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    Manipur Governor resigns

    The high profile governor of Manipur Shri V.K. Duggal resigned last week becoming the 9th governor to do so after the NDA came to power in May this year. Shri Duggal was New Delhi just before the announcement was made. Interestingly enough he denied allegations that he was nudged to resign by the new government. How much truth is there in the statement is quite apparent though. He was also holding additional charge as the governor of neighbouring State Mizoram. The series of resignation is in bad taste. Supposing if the UPA returns to power after 5 years, it is likely that all NDA 'sponsored' governors will face similar music. Please comment.


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    Umananda it has become a practice for every government to have the people of their own choice at every level of administration so that government works goes on well. So the role of governors are also important. Please note that the governors so far resigned are the Congress candidates who have been rehabilitated by the party for obvious reasons. Therefore the governors on their own must have tendered the resignations, as soon as the change of government was reality at the centre. So I find faults with the governors so far.
    K Mohan
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    The post of Governor has always been considered to be one reserved for veterans of the ruling party at the center. But, one must admit that it is the present BJP government that has made it so glaring. They have almost made it public that Governors are political appointments while factually it is a Constitutional position and should have been dealt with some dignity. They have forced many governors to resign which is not at all a good practice. I don't think the UPA would do the same thing if they return to power.
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    This is very common world over and it is not limited to India. This is one of the features of democracy today being practiced world wide. We should expect more of this because majority of our leaders are self seeking and not public seeking.
    Adesola Adeyeye

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