and our mind to someone very close to us. So that our mind gets relief when we are sharing this to someone. That is best way to avoid suicide and mental depression.

    So help others by atleast hearing and try to give them confidence, so that we may be helping one from suicide.

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    Being elder reaching to younger at the time of need is always appreciated and it the younger generation which shuns the advice of elders and want to take independent and thus meet with failures.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I think the youths' confidence is based on high expectations which are driven by parents. They are overwhelmed by dreams of getting success through easy efforts or attaining the position the person next door achieved. They are unable to see the truth behind that success and so easily become hopeless whenever there is some obstacle in the way to their dreams.
    "Knowing others is intelligence; knowing oneself is wisdom".

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