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    Government's help for the flood crisis in Jammu and Kashmir

    Do you think that both the Central and State Government is doing enough for the people of Jammu and Kashmir to overcome from the problem of floods?
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    State government could not do much. Central government acted well with PM's push and Army did a very good work. PM could assess the damage level in time. His statement gave a clue to government machinery to act fast. The terrorist group unnecessarily opposed army's relief work.

    We should take preventive measures to handle flood. We are very indifferent to this aspect.

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    When we see the media reports with photo images and videos from across the flood ravaged Kashmir areas, it is quite clear that state and central governments failed to reach the needy. The frustrations of stranded people can be gauged with the fact that they have started attacking the helicopters engaged to distribute the materials. Being a valley, reaching by road is difficult and identifying every place through air , reaching out to the needy is just not possible through air. So the state and central governments are blamed for late response.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It may be difficult to provide help to the areas as the transportation was completely lost. The army is doing a great job there to help the people. Many fund collections are also going on from different parts of the country. So we can't say that there is less attention on this matter. Hope that government will bring some more steps to help Kashmir people.
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    S. Ramkrishan
    i think only making announcements on this issue is not enough. The Govt. should check it thoroughly whether the helping hands reaches to the needies or not.

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    K Mohan
    Yes Govt. is not doing as much, they only wants to earn political benefits from this tragedy, whereas some NGO's and volunteers are doing well there.

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    After this disaster, Srinagar town planning should revisit their water discharge routes. In all major cities, drainage route is not sufficient for flow water of heavy rain.
    It is an immediate task. But people will say , flood will come once in ten years and will not plan for drainage.

    All major cities are having a river and their drainage is poor.

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    yes you are right. But J&K is always become a matter of dispute so it is more necessary for the Govt. to work with attention there, so that people don't feel ignorant.

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    @Reet I also feel that the government is not providing much support on this matter. From collages and from other units the funds are collecting for to give it on the Jammu and Kashmir helping funds. In my college also the collection is taking.

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    It is after so many decades that such a ravaging flood has hit J&K. Neither the govt. nor the people had expected such a natural disaster. And since flood is not a common thing in the state, no one was prepared for it. So to some extent we can understand the unpreparedness and slow response. Moreover rescue operation in such terrain of the state is bound to be difficult. I guess everyone has learned a lesson from the recent flood and required planning is done to avert such crisis in the future.

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    I agree with Umananda that such a flood was never expected in J&K and so the governments took some time to react.

    With almost all areas being inundated, the state government was not able to rise up to the situation and appeared to be more interested in taking a political mileage from the disaster.

    The central government acted quite fast and activated its disaster management teams and pushed the Army and other forces into action. I don't think rescue and relief operations was an easy task given the magnitude of the disaster and the terrain of the area. The role played by the Army and other forces need to be applauded and registered. Let us not forget that the forces deployed in the valley had to be alert about the security concerns also while being engaged in relief operations.

    We won't be able to criticize any one if we are to consider the limitations one had to face in the valley and also the generally hostile mentality of the people there. It was a matter of life and death and people who were stranded were naturally perturbed and horrified.

    Some stray incidents of violence did occur but that has to attributed to the natural reaction of men who were standing face to face with death. There were apparent flaws in the way in which relief materials were delivered and handled. There was a delay in providing medical support also. But things were managed as each new experience was a learning process for those who were involved.

    This is the time when the nation should stand together and not allow any external forces to take advantage of the situation. It will take some time, but with the support of the governments and their brethren across the country, I am sure that the people of J&K will soon return to their normal lives.

    @Reet Kaur, please be more descriptive while posting threads.

    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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    Saji Ganesh
    This wasmy first post on this site. So need some time to learn things. Thank you for suggestion.

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    Everybody conveys what they hear and see on t.v where the media shows only the glimpse of valley. I wonder how the people who are non kashmiri react to the furor of kashmiri people being unaware of their plight.No doubt the floods hit the valley aftet so many decades and the government was not ready to face it but the irony is that of discrimination which was vividly depicted by indian forces wherein the rescued tourists and non kashmiri people trapped in floods in preference to a common kashmiri. How could a patriot discriminate between the people of two differrnt states when all are crying for help . I salute the local youth who put their lives in danger to get people out of houses to safer places and in this attempt many a youth lost their lives.
    Just imagine a situation where two houses lying nearby one being single story and second one two storied and water level about to cover ist floor and yet the person standing on second floor being rescued by chopper and the people crying on single story house for their lives, how can they show friendly attitude later on.
    Who cared about the scissored patients , crying babies in the horrfying darkness and drowning helpless people of kashmir. Everybody commented let the rain stop , helicopters can not work. What if rain did not stop ?
    If kashmir is integral part then why they suffered this discrimination at this hardest hour? What does this convey ? Is the land of kashmir integral and its inhabitants just like worms who could be let eaten by the devastating flood and claimers acting just like mute spectators enjoying the scene in their. chairs?
    What an ironical episode i had to witness!
    Fate loves the fearless.

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    It is really sad to make political mileage using a national level disaster. Every news media had clearly shown that army had rescued as many people as possible in that situation with out discrimination. Now, when the situation is a little better, separatist supporters have turned against the army and started a propaganda that it was they who saved the people.
    Government was quick to react. So was the rest of India. We even ignored the flood is eastern and north east states to come in rescue of Jammu and Kashmir. Yet, some shameless and thankless people are busy making political mileage with it.
    As usual, now stories are being made. Stories are being sensitively told so that people start believing it. In every flood situation, especially in not well planned locations, there will be loss of power, destruction of infrastructure and lack of food and medicines. The main cause of such situation is that the government and people there has been busy in their separatist movements rather than state development, nation building and integration.
    In fact, discrimination was shown in favor of Jammu and Kashmir by not giving equal support to other states which were affected. The reason obvious, that otherwise they will shout and demand division. In fact, foolish leaders of Pakistan blamed that it was India that caused flood in their country.
    In spite of all the care that rest of India had some people are busy dividing people and state. PM was quick to come in to support and declared it as National disaster. Air India and rest of Indian agencies were made to fly aids free of cost to nearest base. Forget all these and get busy in dividing is clearly insanity.

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