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    Is India heading for Congress free Nation ?

    Is India heading for Congress free Nation ? Never in the history of elections the Congress party has fared so badly. In the recent past the party is tasting the bite of voters than winning the elections. Once the strong hold states of Congress are slowly snatched away by the BJP. Gone are the days when there was a clear bifurcation between the Congress and BJP with both sharing equal success. But the way Modi is taking the party forward, it seems the Congress party presence in the country will be wiped out before the next elections. What is your view on this ?
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    Yes, the Congress is going through its worst phase at present. The Modi juggernaut has taken a heavy toll on the grand old party of India. Except in Kerala and other 5 small states in the Northeast, the Congress is nowhere in the Indian political radar. And the worst part is that the party seems to have no clue on how to lift itself from this abysmal low. Rahul Gandhi has been facing the heat of many partymen and senior leaders. Though not openly acknowledged, the Congress workers are frustrated with his style of functioning and are desperately looking for a change. They are now looking at Priyanka Gandhi as a messiah to bring back the party back on track. But that would testify the failure of Rahul Gandhi. In any case, the Congress can't remain silent. It has to do something to take on the Modi juggernaut or else face the prospect of being reduced to a regional party.


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    Now the next election will be held in Bihar and Delhi and surely Nitish is worrying person as he cannot take light of Modi acceptance and that true to be agreed. Even if Delhi goes to polls, Kejriwal will be worried person as AAP popularity is in the wane when compared to Modi's wave and Congress is now where in these two states.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Congress is in a very pathetic situation, now. They lack leadership. They don't have anything to present before the electorate. This Party ought to have followed the advice of Mahathma Gandhi, when India won freedom. He advised the then leaders to dissolve the Party since the aim of formation of the party was to fight and win freedom.

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    Sankaran you made a interesting revelation hope Congress takes note of it.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Many years ago when Rajiv Gandhi's popularity was coming down, with Bofors scandal etc, I happened read in a magazine,an interesting piece of communication between two eminent lawyers(or retired judges,I am not sure). This was when I was sitting in an advocate's office and for time pass, glancing thorough pages of a magazine relevant for the advocates.

    The originator of the communication was telling the recipient that 'the man(Rajiv Gandhi) had battalions behind him, unfortunately now he is having only an Italian behind him'. At that time I just passed it off as a pun and humour. But now I know how visionary that statement was. OMG, Congress had battalions with it and now?!!

    By seeing things taking shape and course in Congress party, I wonder whether they are hell bent on dissolving the party. It is high time for all genuine Congress men to think in different way and do even a drastic surgery to save the party, including bringing entirely new leadership than being just sycophants for single family. Congressmen behave as if they misunderstood their own slogan, 'for family;for nation' wrongly as 'nation for one family'.

    While it is nice to hear slogans like 'Congress mukth Bharat',I do not think it is good for the country if Congress is totally wiped off.

    Congressmen arise, wake bring back democracy in your own party first.

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