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    Violence rocks Assam after CWC recommendation for a Separate Telangana

    On 31 July 2103, thirteen people were injured in the Diphu town of Karbi Anglong district, Assam. The violence erupted immediately after the report of the Congress Working Committee's (CWC) recommendation for creation of a separate Telangana state came out. The mob attacked various government offices, burnt down 5 government buses. The irate mob was uncontrollable and police started the lathi charge, fired in the air.

    They were protesting for a separate Karbi Anglong state for a long time. This is not the single case in Assam. There are various groups coming out for their separate state demand. The different organizations of BTAD or Bodoland Territorial Autonomous Districts have threatened to launch mass movements for creation of separate states.

    In Assam, there are several demands from several communities to create their separate state. Like Karbi Anglong, BTAD, there were also separate demands like Kamatapur state for Koch Rajbangshi etc. Now violences will start in various places to show the agitation.

    Not only in Assam, I think these kind of demands were already there in various states of the country. Lets see how the Government handles all such cases.
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    Either our government should award separate statehood for all those who demand, or our government should forgo about dividing states into small parts. We had been discussing this earlier too. Awarding statehood to Telangana will set a precendence and will pave way for other states to demand division of their states, especially Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal. This is a wrong decision taken by CWC. It was a problem with one state Telangana. Now it has become problem for many states. India will be in trouble with its 29th state.

    Let us wait to see the bill getting passed. Let us not name a baby before its birth. Who knows? it could be a death too.

    No life without Sun

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    Yes as you have told and observed, already a problem of seperating Goorkaland from WB and yesterday, Mamta has come out that she will not allow to do so? Also in UP, Maya claims for 4 states to be split. So Congress has led to violation and in fact this is what wanted for Congress so that there may be so many confusions in the forthcoming elections because there is a strong move in formation of third front or SSwamy had started his move to merge with BJP and so many.
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    These issues are very difficult to handle. People should think practically before supporting such demands. We can not break every state due to such activities by people. After all, after creating a new state it is the governments duty to handle its own issues and expenditure. If any region does not have that much capacity to generate the money for expenditure of state then such states should not be created. Again we can try other options to make any region as developed region and creating separate state for every issue is not the only way to solve this problem.
    Regards Sachin R. Kukale
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    Yes, it is very right that if our government has made a separate state in our country, there are the demand of the other states in other states. So the division of the states are not the solution of any problem.
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    Ekta Raikwar

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    Let me poke my grammarian nose into the title of the thread. I think it is 'violence' not the 'violation' which is intended here.
    However returning to the discussion, I would like to say that most of our states were divided on the basis of language and that is still the primary source of demand of separate states. We know that the language and culture changes after a few miles and people of one language want their supremacy or at least autonomy in a particular region. There are several demands of separate states pending in dormant stage and they come out of the Pandora's box when a new state is declared or demanded.

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    Mr Pradeep,

    Thanks for pointing out the mistake. The word violence was wrongly typed as violation. However the necessary correction was done. Thanks a lot once again.

    Thanks to Mr. Sun, Saroja Madam, Mr Sachin, Ms Ekta, and Mr Pradeep for sharing your valuable thoughts.

    With Best Regards,

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    This is clearly evident from the fact that every state wants to have more divisions and that is because of too much increase of population but no development commensurate to that increase.Hence the demand for more such states shall pour in future.
    K Mohan
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    For what we proud to be an Indian that its a place of unity in diversity, now that diversity is creating all these never ending problems.

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