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    Why Indian Media is insensitive to even genuine consumer complaints of Public Interest?

    As per news paper reports USFDA has warned the Indian Parmaceutical manufacturers like Ranbaxy and Wokchardt once again. But there being no parallel to USFDA I had to send my complaints with documentry evidence accepted by the manufacturers like Godrej and Britannia Industries to "The Tribune", The Hindustan Times" and even the NCDRC. Actally an Iron Spring was found in Briannia Rusk and foreign sharp edged foreign particle was found in Cinthol Soap by Godrej. I had to follow up with both multinationals and Godrej admitted the mistake after a long period that in the manufacturing process pieces of conveyor belts got blended in the Cinthol Soap but Britannia Industries, who blended rusted iron spring in their premium rusk is keeping silent even after one year of collecting the products. This negligence could be life threatening for the consumers. I put up the documentry evidence in public blog at expertreviewchannel but of no vain. Why Indian Media is insesitive to genuine consumer complaints of Public Interest for which even PIL (petition online) can be filed?
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    Here is the fact about Indian Media. No Indian media works on real ethics of the industry in which they are operating. These Indian media groups may have been started by some eminent personalities in past to help the common man and to burn the issues related to common man.

    But as time passed all such media groups lost their main purpose and trying to make only money and nothing else. They will only show the news by making them more hot and more interesting. And when it comes to money nothing is more valuable than money for generation of 21st century.

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    Please note that print and electronic media has been created as a business entity and they simply thrive on the ads got from the famous manufacturers and producers of products. So they know very well that adverse news on any product or service may have the impact of advertisement to their channel. Hence even a genuine complaint is made by the customers, it is not carried with interest in media. You have rightly observed that manufacturers must wake up to the situation and expectations of the consumers , otherwise the worst will happen for the Industry as a whole.
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    Ashok, I feel bad that your grievances were not properly redressed by the companies on time and even the public media you approached were not giving positive response. In such complaints constant follow up, perseverance and escalation of levels and planes are needed. But generally reputed companies do not make room for escalation of complaints which may bring disrepute to them.

    I can say that I had many such occasions of grievance and except one my grievances were fully redressed on time and with proper attention.

    Once I had to throw a few strips of medicinal tablets bought for daily consumption due to the tablets becoming wet and moist and become unusable in humid weather. After trials from different shops and different batch I was convinced that there was a manufacturing defect. I took up with the company with all details, in a very polite and civil, but convincing language. The company sent an executive to my place after intimating and knowing my convenience. They assured that the had found the issue in the bad quality of the tablet wrapper and had taken measures to stop the same. The executive broughta box of the tablet in replacement of the spoiled ones, taking the remaining unused with him purportedly for investigation.

    I also gave a complaint satisfaction letter only after adding that 'I trust the word of the executive that suitable remedial measures were put in place to avoid recurrence of the problem.

    In a complaint against a newspaper regarding subscription coupons, I had to take up with the audit bureau of circulation saying that I doubted the paper was giving inflated figures of circulation bu not giving the subscription coupons though paid in advance. The complaint was attended immediately.
    But any escalation and exposure in media should be done only after giving reasonable time and prior intimation to the party.

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    I feel these kind of complaints are well treated by the small companies than by the reputed established companies. I hope even we had history of pepsi and coca cola but still we have these products here and people are consuming it. Unless there is a strict rule to govern these companies, nothing will be done. As the other response told nowadays media is only for TRP rating and not for common cause/man.
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    Indian media is more interested in news that are like hot cupcakes. They consider these news to be very silly. Many time I have seen in social networking sites,similar news but none has come so far in media. The manufactures consider these to be silly as again power, reputation, money etc plays a role here and they know they will be safe. I have heard of an oil manufacturing company which was forced to shut down due to repeated consumer complaints but after an year or so it was again reopened with another name. It is still available in the market and people do buy it. I do not know whether it still has the old issues.

    In 1986 a set of consumer law came into force, I doubt whether there is proper system to take care of these laws. Creating a law is easy but its implementation is difficult. All the products we get are adulterated, it is really sad that we can't do anything about it. Whom should we approach, everyone is corrupter to the core.

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    Its very hard to prove a manufacturers wrong handling on things once you purchased the thing and open it in your home. This is a debatable issue but one can never be certain about who is doing what. This needs a proper investigation from the Consumer Forum and then only one could take sides. Regarding media's insensitivity, media will never take an issue with sporadic incident here and there. If it started everywhere then media will take notice of it like some body doing it intentionally. I remember in 90's when I was in school, media highlighted the issue of a disease from the mustard oil from oil mills and people were very skeptical of going for mustard oil. After that the refined oils were launched in the market and they capture the good share of market. It looked to me that it was intentional so people could stop their habits of using mustard oil. Recently Cadbury's chocolate with worm was also getting quite highlighted but in cases the reports were coming from every corner of the country so media highlighted. Its all money game you know very well.
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    Members, Today Rajya Sabha Secretariat has decided to invite written memorandum containing suggestions, views, comments of individuals, institutuions, organizations interested in subject matter of the Bill - "The Drugs and Cosmetics (Amendment) Bill, 2013 (Actual Bill is dating back to 1945 and amended from time to time) and food products are also covered under this Act of 1945. I have requested Smt. Arpana Mendiratta, Joint Director, Rajya Sabha Secretariat through emailing the link at . Now I want to file an online petition to the above authority to be signed by the educated online audience to air the views. How can I proceed as I am a non technical person and senior citizen.
    Ashok Goyal

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    The emergence of mushrooming channels and newspapers have made the media fully TRP driven. Whenever, the media can find news that is going to elevate them in front of sponsors, they start their rat races. Media should not be blamed alone.

    The consumers' rights is still at its infancy in India, though some state level and national initiatives have been noticed in the recent past. The verdict of revolutionary compensation against AMRI may fuel such initiatives.

    It is the lack of awareness that should be held primarily responsible. Unfortunately, most of the consumers are not aware of their rights. Some of them are not geared up to take the trouble of visiting consumers' forum frequently to mitigate their problems. Like every other Government affairs, even consumers' forums are often to suffer from red tapism.

    Under these circumstances, the media also is not boosted up to come up with the consumers' grievances.

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