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    Dance for Mental health Do you Dance?

    Dancing is not only good for physical health, but for mental health too. Normally people are very much interest of dancing. We dance at the age of children and when we grow, we hesitate or shy to do dance. Dancing boost your brain function, people affected by depression are advised to do the exercises like dance with the fun and joy. Dance therapy is give to improve the mental health of the patients.
    Dancing give workout to many parts of the body than waling.
    1. Do you dance? some people say yes always, or often.
    2. Interested but, I won't because of my age and shy
    In Which category you are?
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    Dancing is good for health with the vigorous movement and controlled breathing it activates and rejuvenates the body and mental health of practitioners. Our culture from the beginning cultivated the dance and gave prominence. Bharatamuni gave a standard definition to the art form. India has a wealth of dance form with Bharatanatya, Kuchipudi, Kathakalli, Manipuri, Oddissi, Kathak not to talk of indigenous folk dances. Yes I do dance with my chldren whenever they practice at home. I do follow their advancement in Bharatanatya art form.

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    Yes movement of body is the best exercise and dance involves such moves. Though many may not know the proper dance form, but dancing to the tunes is always possible and that is enough to maintain our mind and health.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A good thread, Mathi.
    I concur with Mohan. 'Motion is the lotion for joints". Dance gives sufficient motion. Hence it is alternative for planned exercise.

    When the body is healthy and flexible, the mind also becomes healthy and happy.

    I do not dance nor have I learned it in the conventional sense of the word 'dance'.

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    Dancing helps me a lot. I like sometimes go to clubs and get rid of bad energy

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