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    Do you recommend Credit Cards?

    Credit Card is a card which allows you to buy items / do shopping without having any cash with you. At an interest rate payable, many banks are providing these credit cards based on your repayment capacity. Credit Card is a great thing to survive when your pocket is empty.

    But many people including one of the world's richest man, Warren Buffet, advised to stay away from the Credit Cards.

    Are you using credit cards? What do you recommend?
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    Generally I do not believe that inexperienced credit holders should take part in churning. If you are asking questions like once you should apply for charge cards or what rewards must i go after I would recommend you hold of on churning for a bit. If you want to go ahead anyway, may I give you a guide?

    You will also have to research things like greeting card fees, minimum spends, will the sign up bonus be limited to every person one time permanently or temporarily etc

    Apply for no more than 3 credit cards for a passing fancy day to start with. When you start out you do not want to overdo the item. Choose your favorite 3 charge cards and apply.

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    From my personal experience I felt that by having credit cards in our purse, we are becoming more spend thrift. That means we are going to shop more for the products or services for which we were reluctant to do so in the past. For example if we have the credit card, we may go for the full tank fuel for our vehicle. If we pay money, we may go for just two litres. That means we are blocking the extra three litres money and the burden like this will slowly build on repaying the same with interest. My brother also become spend thrift by using card.
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    Nowadays we can use mostly everywhere of our credit card like mobile recharge , shopping . But It is fact that we need to cash in pocket to pay at tea stall, vegetable stall and other un-recognised shopping.
    Phagu Mahato
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    Person to person the answer will vary whether to have a credit card or not? We all know that Bank does not give credit card to every one, so the first thing is they have regular earning. Then the benefit of having credit card is it help you in any emergency time, but until unless you have control on your emotion fro shopping it would become dangerous for your monthly earnings and savings.
    If you can use it wisely, and control while shopping then it is best for you, as if you do not have money during end of month then you can use it for emergency purpose and can pay them after getting your salary with out giving any extra fees or interest.

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    It is ideal to have one credit card for emergency use. One need not to go and beg around for cash to meet urgent requirements. But it is better not to use credit cards if you have sufficient cash in hand or in bank. Credit cards charge high interest rates. One should learn the technique of using a credit card for their advantage.

    By possessing a credit card, we are spending a minimum of 2 or 3 rupees per day to hold the card whether we use it or don't use it.

    I recommend to have a credit card, but advice to use it very judiciously.

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    Today's materialistic society has so many things to attract and lure us. Our age-old "Charbak" (Chaaru-bak) philosophies even preached "Jabat Jibet sukhong jibet, Rinang kritya Ghritang pibet" (take loan and eat Ghee for peaceful life!).

    But we should put some restraints to our increased desire level which you cannot do if armoured with Credit card sort of things.

    My recommendation is not to keep this as you will be trapped in a whirlwind of desires which may cast evil spell on you in future.

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    Whenever urgency comes one will search for help with friends, well wishers, family friends, neighbours. Urgency needs of money will be sorted out by using the credit cards, for some time being it will help to control the situation.

    For present life style maintenance, simple low weight credit card is preferable.

    Only one point to be understood is controlled usage of card as money has to pay in a period of time and should be planned for it.

    Thanks & Regards
    Surya Narayana

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