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    Height of Comedy by Amul Baby of Pakistan

    The heir Butto of PPP has gone to the extreme of stating that he will conquer the entire Kashmir and attach it to Pakistan. Who was he saying it to? And in what context? This is really interesting.
    The statement has come up expecting the upcoming elections. He has tried to woo the pakistan people making use of the flood situation. While his own country men are fighting a devastating flood, this foolish paksitani counterpart of Indian Amul Baby is busy making political mileage.
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    Finally now, with prompt reply from Indian Military, let us hope that the son Butto has learned a lesson. Pakistan has been given a befitting reply by the mighty Indian army.

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    I think the young generation in that country is also having lots of hope for a change. But that cannot be taken as change against Indian interest. So Bhilawal must be careful next time before bursting any statement.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes, you are right Mohan. But, interestingly if we look in to the history, there has been the same pattern of politics in Pakistan.
    All these people from Bhilawal are well educated in foreign countries. They come in rescue of their country but get caught in the political viscous circle. Then, for easy route to power they use India as target. Anti-India sells well in Pakistan.
    But as the law of Karma defines time and again, history repeats there as fall of every leader and continued unrest in the country. Common man continues to suffer, as usual.

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    Bhilawal is a baby in politics. So like any other new entries in Pakistani politics, he wants to hit the headlines by targeting India with nationalistic remarks on Kashmir. I am sure when he made the statement he knew that such a thing was not going to happen. It was plain speaking without any serious intention. His remarks were merely meant for leveraging political mileage. But Bilawal should also know that making such an irresponsible statement does not augur well for Indo-Pak relationship and peace in the region.

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    I agree with you Umananda. Bhilawal is much new to politics. But, when they make such statements, it is actually strategically planned in the party.
    The issues and controversies generated by a political party are generally pre-decided. They are always ready to apologize after sometime. But, by that time, the required political mileage out of such a so called brave statement would have reached its highest momentum.

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    we can not say Bhilwal is baby in politics just because of his statement. He is well educated and belongs to a highly established and politically back ground family.
    As he is young so to get the attention of young of Pakistan he might have create this in mind that if Kashmir is the big issue then he would try to brought back.
    If India is not happy with the statement, instead of laughing give him a slap ( Mr. Narednra modi) by stop all trading activities.

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    Stopping all trading activity will not be a slap but a mutual slap. A fool makes a sensitive statement and if all the good tradesmen involved in business suffer, and if Indian export value reduce because of it, it will be a senseless measure from India's part.
    Imagine if many countries keep saying about attacking India and we stop trade with all of them? What we need is strategic planning and diplomatic handling, along with a well prepared military for any unfortunate war situation.

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    Ajesh Kumar, if your responses are going to be like the one above(499085)- showing poise, common sense and practical thought- then I am slowly going to become your fan in this forum.

    (I just finished responding your another response which I said' I liked'. Immediately after that I saw this post)

    I concur with your words. India is a mature,stable, democratic, adult nation. Hence we cannot resort to knee jerk reactions to counter a silly egoist budding ambitious baby politician of another country. Ration, reason and pragmatism and reality should lead our actions and reactions.

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