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    Implement Forum Scholarships for members for every 15 days

    I saw many forums have been running since years and even paying scholarships to participants. Such forums even conduct and pay members session wise. I mean for every month there will be two sessions. First session from 1- 15th of month and second session from 16- 30th of the same. At the end of each session, such forums announce Winners list i. e. , on 16th and 1st of the next month. I have seen such forums were going very good and earning much from adSense. So I suggest ISC staff to run forum and pay scholarships for answering several queries. In such forums, members can also ask queries and get points accordingly and who win the various prizes will be paid in the next month by NEFT. As that forum gets many more content the life of that forum lasts for ever. Sure ISC would be at very first top position if it implements this idea.

    What do you say guys?
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    Generally forums do not pay to its members. I don't know where you got the forums which is paying to its members. ISC and some other sites are the rarest of the sites that pay to its members through adsense. Some article sites does pay bi-monthly i.e. on 15th and on 1st of the next month. If ISC implements the same, then the members have to at least reach the threshold limit to get the payment.

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    ISC is mainly depending on Google ads and that is mostly carried in article section and forum gets little attention. So your suggestion may not hold good for this time.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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