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    Is India really weak at Border strategy ?

    In recent LOC incidents starting from Jan this year Pakistan has killed many Indian soldiers in brutal manner. While Indian army retaliation is mostly in defensive mode.We must understand the technicality of this problem. The wide spread LOC is guarded by BSF on Indian side which is predominantly a police force. While Pakistan is guarded by its elite and special northern light Infantry. This force of Pakistan is its best. It was the same force which created initial havoc on Indian army in 1999 conflict. But now every citizen would be concerned why Indian government must guard its boundary by a police force when elite army units are deployed in Kashmir. The reason lies in the Geo-Political situation of Kashmir. Geographically Indian side of Kashmir is mostly a rough terrain with natural hideouts. As Tiger hill controls the entire economical activity of Kashmir by giving a direct control over NH 1 each hill in Kashmir controls the near-by Key Pakistan and Indian roads. Fortunately or unfortunately Indian army has control of most of these heights. When a war breaks out these hills provide the army at height with a strategic advantage by enabling them to bombard nearby enemy supplies. For example Siachin glacier controls the plain nearby which is a main land link between China and Pakistan.Hence army must be always present in these regions to effectively counter attack at war times.Otherwise these hideouts would go to terrorist hands which is what exactly happened in 1999 thus enabling Pakistan to attack India from top of Tiger hill. This means most of Indian units are in strategically important position with little units left for border patrol. This leaves the BSF a police force to guard the border.Even with advanced weapons an army unit response to an attack is different from a police response. Police is structurally a maintenance force and not an attack force.Pakistan taking advantage of situation tries to push more terrorist in border.While terrorist cross at a point Pakistan army attacks from other point to create a diversion.This creates some confusion thereby enabling terrorists to sneak in through weak points.There is a electrified fence on Indian side. But not along the whole LOC. Also there are some posts 2 to 3 km to the front of this post. Mostly intrusion attacks take place while shift changing. For information on this Pakistan relies on ISI the best intelligence agency in world.Indian RAW agents are giving alerts to their superiors. But before they could analyse and pass info through Indian government tedious mechanisms it is too late. Once an attack has happened before India could deploy units from near-by army posts the situation goes worse.This is what happening in Kashmir. But overall Indian security agencies are handling the best of situation with available resouces.
    But friends what are you getting from this is up to you of Indian army's position in Kashmir. I expect comments from you on this burning issue.
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    I am still not able to understand. I don't know whom to believe in this? On one side I am worried whether our country is losing its territory. On the other hand I am confused how to verify the truth and whom to believe.

    There is definitely some truth in everything and there is some effort to pull a blanket over truth. I am now reconciling myself to this state as I am otherwise helpless to do anything in this regard.

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    I fail to under stand where we are lagging. We don't need to review our foreign policy. The doctrine of Panchsheel has been executed well but very often it seem to be not in right place. The main reason is that regular disturbances in our neighbouring countries and democracy has yet to ripen there. Our intelligence network should improve and the more we comment on Border security, the morale of our forces would suffer to that extant. Government and opposition should think seriously on the issue.

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    Our country will always be a soft target for everyone because we try to be nice with everyone. Country like Pakistan which is always against us will never ever become friend of India. But our government thinks that by keeping quite everything will stop. One has to reply strong then only country like Pakistan will be on the back foot.
    Better thinking for a better tomorrow!

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    I do not think that our country is weak in our border strategy because it has great forces. On the border side these type of unhappy incidents are common.So we should not think it otherwise.
    Thanks & Regards
    Ekta Raikwar

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    A long rule by UPA has politicized every area including Defense. Even after a lot of positive measures by Shri. A K Antony, India could not do much in the previous government.
    But the current government has taken up things proactive. However this would not mean that India is weak in defense. Instead, India is soon progressing on indigenous development of military equipment.

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    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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