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    War of words in Politics - Is it necessary for the leading politicians of this country?

    The last couple of days we are hearing some hot and spicy words from two leaders of two main political parties of this country who are the expectations of some cross-section of the political circle.
    In any election, if their party is in ruling at present, they are expected to project their achievements and reason for shortcomings and their future plan to develop if they are voted to power again. Instead, it has become a common phenomenon to target the other side and raising some apprehensions about their future based on the past.

    On the other hand, the opposition at present also fails in its duty and trying to personally tarnish the image of the other, instead of their plan of action, if gaining power.

    A self restricted code of conduct is necessary for everybody and for those leaders who want to occupy the highest office of this country.
    Is the war of words should continue to entertain the media in particular?
    Ofcourse, everything is fair in love and war!
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    This is most common thing to see during elections. Finding faults in opponents and describing them clearly in the form of speech to the common people to gain their votes is a kind of political game.

    What our younger generation will get from those speeches? Political parties should see welfare of the people and try to complete backlogs persisting in the society. Atleast, we expect this from young political leaders today.

    A speech should always aim to motivate people but not to put fire on the other parties.

    Every political party have their own common goals. They should aim to achieve those goals whether they win or not. If they succeed and help the society, no need to worry about the political trauma.

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    In a democracy the people are considered great as they elect both members for ruling and strong opposition parties. So it is imperative that while the ruling party boast over their so called performances with huge advertisements the opposition parties tries to read their performance between the lines. During election speeches, they really dig out the failures of the government and bring them to the knowledge of people who often forget the past. While the ruling party in order to retain the power even misuse the official machinery for success of any meeting.
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    The political parties are engaged in commenting on each other. They completely forgot about the people and what they are going to do for the public. This is most unfortunate. Modi so far is engaged in commenting Congress and Rahul Gandhi. I expected him to do better than that. He proved himself to be the as others. The public are the main persons to blame. They show interest in listening to the abusive speeches of the political leaders. They cannot digest if the leaders start talking in a sensible and responsible manner. This is the present state of the mind of the people. In such a case it is difficult to expect a good government.
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    I hope M(mission)odi should focus on mission whereas R(revision)ahul Gandhi should focus on revision of whatever is flaw and to improve. But these two propogandas(we cannot say them leaders as they are only doing election campaign) are only spitting each other as well as throwing stones on the existing officers and so the current citizens as well as government officials are really sinners in the hands of these two.
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    I think war of words is a must in politics, that is what is been proved so far by the politicians of India. First of all we know that the so called politicians as good at using words and it is that skill of theirs where we fall for. They use the same technique to blame the opposition party or leader to prove themselves right and good in front of the common man. I think it is high time we understand this tactic and if we still blindly believe it, we should be called as fools.
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    @jagdishpatro, what you are watching is like a melody drama, the two who are against of each other and the biggest enemies, in reality if get a chance to be together, they will enjoy the meeting and will have cool dinner. It is just in the public eye they are fighting.

    Its all political drama and nothing else, so enjoy it as much as you can. Whenever the election comes its entertain the public, so be like a crowd and watch.

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    I guess its inevitable in politics and I think some how the political parties are more concerned about leaders than the actual issues in politics so whenever any leader say something, the opposition jumps on him even without a genuine reason sometime. I think this war of words will be continue till one party get the numbers and manage to get in to power. These days the war of words are getting really ugly and politicians needs to find a good standard of politics in political speeches. This is not good for politics neither for the individuals.
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    You raised a very good point. This is where AAP has scored. Looks like AAP is the only party currently concentrating on the public issue and involvement of public in government. All others are just busy in mud-slinging. In the debate of Rahul vs Modi, we are actually loosing the real issues.

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