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    Simple way to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables

    Pesticides presence in the fruits and vegetables we eat is not news anymore. Pesticides are generally used during cultivation and in the process may remain as residues in the produce. Nevertheless, there is a maximum residue limits (MLRs). If the residue exceeds the permitted limit, consumption of such foods can lead to serious health ill effects in the long run. What is alarming is that recent random testing on fruits and vegetables conducted by many advocacy groups and NGOs found unacceptably high amounts of pesticide residue in them. As we don't have any testing facility at home, it will be worthwhile to share with ISCians some simple ways to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables at our homes.

    The first is to wash the fruits and vegetables with cold water with little amount of salt added to it. Treating the fruits and veggies in warm water can also remove pesticide residue. Another way is to soak these foods in a water-vinegar solution of 90:10 proportion. Peeling is also another efficient way to remove such residue. So follow these methods and eat safe to stay healthy!

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    These kinds of simple tips to keep our vegetable clean and free from pesticides are always welcome. Every household is in hurry during morning hours and they wont have time to do these things, but your suggestions are very worthy to follow.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Useful information ! Nowadays each and every fruit harms a lot to over health. Nowadays potato are least polluted. Potato consumer are healthier than green salad and green vegetable eaters.

    By the way Thank you for passing on the information and getting us aware of.


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    I may add a few more points to the thread (Earlier I had posted the same as an answer to some thread, if I remember correctly). Washing the vegetables bought from the market is not sufficient. Keep the vegetables in salt water for about half an hour and then take out the vegetables and wash in cold water twice. If possible flowing water (keeping beneath the open tap)may be used for a while, so that only one time washing is sufficient.

    When water is mixed with salt, make sure that you take salt equivalent to 2% of the weight of the vegetable. That means 20 grams of salt for one kg of vegetable. When you take back the vegetable from the saltish water don't allow the water move much, because the residues of pesticides will be in the bottom of the bucket.


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