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    My Hero Honda is like a Royal Enfield Bullet now .

    I have the habit of fiddling round my vehicle. I own a Hero Honda Splendour plus motor bike since 2008. But I used to envy the 'thad thad thad" sound of a Royal Enfield (Bullet) motor bike. I tried to create such 'thad thad thad' sound in my Hero Honda bike. I did something simple in the silencer, and I achieved it. Now my Hero Honda is making a noise similar to the Bullet. Now I feel that I own a Royal Enfield Bullet motor cycle. I am attaching a photo of the modified silencer in my bike.

    Bike experts may comment on this sound in silencer.
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    I think that some days ago you have shown your old but beautiful car that has the name Padmini. Now you are showing your old but useful bike. Perhaps next term I will see your old but useful bicycle by which you used to go to school. It is a very good practice that make us alert about our old things. Your threads turns our mind towards our old things. It reminds our love and attachment towards our old things. It reminds us the days when we have the only that thing in our life that we managed very well. We kept attention on it greatly. We looked after it. We loved that thing more than any other things. I see your bike is very beautiful and time has made it experienced. So it is full of experience. Similarly we all people are old but we are experienced and we can see any problem in a different way.
    Thanks & Regards
    Ekta Raikwar

    Make each day your masterpiece.

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    Ms. Ekta,
    Thanks. My Hero is not an old Hero like my old Padmini. He is just 5 years old. He did not go to hospital till todate, I mean - to the vehicle workshop. He is an ever perfect Hero with wonderful speed and performance, and now with the 'thad thad thad' noise.

    No life without Sun

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    Original is original and we cannot create a original. Hero Honda cannot match to the looks and sounds of Enfield and if it all you made changes to give that effect, you are violating the design of the motorcycle which is against the law. Any way it seems you have passion for such changes and hence if the police finds odd with your vehicle they may challan you and you must be ready to pay the money.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Oh! Mohan,
    Don't try to fear me. You cannot call this as violation of design. It is like changing the sound of the horn. Do you think that horn has its originality. There are many things available in the market as accessories to decorate a vehicle. A simple change in sound doesn't make any difference. Only thing we should not alter the size and shape or seating capacity of a vehicle without proper authority. Only RTOs are the authorities to check any modification of vehicles while the vehicle is produced for vehicles for fitness certificate.

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    The vehicles both two wheeler and four wheelers can be modified to the satisfaction of the customer. There are many garages in cities that undertake this job. They do the modification only if it is suitable for the vehicle to be modified. Interested car owners spend lot of money to modify them to suit their taste.
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    You had just altered your bike to produce the noise pollution (just kidding).
    The Man With Most 'Ask Experts' Questions.

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    Mr. Sun,

    I think it is the third post from you that is dedicated to your personal vehicles. One was when you had experimented a different fuel in your scooter, if I remember it right. Second was your 40 year old vehicular affair with Padmini. And now, you have transformed your Hero Honda bike's voice into a Lion's roar. However, in our town, the use of modified silencers and the silencers which produce too much sound have been banned and the police is earning good from such bikers in the form of 250 Rupees challan.

    My elder brother own a Bajaj Pulsar bike. It has now a super cool and stylish fearing, side cover and a super wide Tyre (which may even be eating some kilometers in Bike's mileage). I am neither an expert in biking nor a licensed or good rider, but he is well with his carefully done stunts and making a good roar voice from bike's original silencer.

    I must say, your Super Splender has now a super silencer which will surely get you a good recognition around the streets which you use more than once. Also, you co-workers as well as neighbors will be hearing Sun's special siren before Sun actually arrives.

    Happy sound biking!

    Ank Arya

    "Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth"

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    Mr. Sun

    You have Hero Honda and I have only Honda. If both Hondas are strike-out from the both brand names, only Hero will be there. Yes, my bike is my hero and I think same goes to you. I use Honda Unicorn Dazzler 150cc gifted by my mom and I love it. When I ride my bike it gives me ample pleasure. When I drive my bike I feel like a bird is flying with a lovely wind. I am very much fond of my bike. However new generation Royal Enfield is my dream and I am passionate to drive that. I like the original sound of bike. Every bike have it's own unique sound and I think it should not be modified. However if you have an experimental mind then it's quite ok to create "thad thad thad" sound in your Hero but if you really have a passion for that sound then I would suggest you to purchase a "thad thad thad" Royal Enfield which has the by born royal sound and after riding it you will feel like a royal.

    Thanks and Regards
    Amlan Jyoti Isore

    Thanks and Regards
    Amlan Jyoti Isore

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    But my suggestion is why you want to change the design to bring the looks when you can always buy the original version if you so love the sound and importance of Enfield bike.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr. Mohan,
    One has to see the size, look, performance, mileage and weight to handle. To me, Bullet is heavy as I am little weak to handle it. My Hero Honda gives me 70 kmpl while bullet gives only 30 -35. The cost of the vehicle is also cheap. The problems are also very less. Easy to handle and easy to maintain. My only interest is 'thad thad thad' to have a feel of it . Hero Honda splendour is proven as the best bike among the two wheelers. My Hero is a 'thad thad thad' Hero now.

    @ Mr. Dan: It is not noise pollution but a music for me to enjoy the ride and a pleasure for those who listen it.

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    Mr.Ank Arya,
    Thanks for keeping a track on my activities. First it was my Lamby(1971), then my Padmini(1973), then my Hero (2008). I have another Horse Bajaj Chetak 1990 that runs like a race horse. I am very proud of my Bajaj.

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    Nice to see your photographs and your liking towards vehicles. Mostly youngsters alternate their bikes as like race bikes and ride in the streets with pride. I can understand your pride in alternating your two wheeler with an equivalent sound with bullet. I feel most of the men are crazy with bullet sound. In fact I feel the today's royal enfield cannot be equated the original enfield of some years before.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Hey Buddy
    nice to know about your vehicle and see given images.
    I wanna say only that "It is the superb action uploaded on your vehicle".
    Best in the field of environmental related factors and showing your awesome talent.
    May you continue your steps further in all fields you want.

    @ check my English
    With Regards
    Bovendra Singh Bhati

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    Good to see your observation of Motor cycles of old generation and present generation. Certainly the old bikes especially the Royal Enfield cannot be compared with the present Thunder Bolt etc. They don't have the majestic appearance and sound. With the introduction of Pulsar etc, the Royal Enfield has lost its charm. We cannot get the original bullet sound any more.

    As I said about my Bajaj scooter in my previous response, I am attaching her photo here as I am very proud to display it for ISC members to view.

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    Its good that you are passionate about the sound of royal enfield however, the quality and milage of hero honda splendor bike will not match with royal enfield. The decent atmosphere will be created by splendor while royal look will be created by enfield are different. Though the customer has a right to modify his bike as you did, but you will not be allowed to get your modified splendor bike serviced at authorized service centers as you had already changed the original design of bike. Though the sound of the bike may be good for you or little annoying for others which do not matter as the final result you would get is decreased efficiency of total bike performance and decreased milage which you will soon going observe.

    The modification of bike or car's silencer causes increased backward pressure on the engine by the smoke or exhaust this causes the engine to consume much fuel to drive your bike and also to drive your exhaust smoke to silencer end with pressure that causes the sound. Ultimatly you will let your bike work at an increased rate which causes rapid wearing of piston and crank shaft material which will cause decreased life time of your bike. As a machine lover, I feel pity on your bike that it is going to visit hospital soon, not because his own fault for for sake of his owners enjoyment.

    Venkat Satish Mamidisetti,
    Power Plant Operations Engineer.

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    Mr. Venkat,
    You said the fact. Knowing the side effects of this bullet effect, I have not touched or altered anything inside the silencer. My modification is a minor external modification which will not cause an increased backward pressure on the engine by the smoke, but the smoke is pushed down to cause no damage to the piston or rings. I ensured that the hero don't get into hospital because of his silence. Thanks lot. You seem to be an expert in mechanical silence theory despite being an electrical engineer. The Best answer I liked and marked.

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    It seems, you have a weakness towards Royal Enfield motorcycles. It sounds good that on a Hero Honda bike, you are trying to feel a RE just with the sound.

    But, if you really ride a bullet you will feel a different feeling, which can't be compared with any. I own a Royal Enfield Classic 350 and I feel like riding a bull. The new RE bikes come with great fuel efficiency and moderate sound compared to the old ones.

    You own a Royal Enfield, you own it for a lifetime.


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    @ Mr. Bedabikash,
    I wish to own a Royal Enfield, but my physique doesn't permit it as my weight is low when compared to the RE weight. Royal Enfield requires some extraordinary power to make it erect on its stand. I am happy with 100 cc Hero like bullet to live with me for my entire life. I like the philosophy " Live with what you have with modification as possible"

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    Thank you for your apprication sun.
    Venkat Satish Mamidisetti,
    Power Plant Operations Engineer.

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    @ sun

    Nothing is impossible. There is a guy who works in the workshop where I use to service my BULL. He is around 5.3 feet tall and may weigh around 55 to 60 kg. He rides a thunderbird. I have never seen him facing any difficulty with the bull

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    @ Bedabikash,
    Agreed. But there are different types of bulls with varying height and weight that can pull a bullet with their strength. But their age matters much. Riding a bullet is easy. Even a boy can sit and fly the bullet. But to pull and put it in a standing position is a hard task to an aged bull or a boy.

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    I am fully satisfied with the good responses posted by our dear ISC friends on my bullet sound theory. Only one member told the fact about converting the original sound of a bike. I selected his answer as best answer.

    I do not want my Hero to make any more bullet noise at ISC. I want to stop it now.

    Editors: Kindly lock this thread please.

    No life without Sun

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