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    Travelers and tourism is a way to make a good name for your city or country

    I have travelled a lots of place in India and feel that Travel and Tourism is a good way to have unity among fellow citizens. Lets say if you go to Shimla and you had a nice tour there with all the good assistance from the locals then whenever someone from Shimla meets you anywhere either you try to help him or try to talk to him about your own experience about their city. We should always try to help travellers as they take the story from us and will go and describe in their place and that impact will be for the whole city or country even. So we should assist the travellers in order to have a good name of our city as well as our country in case of a traveller from another country. I think we should never indulge with a traveler in any bad stuff for him as they are like a guest to us.

    This is my entry for TOW.
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    This is the good thread initiated by the author as the TOW entry and fully vouch the fact that we must help the traveler who seeks information from us. In Tamil there is a saying that Yadum vuray yavarum kayleer, meaning that when you happen to visit some place, it is imperative that you know more about that place before hand for comfortable and hassle free journey. But I think most of the North Indian tourist spots are very good for outing and and when ever we meet the people en route, they are very courteous and helpful. And I appreciate the people of Maharastra who are helpful to strangers.
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    When we travell to unfamiliar places, we get to know the culture, language, traditions of the people at that place. This helps us understand the fact that there is 'unity in diversity'.

    We should always help the travellers so as to keep the good name of our place.

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    Very true, when a tourist or traveler comes to any city or country, the first thing they take with them is the behavior of the people. Even we do talk sometime when we go some places and got help by the local people, we try to praise whole city that way. This case, the people who travel to other places also should behave properly with the local people. The respect/expectation should come from the both side and one sided than only the good atmosphere can be created.

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