Ongoing Awards & Rewards in

Looking for information on the different awards and rewards being given in ISC? Check this forum post for more information and get opportunity to take part and earn money. invites you to participate in our ongoing reward programs. You can earn cash rewards and prizes! We have several programs going on currently and we are regularly adding many new programs. Come - join us to take advantage of genuine online revenue opportunities, including monthly profit sharing.

Ongoing reward programs in

  1. Earn from our AdSense revenue sharing program. This is the most attractive revenue sharing program and is in association with Google. Your application is subject to approval by Google.

  2. Earn revenue from Kontera Revenue Sharing program, through the Kontera advertisements in almost all your posts in ISC.

  3. Earn revenue from Infolinks Revenue Sharing program.

  4. Submit articles and earn revenue. All valid articles will be given cash credits based on the quality of the content. You can check out the various categories to know the types of articles which are accepted and get an idea of the unique topics you can write on. Extra cash credits may be given for interviews based on your own job interview experience. We also sometimes give higher cash credits for admissions articles, such as during an ongoing admission season in India.

  5. Submit answers to questions in the Ask Experts section and earn cash credits, which will be given on the basis of the quality of the answer.

  6. Submit a School or College with contact details and write good descriptive content to earn money.

  7. Submit updates to a School, College or My India page where you find incorrect information or wish to provide additional details and earn money.

  8. Submit details of a course to a college listing in the Colleges section and get cash credits.

  9. Submit original photos in the School/College sections and make money.

  10. Share photos of your village/town/city and earn money.

  11. Submit Question papers of the current and last 3 years and earn money.

  12. Submit Jobs with good descriptive content and earn money.

  13. Participate in various contests which are announced in the forum from time to time and earn. These include topic-based article contests, creative writing contests, quizzes, etc. In addition to prizes for the winners, cash credits may also be given to the participants.

  14. Get up to Rs. 500 by Referring a friend

  15. Content Writing opportunities: If you have excellent English and writing skills, you may join us as a content writer to work on the content in various sections of our site and we will pay according to your writing skills and volume of content you can write.

Ongoing Awards at

  1. Star of the Year Award: This is a very prestigious award which will be given to those considered to be the best members, based on their contributions, guidance which is given to others, etc. for the duration of the whole year. It may be given for up to five members of the year. The winners will each get a cash credit of Rs 1200.

  2. Star of The Week: This is a weekly award for one best member every week (if there are members who are eligible) with a cash credit of Rs 250.

  3. Star of The Month: This is a monthly award for the best contributing member of the month (if there are members who are eligible) and comes with a cash credit of Rs 500.

  4. Twinkling Star Award: This award 's selection criteria will be based on various factors, such as the quality of posts, the value added to ISC by the member, etc. The award comes with Rs. 250 cash credits.

  5. Rising Star Award: This award is for members who joined recently. It may be given during no fixed time frame. That is, it will be awarded as & when good participation is seen in a section and it may be given to one or more members. The award comes with a cash credit of Rs. 250.

  6. Cash Reward for Active Participation in Group Discussion: Best participants of the Group Discussion (known as GD), which is announced in the forum from time to time, will each get Cash Credit of Rs.150.

  7. Wizard Awards: These are monthly awards for the top contributors in selected sections (if there are eligible members in these sections). As of now, these sections are Articles, Ask Experts, Forum, Reviews, Jobs, and Schools & Colleges. The winners will get Rs. 300 as cash credit.

  8. Super Contributor Awards: These are for our top contributors (based on points and quality) in Info Updates and Training Institutes' submissions (up to max 3). Each will get Rs. 150 cash credits.

  9. Best Mentor Award: This award is given to members who answer the queries submitted by others in the forum and gives able guidance. This comes with Rs 250 cash credits.

  10. Leadership Award: This award is given to members and editors who demonstrate excellent leadership qualities and help us to manage the show through proper monitoring and also by guiding other members. This comes with Rs 750 cash credits.