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    What will happen if free blogging is disallowed by Blogger, Tumblr or Wordpress?

    Millions of Blogs are making round on the world wide net. If free blogging services are disallowed by blogger or other publishing platform then what will happen?
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    If that happened, those people who are addicted to blogging and those who have made a happy business with their blogs would most definitely pay to blog. Everyone would be disappointed, yes, but they would still pay to keep blogging regularly.

    Others, I believe, would start using forums as blogs - creative writing forums or forums created for people of specific field/industry or websites like ISC will be booming with members and their articles. Because forums can be created for free and most of them offer free registration.

    You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

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    If Google disable blogger, wordpress and tumblr, the life of bloggers will be shattered. Though bloggers will look for another avenue to earn online.
    But if it really happened, I will concentrate on forum posting and I will earn through it.

    Adesola Adeyeye

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    I hope members who earned well by the time it is shifted from free to fee, people may not mind to pay because they have to maintain their blog for further reading and further earning.

    It may be difficult only for those who have joined recently and wanted to earn by seeing the seniors. I can compare this with the kind of multilevel marketing when one can see early birds are getting more and it may not be same for the people joined later.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    @Saroja, but I think sites like IndiaStudyChannel, HubPages, Infobarrel and WebQuestionAnswers, who provide the sub domains to authors and bloggers to publish their content free of cost, will be sought after by the bloggers and such sites will be benefitted if bloggers are charged fees by the blogger, wordpress or tumblr. Basically bloggers are the feeders of hosted domain sites and they are not doing any favor to the bloggers. With lesser number of bloggers there will be competition among advertisers and advertising costs will shoot up to make blogging a rewarding career.
    Ashok Goyal

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    It will be a great loss of income for these blogging platforms as well. Specially, Google will be at great loss. Availability of 'Free blogging platform' is what pushing many individual to try blogging and earn using Google Adsense. If there is some fee for blogging, many individuals won't blog and that will be a loss for Google. Remember, more the content, more will be ads and more will be Google's cut of advertising. Google thrives on content. Hence, they bought blogger, invested in it and made it available for all.
    Hope you agree.


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    @Saurabh, your assertions appeal to be appealing and Google may even buy sites like HubPages, IndiaStudyChannel, Infobarrel or even WebQuestionAnswers so that the Google can increase its own share of adsense revenue. But it will not be a surprise if Google implements a small fee for any blogspot domain say $5 per annum. I know that prior to December,2012 Google had been allowing use of Google Application for Business for free and now it is charging around $5 per month. I has one free Google Applications for Business account prior to Dec 2012 but thereafter I accidently deleted the account which was restored by the Google Team after continuous follow up that it was deleted by mistake. I have shifted all my free blogger content to self hosted wordpress site along with keeping the data on blogger so that I do not face any difficulty in future. In case free blogging platforms are withdrawn there will be a big jump is selling of domain names though hosted at Google-cum-Blogger servers.
    Ashok Goyal

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