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    How to submit a Forum response at

    There are lots of queries related to submission of forum responses. Here's an exhaustive list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). There is a separate thread of FAQs related to forum threads: How to participate in Forum activities at

    For both, threads & responses, please adhere to Forum posting guidelines. Any content or topic that editors feel inappropriate may be removed.

    How to submit a forum response?

    At the end of the thread where you wish to respond, you will see a link 'Post Reply'. You will then need to sign in to your account to submit a response. If you are already signed in, you can just enter your response in the box provided and click submit button. Make it a point to subscribe to the threads that you respond to so that you are alerted on any new responses being posted there to which you may like to reply.

    Can I submit a forum response in a regional language / foreign language?

    No, you can submit a forum response only in English. You may put in text of a quote in a regional language only if absolutely necessary, the letters of words being in English alphabets. In such a case, though, do give the English meaning of the quote for others to understand it.

    Can I submit a forum response to any thread I wish?

    Yes you may. However, please note the following-
    (1) You should not respond to any thread which is more than 10 days old, even if it is unlocked.
    (2) Your response should be relevant to the thread. Make it a point to read the thread properly as well as the other responses to the thread so that you help in adding to the content instead of deviating from the idea of the author.
    (3) Avoid posting responses if you have no idea about the topic.
    (4) Be descriptive while posting responses. Avoid oneliners. An exception to oneliners could be when an editor clarifies something said by a general member and states, "Yes, xyz is right". Mere acknowledgements like thank you or you are welcome etc also should be avoided.
    (5) Welcome responses are important in the sense that a first impression about our members is created by such responses. So our members should act responsibly while welcoming newbies to the site. You must be able to guide them properly. You must ensure that your post should have minimal grammatical and spelling errors. Avoid posting welcome responses if you are new to the site and do not have a fair idea about the site. Also, welcome responses should not be the same repetitive type. A good idea would be to check out the profile page of the member & suggest specific ways in which the newbie can contribute [e.g. - if an engineer, can answer AE questions of his/her field].
    (6) Do not use aggressive or abusive words/ slangs in your post.
    (7) Members should make it a point to avoid promoting newbies unnecessarily by showering praises on them without giving due consideration to the quality of their writing. That will have a negative effect on the newcomer instead of allowing him to learn and correct himself.

    How many responses can I give to the same forum thread?

    You can submit as many responses as you wish in the same forum thread. However, due to the automated system, you will be unable to submit more than 2 consecutive responses, after which you have to wait for somebody else to respond before you can post a response again. It is always better to wait for one or two responses before posting another response so that the thread does not seem like a chat session.

    How many forum responses can I submit in a week?

    As many as you want. There are no posting limits for forum responses. Do not post similar contents in all responses laced with a reference to the thread you are responding to.

    The text of my forum response was removed and I can see negative points for it. Why did this happen?

    You probably violated the forum posting guidelines or your response might be totally irrelevant to the thread.

    I saw negative marking in one of my forum responses but the text of the response was not deleted. So then why was I given reduced/negative points?

    The text may not have been removed as it was not something of a spam type response or wholly inappropriate, but the reduced/negative points could have been given because it was irrelevant or misleading.

    Can I give links in my forum response?

    Yes, only when absolutely necessary, such as to a page where guidelines or instructions are provided. You can also give a link to an article, to a question paper post, an institute, an Ask Expert query page or another such internal link if and only if it is relevant to your response and will add value to it. Refer: Posting links in forum responses.

    Other than for relevant links as mentioned above, avoid using HTML tags (such as to list points).

    Do I need to put my name at the end of every forum response?

    No. To save your time, there is a forum footer feature. This feature is available at your Dashboard page.

    Note: It is not actually necessary because your name as such will be visible to the readers. But if required, you can use the forum footer facility available in your dashboard which will ensure that your name appears at the end of all your posts without you having to waste your time by typing it again and again.

    A member submitted incorrect information to my forum thread query. What should I do?

    You can submit a response in that thread, stating that the information provided is incorrect as per your knowledge and seek a correct answer from the editors or other members. You can also send a message to an editor and get it clarified whether or not the information is right.

    A member used abusive and aggressive language in a response. To whom should I report it?

    You can report it to an editor using the messaging system.

    How are points given to a forum response?

    There is an automated system in place which assigns the points to each response. A forum editor may enhance or reduce the points.

    Can I edit a member's response if it has incorrect information?

    No, a member cannot edit another member's response. A forum editor may do so or provide the correct information in a subsequent response, emphasizing that the earlier provided information was incorrect.

    Can I edit my own response at any time?

    Yes, but it is not advisable unless absolutely necessary, such as for correction of a typo error etc. Basically, it is not good ethics to change the content your response.

    Are there any awards for giving good responses?

    Yes. We give the following awards:
    (1) A monthly award for Forum Wizard, depending on the availability of qualifying members, which is awarded based on the overall quality contributions of a member to the section. This could be awarded for good forum threads or forum responses or for both combined.
    (2) Once in a while, we may announce special awards for each section, including for the forum.
    (3) Quality responses relevant to the thread may be given cash credits at the discretion of the editors.
    (4)Though there are no rewards for Best Answers selected, members are requested to be judicious while selecting one due to the impact it has on others.

    Who can select a response as the best answer of a thread?

    The one who posts the thread, as well as a forum editor or Webmasters, can select a response as the best answer. More than one response can be selected as the best answer & even change it if absolutely necessary.

    Can a response be selected as the best answer before it is locked?

    Yes, either the one who posts the thread or a forum editor can select a response as the best answer in a running thread.

    Can the person who posted the thread change the response of best answer, selecting another response?

    Yes, he/she can do so but only as long as the thread is still running. Once the thread is locked, only a forum editor can change the best answer if it is considered necessary.

    I saw a very good forum thread to which I wanted to submit a response, but the thread is locked. Should I request an editor to unlock the thread so that I can respond?

    No. You can submit a fresh thread and give a link to the earlier thread, explaining that you are wanting to express your views and giving additional inputs if any.

    I saw a very good forum thread of last month which is as yet not locked. Can I submit a response now?

    No. You should not respond to any thread which is more than 10 days old, even if it is unlocked. You can start a new thread, giving a link to the old thread and state your views there. An exception would be if that old thread happens to be of the same month and is something really important, such as a discussion on an AdSense policy or is active otherwise. Responding to older threads will pull down new threads thereby reducing the chances of them getting proper responses. Members who resort to pulling up of old threads despite repeated warnings may be given reduced points.
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