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    Who should be the new Chief Minister of Haryana?


    We have been noticing lots of confusion, delay in decision making as a result of Assembly Elections in two states Haryana and Maharashtra. While in Maharashtra BJP and Shiv Sena face-off is not likely to end in Haryana lots of political maneuvering are seen to grab the Chair of Chief Minister. Political big-wigs like Ram Lal Sharma, Abhimanyu, ML Kattar etc are lobbying to grab the lucrative post.

    So it will be interesting to take a few minutes to guess who would be the new CMs in these states. However BJP source has insisted that CM will be from BJP only, in Haryana in seems a great political drama is waiting to unfold even after a clear-cut result.
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    Even in some news I have seen the name of Sushma Swaraj too in the list of CM's lobby. They are killing time so as to enable them to decide on Maharashtra as they have tough time there to have ally with Sena or the option between NCP and even some independents.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    The confusion over the question of who will become the CMs of Maharashtra and Haryana is bound to be there because the BJP didn't announce Chief Ministerial candidates prior to the assembly election in these states. Both Haryana & Maharashtra were in the hands of the Congress for 15 and 10 years respectively and hence the state units of BJP especially in Haryana kept a low profile for years in the absence of credible leaders.

    The PM had to take center-stage while campaigning in both the states in the absence of strong local leaders. In Maharashtra, the late Gopinath Munde used to be projected as a CM material. Nitin Gadkari also used to be a front-runner before he shifted focus after becoming a union minister. However Haryana had a different script. So naturally the door is wide open for the CM's post in this state. If newspaper reports are to be believed, Manohar Lal Khattar, a first-time MLA from Karnal having deep roots in the RSS is likely to become the next CM of Haryana. In Maharashtra the party's state unit president Devendra Fadnavis is no doubt the front-runner for the top post. In a couple of days, a clear picture is expected.


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