Old Revolving door of Kesavan Health Care

Raghu completed his dream profession of MBBS. He wanted to start his own hospital in his village, as there was no hospital available nearby. Village people had to travel 10 km to avail the medical help. When he entered his house through revolving door, he was surprised to see his villagers waiting for him to congratulate for his success.

"Raghu, we are very happy. We feel proud that a boy from our village is a doctor" someone said. His father Kesavan was looking at Raghu proudly "will you serve for our village people Raghu?" he asked. "Yes pa, definitely, that is our dream pa" said Raghu happily.

Next morning Raghu put flowers on his mother's photo. He was looking at mother's face and his mind went back into memories of his school days. Raghu was in 6th standard that time. His mother Janaki and father Kesavan were working on the field. Raghu used to come from school and play on revolving door after completing his homework. That day when Raghu was playing on revolving door, he heard a chaos from field, a poisonous snake bitted Raghu's mother. His father and other villagers rushed to the clinic 10km away from their village. But it was too late! Doctors couldn't save Janaki. This was regular disaster in village, lack of medical facilities killed many people there.

Raghu and his father were in great trauma. Their relatives advised Kesavan to remarry, but he refused. He wanted to develop the future of Raghu by aiming great. Kesavan nurtured Raghu by playing role of both mother and father. He always tried to give more love to Raghu, so that he should not miss his mother. After the death of Janaki, Kesavan wanted Raghu to become doctor. His dream was to open a nursing home in his village to serve for poor.

"Will you serve for our village people?" Kesavan's voice brought Raghu back from memories. Kesavan's broad brown eyes were looking at Raghu with hopes. Both of them were planning to reconstruct their house to avail place for nursing home. Meanwhile Raghu got married with love of his life Latha. But Latha started changing Raghu's mind and was successful in doing so. Raghu and Latha shifted to a city nearby.

Kesavan's dream was broken. Raghu's decision was a shock for him. Raghu was also upset but his wife's compulsion was forcing him to do so. Though Raghu started working as a doctor in another nursing home, his mind was worried about his father's wish. Several times Raghu called Kesavan in city to stay with him but Kesavan refused.

Raghu was a famous doctor within four years, but he was not happy. They were not blessed with a child yet. Raghu and Latha did every possible effort but all in vain. One day when Raghu was ready for hospital, he got a call from village post office. His father was very sick and wanted to see Raghu for the last time. Raghu rushed to his home in village to see his father. But he was late, Kesavan was no more. His wish to see Raghu was incomplete. His half opened brown eyes were asking same question "Will you serve for our village people?" Raghu cried loudly, "I will complete your dream pa!"

Raghu demolished his house and constructed a nursing home and named 'Kesavan Health Care'. He left the old revolving door as a back gate in the memory of his family. Villagers blessed Raghu for his service. Radhu used to arrange a free medical camp in the surrounding villages on his father's birthday and death anniversary. After one year, on his father's death anniversary day Raghu was blessed with a baby boy. When he reached hospital to see baby, he was surprised to see the baby's eyes. They were exactly like his father Kesavan, wide and brown with the joy of fulfilled wish. He thought his father has come back to stay with him.

Raghu named his son as Kesav Kiran. Kesav Kiran was three years now. He used to visit clinic along with Raghu, as there was his favorite playing place... a revolving door!

Photo based creative writing contest entry