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    What is Article 370.

    Instrument of Accession signed by Maharaja Hari Singh of Jammu and Kashmir when he agreed to join the Union of India in 1947, instead of going with Pakistan specified that except for defence, foreign affairs, finance and communication, all laws passed by Indian constitution needs to be approved by J&K Assembly to be a law in the state. This special autonomy has been provided (though temporarily) by Constitution of India, under Article 370. So people of J&K are governed by state specific constitution. Under this Article they can have their own flay in addition to Union flag having same status, President cannot proclaim emergency in the state. State assembly has a six year term instead of five, State is out of Supreme court jurisdiction. The people enjoy dual citizenship, they loose J&K citizenry if they are married to other state. If a Pakistani national marry a J&K citizen then she gets J&K citizenship automatically. We are hearing a lot on this subject matter these days. New Government could have avoided this delicate subject matter rather than rake up the issue of withdrawing, which can only be done by passing resolution by J&K assembly.
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    Jyothi Priya this is the hot discussion now going on the article 370 and you have posted this thread at the right time. But you have forgotten to include one more major issue in this article. That the people of that state cannot purchase or own the land. Likewise no outside people can go and settle their by purchasing and registering the land in their name. That means though the state is in our country, the citizens are not free to enjoy the benefits like other states. That is the reason BJP is on the logger heads to change this article.
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    Mr. Mohan isn't it better to keep it that way untill the brotherns from Jammu and Kashmir (the other side of LOC) decide to join with us, that way we can be sure only land owners of J&K are ethnics of J&K and not settled from outside. A small correction as far as I know no one from outside can be title holder of land in J&K but internal transactions can take place inside J&K. It's integration has not been final thanks to intervention by UN and our commitment to it. Our cloth has fallen on the thorn and we should exercise patience else we have to loose our cloth isn't it.

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    It is really a hot discussion and the question remains whether a part of any country can have separate rules and regulations. It is also a question, how long should it be there? I think, we should never be in a haste. We should discuss it with open hearts and try to come to an unanimous solution. I think if the people sit across the table, a lot of hot issues can also be resolved
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    The Instrument of Accession and Article 370 is a very complex topic and any expression of opinion by a person who is not knowledgeable about the issue in total will only help in creating more confusion.

    Though Art 370 was created as a temporary provision, it is worded in such a way that, I fear, it would be difficult for any government at the center to take a decision unless the state authorities maintain the same feeling. It is power that matters finally and therefore a solution does not appear close.

    India would have to convince the people of Kashmir (which it was trying to do all along) about the futility of hanging in balance and should take sufficient measures to build up their confidence. The saffron brigade has spoiled the game by jumping the fence and so the Modi government will, no doubt, take more time in tackling the issue.

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    I think it is not really good to wait for brothers in Kashmir to understand and accept India. The reason being that these brothers have gained significance in the region by pushing out non-muslims from the state.
    So, it is very much necessary that India scrapt the article 370 and attach Kashmir first to India and then later to retrieve the Pak Occupied Kashmir through military action.

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    Ajesh Kumar, please do not pull up old threads.
    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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