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    Is Rahul Dravid a better player than Sachin and overshadowed by the latter due to politics

    Many people say that Rahul Dravid was overshadowed by Sachin due to many reasons.But both these Batsmen have common in their gentleman like behaviour and dedication towards game.
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    I rate Rahul Dravid better than Sachin. If you take the records of Sachin, he mostly played for his sake, but Rahul played for the team and his consistency speaks loud on this regard.
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    Sachin Tendulkar started his career in age 16. He started as opener and Rahul Dravid was playing one down. They were never in competition for place for team. Sachin started playing at no 4 also. Then also he was not in competition with Dravid.
    When Lakshman came, Dravid and Lakshman were changing batting position. They were also not in competition.
    Sachin became captain too early. He did not pursue that path, preferred to be a player later.
    Dravid also got captaincy. Both captain got captaincy by merit at different times.

    Both played T 20, IPL and showed that they can play short form of game in spite of age.

    Indian cricket gave equal opportunities to both and both utilized in their own style.

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    Sachin Tendulkar is a better player than Rahul Dravid. The statistics speak for themselves. The statement that Sachin played for records is wrong. Conceding that Sachin played for his records, he should be a very great player to achieve the milestones he reached in his illustrious career so far.
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    Actually, we just can not compare both the players. Every player has different role assigned in a team. These both players handled different roles perfectly. Every team needs a combination of batsmen with different skills in the team to make team more effective. One batsman needs to be aggressive to discourage the opposition bowlers, one batsman needs to be patient to anchor the innings, to gather the innings when others fail. Unless we have different sort of batsmen in team, who complement each others skills, team can not perform well consistently.

    Sachin has been an aggressive batsman. He attacks bowlers and keep their moral down. Rahul is patient and technically correct. He can play ultra-defensive innings. You can see Rahul occupying one end, when others loose wicket and take team through. All opposition teams concentrate on taking Sachin's wicket and that benefit other batsmen to chip-in and score.

    When Sachin's aggression knocks down opposition bowlers and then other batsmen feast on that, then only our team stood a chance. However, Sachin can loose his wicket in such cases and Rahul comes to the rescue.

    So, actually Team India was fortunate enough to have these batsmen which are champion of their sort of batsmanship to be in a team.

    However, people like flamboyance. Hence, Sachin is more popular. There is nothing like politics. It's just peoples taste.


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    Cant say that. One who plays a good and valueable knock on a given day can be taken into consideration. You cannot rate anyone by seeing his recent performance. As you know both have played together 16 years and their contribution tells that their strength and technique. Dravid is master in his own techniques and Tendular's records in all formats of the game tells he is capable of number one player in the game of cricket.

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    Rahul Dravid is a great player and Sachin Tendlkar too is a good player. I do not think it is merely politics which hindered the growth of Rahul. Sachin had the talents that is why people accepted him and he got many awards. Rahul too has talents and people of India still like him but he might have failed to prove himself like Sachin. Let us not take politics into everything. Moreover comparing these two players is also not required at all as they are talented in their own way.
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    Actually its not right to compare two great batsman of our time. Both have their different style and approach towards game and both have their plus and minus points.

    Sachin is always an attacking batsman wherein Rahul mostly defensive. Both have tore many bowling lineup with their sheer dedication and artistic play. When Sachin is on song nothing is unreachable and when Rahul on song, no bowler can go through him. Sachin easily get fitted in ODI style but for Rahul it took sometime to adjust the ODI style.

    If we think like a musician than Rahul is always a traditional classical player but Sachin is mixer of both classical and pop/rock.

    Both these batsman has received respect from all over the world. So, we can't say who is better, we must respect both of them and their contribution for the game and country.

    At last, I am not agreed with you point that because of politics Sachin overshadow Rahul.

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    Friends.. Let me be clear. I did put this question in the Forum for a healthy discussion and it is not my opinion that Rahul was overshadowed due to politics. It's only projection of the view from some corner for an open debate.
    Well, everybody has positively and rightly responded to identify these two legends of the modern times. Thats why Sunil Gavaskar mentioned that these are the two eyes of Indian Cricket.


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    No doubt that Rahul Dravid is great player ever.
    He has unique style in his game & is a gentleman player.
    Both Rahul dravid & sachin Tendulkar has high contribution to Indian cricket and created status of Indian cricket at international level.
    I will not prefer to compare both payers in terms of performance & behavior, because they are best at their respective level.
    Both the players deserves equal respect as player & human being.
    Apart from them there are other players too who played major role for Indian cricket. If we start comparing each one of them, then the discussion will become complex.

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    This type of comparison is nothing but a spoil of time or gossip. Can you compare between rose and lotus? Both are lovely. Has their own color, size, style, smell moreover identity and fame. In case of comparing between Sachin and Dravid, same is applicable too. Both of them have their own style. It is also not appreciable to think that one could not reach up to the mark without others help. And if you think of their fame, there are so many people who have variety of talent. But haw many people is internationally famous? To be famous, luck has a big role too.
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    Of course Dravid has been better player. Both are talented but Sachin played more for personal records.

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    Debarshi, please do not pull up old threads by posting responses.
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