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    Reasons for failing job interviews.

    To avoid being disappointed after a job interview you must be able to "put it across" in both spoken and written communication be clear. This is because most professionals are engaged in writing reports while their seniors are engaged in reading reports and communicating. Your resume should describe your present job description more clearly than earlier positions so that the employer can judge whether you fit in his vacancy. In your resume mention good things about yourself. In an interview you must be observant and react accordingly. Avoid arguments and try to negotiate as frankly as possible. Listen attentively and always use your imagination remembering that you must not be shy in front the interviewers.
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    This is again a good thread initiated by you. I think attending a job interview is not a cake walk for the candidate. There must some preparations before attending a interview. Knowing a little knowledge about the company and its owners are also important. While answering personal interview, care must be taken to answer aptly or answer something near to the real answer, if such attempts are made, the interviewer gauges your talent right away. Never fumble or think and answer, that pausing will cost you the job. Flash answer is must and that need not be apt.
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