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    Why do the nations permit speculation through stock markets?

    The common man is nothing to do with stock markets, commodity markets, metal markets, foreign currency market in any country. Even then the national government allow speculation through tools like forward contracts, short selling etc. The transactions get squared up on the paper and only the brokers get their commission through all selling or buying transactions. Brokers or big speculators like Harshad Mehta fuel the market through speculation. The principle of real demand and supply for physical goods, products is not playing any crucial role. Oil Producing Export Countries OEPC hoard the stocks so as to dictate their terms. I think the barter system is the best to keep away from speculation. The rates of commodities, metals, manufactured goods and agricultural produce, resources be decided on the basis of demand and supply of regional scaricity.
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    This is the good post. Earlier some time back I raised the same issue and sought the members view as to barter system must come back as that will pave way for a balanced growth because people can have the things they want and can get rid off those things wanted by others. I think Indian youth who are having active participation in the social media can use the facility and start exchanging things in right prospective. Hope this tread shall definitely change the entire marketing strategy of the manufacturers and direct marketers and we may have good results on that.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In the present case, the real demand and supply for physical goods are not playing much role, it is just a situation crated by speculators. They are intermediaries and they need commission, hence they do all ways to make us feel that their is high or less demand for goods and products. As Mohanji said, Barter system should come back to end this situation prevailing in India now.
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