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    Discuss: Taking the recipes made of tomato and spinach combination may affect the kidneys.

    Have heard this before? I came to know from few of my friends and relatives as well that recipes made with a combination of tomatoes and spinach (palak) like the palak daal are not good for health. And consuming such recipes might pose a danger to the health particularly to the kidneys. Have you ever heard of this? If so, is it true or is it just a food fad?

    I came to know about this only a couple of months back and until then I have no idea about this. Please discuss on this issue and enlighten me on this if you know about this? Is it a fact or a fad?
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    No, I have never heard of it before. Nice that you raised this thread. Tomato and palak are two commonly used things at home and now I do not even remember whether I have combined both in any dish. I too would like to know about this, as in whether it is a fact or a fad. Hope other ISC members will throw some light into this topic.
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    I read online that there is no scientific proof that spinach and tomato combined together can be harmful to the kidneys. However, some say that because spinach is rich in calcium and oxalic acid and because of tomato's acidic nature, those with kidney stones are advised to limit the intake of spinach and tomato combined or separate. Some say that drinking water after eating a food made of spinach and tomato would minimize the negative effects of these tasty and otherwise healthy vegetables.


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    Yeah, Jyothi, I too have read this online but there is no scientific proof for the same. I feel it could be a fad.

    But one of my friends told us that her Aunt who used to often eat palak daal with tomato, her kidneys got affected and later she suffered from kidney cancer and of course, the lady is now resting abode. And since this incident, my friend is too frightened to take this combination and she keeps telling others also not to take the combination.

    Don't understand how far it is true. Hope our esteemed members would throw some light on this and enlighten us.

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    Yes I have been told about this alert by my elders often and we used to discard it as tomato and spinach are easy combination of good tasty preparation. The stones occur in kidney region is very painful it seems. Better to take lesser quantity of desi tomatoes.
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    I have not heard about it, normally these two items (Tomato and Palak) are famous in the kitchen and if it would have any bad effect, there must have talked by our elders. There are many food items are not to be mixed are told by our elders in which I know that Ghee and Honey if get mixed, it become poison. In pujas or havans when "punchamrit" were made, in that these two items get mixed but in very little quantity.

    But again, if this is true then we should be careful next time when we prepare any recipe with these two items.

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    I never knew about the tomato and spinach being combined together in any dish. More over, I have never tasted such combination. Also these two doesn't go well or taste well. It may be true that it could create kidney problem due to calcium effect of spinach(palak) and tomato. As it is, tomato create problems to kidneys. So, I too feel that these combination is not good our our health.
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