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    What will be the government policy in respect to jammu and kashmir?

    Now after formation of new government.
    What will be the government policy in respect to jammu and kashmir?
    1.Is the new government put any force/not accept article 360?
    2.Is J&k leaders will have any demand from the new government/they continue to be rebel?
    With regards
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    Irrespective of political rhetoric from politically opposing sides, certain matters cannot be done or undone overnight.The situation regarding Jammu & Kashmir is also one like that.

    In fact I am sure that a huge section of our country's population do not know about the Kashmir issue at all. It is the result of a localised issue which could have been solved militarily then and there, but unnecessarily made into an international issue inviting third party interference. Our leaders' lack of experience and (probably) over enthusiasm to be known as noble pacifists; all contributed to this.

    The more time elapses the more the knottier it becomes and takes different dimensions.

    BJP's original ancestor Hindu Mahasabha or later Jan Sangh was very clear in objecting the special status given to J&K from the day one. However Nehru having his say then got his way. As far as Nehru and the Sheikh Abdulla family had some good personal rapport things were going on. In fact Nehru was more lenient and supportive to Sheikh Abdullah irrespective of the stand of Abdullah. But Nehru got the bitter taste later.

    Many of us do not know Kashmir much, other than what we learned in school as a 'heaven on Earth' or as the Apples and snow as seen in old Hindi films. Once we know the matter clearly then one can know the effect of special status.

    BJP first need to make the people aware of the status and how it affects J&K people as well as the whole country. Once the people get to know the real matter, I think there will be ease in dealing matters.

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    The rebel in Jammu Kashmir is not a freedom struggle but a planned effort to divide the country again. First, it was to drive away the non-muslims from the state. And then to take over the state completely.
    So, it is high time that India take a tough stand, take over the entire region and scrap the special state status.

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    Mr Ajesh kumar , have not you heard that little knowledge is a dangerous thing.First one should know complete history. and then he/she can have his/her say in any matter. So i think it is imperative on your part to first go through the history of kashmir and then comment .
    Fate loves the fearless,
    regards.... B.Bikees

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    I think this is the time for the New government at the centre to settle the Kashmir issue for all. Right from the Independence era this issue has been sidelined or kept at abeyance for political reasons and votes. The previous governments never had the guts to tackle the situation nor coming at the conclusion. Narender Modi government is daring and ready to face the truth. People of India elected this government to take some harsh decisions that were postponed by the previous governments. I strongly feel that Kashmir is the integral part of India and it must enjoy the privileges like other states.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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