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    Why can't we have affordable health care act for those who can not afford?

    USA has come out with ACA, the much talked affordable care act to provide affordable medical insurance to those who can not foot the bill for medical care. Why can't we have affordable healthcare act for those who can not afford?
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    In our country we were having a good working Public Health Scheme. It is still there ans working quite good in many parts of the country. There were and are some deficiencies due to resources problem and improper asset management.

    However by the middle of the eighties and start of nineties, the western capitalist economies led by US who were behaving as if they are the saviours of our economy, started demanding and dictating that we open our health, insurance, transport and consumer sectors to them.

    They were hunting for new markets with lots of promise and expanse, and found India the most suited and obeying. They also cultivate many 'intellectuals' and 'economists' here also and planted propagandist literature. Many gullible pubic thought that the floodgates to heaven are ready to open.

    The result was that we opened our gates and there was an avalanche. Initially to kill our domestic players and capture business they kept prices artificially low with predatory tactics. Slowly the original colours started showing. People realised they are fooled. Then we witnessed that the economy of those 'financial wizards' collapse and because of our own savings culture we were saved from catastrophe.

    Now we have disregarded our good public Health Schemes, public distribution of essential medicines and end up paying through our noses for healthcare.

    As far as there are multinational and big corporate players in the healthcare, health insurance field the prices will never come down. It is hoping against hope.

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    Venkiteshwaran, our left parties will be happy to see your narration.

    We do not need to learn that from America. What they are doing now is to mimic the effects of our government hospitals and such, where we get all facilities for free, or for much lower prices. Also, we have hospitals for all sorts of price ranges in India already.

    There are also a lot of charitable trusts which run hospitals where if you get a letter from charity commissioner, you get treatment for free or for very low prices.

    USA is only implementing it now, while India and the European Union are way ahead in this sphere of public good.

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    We should certainly have such affordable health care plans, but the government have been trying continuously to address partial needs of the poorer sections through various schemes
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    We can't have a lot of services that government should give us because there is a lot of corruption in this nation. Many roads are not built because the money is routed to build the homes of politicians. So same with healthcare. I can't imagine horror of politicians making use of healthcare money for their own benefit.

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    In Andhra Pradesh there is a health scheme called Rajiv Arogyasree, which ensure total treatment for the poor who are having the white ration cards with them. Even for Central Government employees there is a facility for them to take super speciality services in big hospitals provided some pre formalities are completed. Like wise those wroking in private sectors they have the ESIC scheme through which big hospitals can give the best treatment to various diseases free. But the people are not availing these services due to ignorance.
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    Too many reasons -
    1) Population - It is not feasible to offer free services to such a large population unless they have a good plan

    2) Corruption - Even if they come out with a needed plan, everyone wants to jump into the well. Well to do people, who can pay for their own services will start corrupting the system with fake cards to avail free services depriving the actual needy ones


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