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    Should Kashmir be left alone?

    67 years of independence for both India and Pakistan but still fighting over a single issue. Recent ceasefire violations by Pakistan makes me agree to what other countries have to say about Kashmir. Shouldn't be Kashmir left alone? Both India and Pakistan should stop claiming Kashmir as part of their nation and give it a separate administrative region status. Let everyone enjoy the beauty of Kashmir. Peace should be the priority and not the war. So many lives lost and so many families suffered in the past because of one single issue.
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    Why India should give up Kashmir. In fact we must claim it wholesome at once. We gave enough respect to Pakistan to maintain peace, but they wont. So next level action should be started from India.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The question of national allegiance and patriotism cannot be solved by drawing new lines and colouring of the map on drawing board.

    Sometimes war bring some temporary solution. Time mollifies the rigidity of emotional stands and paves way for some solutions.

    However lasting solutions can only be from well negotiated solutions by adult, matured,pacified minds without any ulterior motives. This alone can usher in peace and prosperity.

    However in the Kashmir issue, there are some vested interests who want to fish in troubled waters for ever. There are some interests across border whose very existence depends on keeping the Kashmir issue boiling in a cauldron. Such interest will always throw spokes on ay semblance of settlement.

    If and only if Pakistani people determine to make their country a strong and real full democracy, and when India gets to deal with a fully democratic government worth the real meaning in Pakistan, can we hope for a proper solution for Kashmir issue. Let us hope that best happens soon. That will be good more for Pakistan people also.

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    Ritesh sir, you are right . Both pakistan and india are only thinking of their own intrests and leaving kashmiri people to suffer . Can not people of kashmir be given a chance to speak their heart out for what they want , if India and Pakistan are the so called democtatic countries. The Kashmir issue which is a bone of contention between the two nations could be solved at ease if Kashmiri people are given a chance to express their feelings.
    Now so many years have passed with Kashmiris living a life of turmoil. Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches, so non kashmiri people can not even imagine the plight of kashmiris.For what sort of freedom will the family wait which already saw doomsday?What is the. meaning of freedom for a mother whose eyes dried up searching her lost son? What will the sister of kashmir mean by freedom whose lone brother could not last till her marriage? What does peace mean to child who grew under the shadow of bullet shots and curfewed nights and crakdowns?
    There are are thousand questions to be answered . Kashmir has become a pupit in the hands of India and Pakistan who do not show any sincere effort in resolving this issue once and for all.

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    Kashmir is already part of India. It is Pakistan that is making claims by taking advantage of the confusion among the people there. I understand the difficulties being faced by the people of Kashmir but will getting an independent status solve all the problems? Will Pakistan follow the same strategy if India withdraws and will terrorism end? I don't think so. I had interacted with lot many people in Kashmir and could gather a lot of information regarding their problems and demands. But giving Kashmir a buffer state status is not, I believe, going to reduce the woes of the people there. This is not just an emotional issue, it is an issue which has international ramifications.
    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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    During partition of India it was asked to Independent question and given rights to be part of India or Pakistan and that time the King of Kashmir wants to stay with India for which we provide them food, security and everything for development.
    Then why the question arise of Independent Kashmir.

    Although I am directly not helping Kashmir but from My paid tax Kashmir people are getting lot of Aid.
    Kashmir is in India, someone trying to take it from us does not mean for having peace we should make it independent, it should be discussed ( as already discussed several time), now it is time of war.

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    Most of us who are born after 1947 do not know full details about the Kashmir issue. When we comment on the Kashmir issue we are commenting taking things based on our perspective and as per our comprehension about the subject. As most of us have only the superficial reading of the time-to-time column writings of the media reporters, many of who also are half-baked in this matter. Some of them try to project as if 'balanced ' view by propagating the foreign view.

    The problem now in Kashmir is that the demography has been totally changed there because of continuous extremism and driving away almost all hind Kashmir Pundits. Kashmiri Pundits were not aliens but they were local Kashmiris only. Now they are living in different parts as displaced people without any rights and means. This is one fact ignored by media and those discussing the matter generally.

    So without the Kasmiri Pundits, Kashmir is no more the original Kashmir. This happened only because of Pakisan's support to and even abetting and leading extremists in Kashmir by men and money covertly and overtly. Kashmir situation has also changed because China has made construction of highway through edge part of Kashmir directly connecting China to Kashmir through Pak Occupied Kashmir.

    In this situation, if Indian army withdraws, then also it will not ensure Kashmiris their own decision, because, Kashmir will the be annexed and shared by Pakistan and Kashmir by armed suppression and force.

    That is not only dangerous for Kashmir, but the whole of India also.

    There were many initial mistakes committed by India because India was an infant nation then,and our leaders were good and naive, taking it granted that other nations and people will also be like us in goodness, honesty and magnanimity. It was here that they went wrong, as they did not vision what will be future.

    So that gives us extra responsibility now to be double or triple cautious and safeguard our country's interests, even at some cost.

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    Kashmir provides a best example of inter religious harmony. Although some pundits left Kashmir during peak years of turmoil i fear but there are still lots of kashmiri pundits who still live in kashmir in harmony with muslim community and without any fear.
    You must be knowing that "little knowledge is a dangerous thing" so without knowing the history of kashmir one should not comment upon it. Kashmir is an internationally accepted disputed territory and no body an deny this fact. Even during the British rule kashmir was separate and Britishers only ruled over india and pakistan . At that time kashmir was under maharaja rule. When kashmir faced sudden attack from Qabailis then Sheikh Abdullah ,a good friend of Pt. Nehru ,asked the latter for military help because kashmir had no army of its own at that time.A proposal was made to withdraw army once the peace prevails. But alas! Pt.Nehru did not stick to his agreement and he refused to withdraw its army from kadhmir. In this way kashmir was unjustly put in trouble which still persists and Kashmiri people still yearn for a free nation of their own.

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    Basima, I am not sure about the attack by Qabailis, but I am quite aware about the revolt by Sheikh Abdullah and his group against the Maharajah, the treaty of accession signed by the Maharajah, his recommendation to allow Sheikh Abdullah to assist his Prime Minister (any guess why?), the contents of the letter of acceptance by Lord Mount Batten and many things that had followed. Pt Nehru did take a soft stand on the demand by Sheikh Abdullah, being a good friend, for special status for J&K and that, I think, is the only mistake he had committed.

    Qabailis were, if I am not wrong, disorganized tribesmen from nearby areas who used to raid Kashmir for it's wealth and women. They had no intention of invading Kashmir or to oust the Maharajah. They were reportedly fought back by Hindus and Muslims together. Jihadists have probably taken their place now.

    I think I am getting a different idea now as to why the people of Kashmir are still in confusion.

    International attention has been drawn to Kashmir by continuous appeals by Pakistan and their hollowed claim over the Indian land added to some existing border disputes.

    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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    At the time of independence, Kashmir, which was ruled by Maharaja Hari Singh, opted to remain as an independent princely state after denying to join either Pakistan or India. However soon after partition and independence, Kashmir was invaded by tribesmen from the newly formed Pakistan who wanted the Muslim majority state to be a part of Pakistan. In the ensuing military threat and chaos, Maharaja Hari Singh appealed to India for military assistance. India agreed to intervene militarily on the condition that Kashmir should accede to the Indian union. The Maharaja agreed the condition and from then on Kashmir has become a part of India. However it enjoys the special power to govern itself which is provided under Article 370 of the Indian Constitution.

    While Kashmir is still in the process of emotional and cultural integration with mainland India, Pakistan has not stopped claiming it and has been trying to derail the integration process by creating trouble in the state. Wars have been fought between the two nations over Kashmir and several lives have been lost and the future still remains bleak.


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    The post no.499441 by basima bilkees, tries to hide many facts.

    It clearly says that Indian help was sought by Mahraja. That means there was an attack and invasion by some one from beyond the borders.

    If the attack was only from tribesmen, then how did a part of Kashmir is now under Pakistan?

    Post no. 499441 is an attempt to whitewash the whole episode in favour of Pakistan. India went back from its promise as Pakistan did not vacate the place it occupied. As per the understanding on the basis of UN resolution, both sides have to vacate the places occupied by their army. Pakistan did not do so and accused India for violating the understanding. So India also stood on its ground.

    Then why did Pakistan wage war with India later also, if it felt Kashmir was a subject to be decided by Kashmiris only? Why it sends terrorists helping infiltration to Kashmir?

    Kashmir is always an alibi for the powers in Kashmir,not to allow full and free democracy in their country from Day one. They feel that they cn wield power in Pakistan only by provoking their people t the bogey of Indian attack and solidarity to Kashmir. That is just camouflage and sheer whitewashing their dirty walls.

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    @ Bashima
    Kashmiri etc people eat and breath from India. Enjoy the freedom and talk about the Internationally disputed territory. No wonder pakistan wins a cricket match, lot peoples in India dance and hence create Anti India stance.

    Few days ago Mr Narendra modi in UN told that UN is no longer place for serious issues. If he told that, he mean it and shouting about kashmir will not solve the problem.

    You have hidden the fact that POK still have pak army standing from 1947-49 and changed the population. Hence it is impossible for any type of referendum.

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    Oh i can understand your love for India venkiteswaran and Rahul. So your point that we thrive on Indian food, but is an attempt to show the benevolence towards Kashmiris. You are really far far away from the fact of how much of Kashmiri land is under the occupation of Indian army. So much that it would generate food for whole of India. Not only this There are little number of Kashmiris left now in Kashmir and people from India make the majority especially the people of Bihar.
    Now remains the question of cricket match.That has nothing to do with kashmir issue but still it is ironical to see Kashmiri students being thrashed and even forced to leave the campus for a mere celebration on the victory of their favourite team.
    Another thing is that of discrimination between people of kashmir and rest of indian people which was quiet clear during recent floods wherein life of Tourists and even Indian labourers was saved leaving kashmiris in utter desparation .
    Another thing is killing of innocent school children and tagging them as millitants for the sake of medals and promotion.
    May be still Kashmiris are wrong to fight for their freedom in your thinking because you have only heard of things majority of which are media fabricated and none of you has witnessed these things on ground.

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    Basima, please don't get emotional. You appear to have taken the literal meaning of the responses by Venkiteswaran sir and Rahul. But I am sure that they did not mean it in the way you thought. People of Kashmir have the same right over India as people of any other State.

    I have been in Kashmir and am personally aware of the situation there. I understand the plight of the innocent people who are getting caught in the cross-fire between terrorists and the security forces. But have you ever thought about life in Kashmir if not for the presence of the defence forces there? Let us not turn a blind eye towards facts which are known to all.

    And I am sorry to hear your allegation about tourists and "Indian" laborers being given priority during the rescue operation in the recent floods. The tone and the statement is deplorable. To find fault with anything done by people you dislike may be quite natural. But why this dislike?

    If the people of Kashmir are not against terrorist outfits shooting at the foot of girls just because that part was exposed, if they are not against young boys beings kidnapped or taken away at gun point to be trained across the border to wage war against India, if they are not against women and children being used as shields by terrorists to save themselves from the attack of security personal, if they are not against terrorists forcing themselves into your houses and villages and use them as their hideouts, if they are not against the terrorists dictating terms on how you should conduct and what you should be doing, if they are not against the terrorists who have invaded their freedom and peace, and if they are still nurturing an ill feeling against the security forces and the Indian governments, I am afraid Basima, I have nothing more to say.

    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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    I too feel sick to say any thing more where people can not appericiate the facts and stick to their own words whether right or wrong.
    Fate loves the fearless.


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    @ Basima
    When any calamity occur, Army do work like you refer desperation, you may have selected the word desperation because you think people saved by army is outsider but let me tell you this is not desperation, it is emergency. Even people work in corporates like that. Army have saved huge number of old peoples and ladies, children from kashmir as well.

    2014 India pakistan flood started Stats
    "By September 24, 2014, nearly 284 people in India and 280 people in Pakistan had died due to the floods" BY India, The total of about 200,000 people were rescued, including 87,000 from Srinagar city.

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    @Rahul: Humanitarian assistance cannot be considered a substitute for apology. The people of Jammu & Kashmir have good reason to distrust the Indian establishment. The Army doesn't rescue people from emergencies out of their generosity: it's the Army's job. What concerns the people of J&K is the abuse of its power under the AFSPA.

    The people of Jammu & Kashmir have good reason to distrust the Indian establishment. Their revolt against the Maharaja was conveniently suppressed when he elected to join India. And India, for all its lip service to democracy, has refused to allow them a referendum, acting like a colonial oppressor and asserting that J&K has no choice to but to be a part of India. India's actions make the British Raj look merciful.

    The people of Jammu & Kashmir were forced into India by a despot. While Indians could celebrate their struggle to Independence from the British, the Jammu & Kashmir struggle against its despotic king has been completely forgotten by India casually annexing the state and treating it as part and parcel of India.

    I have to wonder if the British had chosen to gift India to China, would Indians have gladly accepted the sovereignty of China?

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    @ Hermes
    Answer was in the reply of basima, because he was stating Army was not saving peoples of kashmir. But i can say situation was worse in India but still Armed forces did amazing job. Things you are stating is already discussed above and know to peoples and it is highly disputed.

    Brother if you don't need help, Deny. But don't force that on old people, children and pregnant women. If you are kashmiri, take the opportunity and work in India. India give reservation to all govt places for kashmiri students. Use you real name.

    Yesterday only kashmiri youth raised flags on ISIS. Do you think that is Amazing thing? Why to listen provocative things like ISIS flags raised or what pakistani media says. Most of the time they hide facts. They were claiming water came from India and hence it is not acceptable.

    You should know the fact that, Tibet lies in between India and China. India is equally and more powerful to China. China can't deploy it's full army to near Indian region and in Tibet. Small incident in 1967 named as Chola incident in which 88 died from India and china lost 400 men and 450 injured and they retreated. India is powerful.

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