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    How to submit articles at

    The article section is a prime section of ISC. This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to the article section.

    Articles FAQs

    Who can submit articles?
    All members, including newly joined ones, can submit articles. However, before submitting your first article it is advisable to read the content submission guidelines: Content guidelines

    Useful resources before you begin: (i) Good article writing tips and (ii) Useful tips to post articles

    What are the benefits of submitting an article at ISC?
    (i) At month-end, the points you get from an article may get you into the top 20 contributors who get a share of the site's revenue.
    (ii) Good quality articles can get you better cash credits.
    (iii) Good quality articles may help you to get approval for the Google AdSense revenue share program offered by ISC.
    (iv) For your quality contribution in article section in a particular month, you will have a chance to be selected as Wizard of the section, which includes a cash award.

    Where to submit an article?
    (1) After you log in, go to: Articles
    (2) You will see 'Post a resource'. Click on that to post your article.

    On what topic can I submit an article?
    You can submit articles on any topic, but ensure that the content adheres to the Google AdSense Content Policy:

    Preferably you should submit articles on unique topics and not too common ones which appear at tons of other online sites. For example, common topics could be global warming, tips for tackling hair fall, how to start a blog, etc.

    Can I take information from other sites or printed matter?
    Yes, you can gather information, facts, statistical data, etc. from other sites and printed matter. However, you must write the information in your own words and style. No sentences should be copied. Also you cannot reword the article/any paragraph as a whole from the source site. You must write everything on your own. If you are mentioning a quote or giving data (e.g. percentage of suicide rates in different States), then you should mention the author of the quote / source where you got the data.

    Can I give direct links in my article?
    We do not allow direct links to external sites, but you can give a few links to internal pages of ISC. The only exception for giving an external link: high-end reputed sites such as Microsoft and when you wish to mention some course being offered (official College or University website only). In this case, a link should be given only to the official website of Microsoft and not to a site or blog where some details of Microsoft courses are given. This link should also be a no-follow link.

    You are also allowed to give the URL of a site in text form when necessary, such as when giving the official website of an institute in an admission article.

    Can I give a referral link?
    No, referral links to any monetization program, including affiliate links, or any other type of referral should not be given – neither in a clickable link format nor in a text format. You are also not allowed to give your ISC referral link in an article.

    Can I submit an article in a regional or foreign language?
    No, you must submit articles only in English. You may use traditional words only when absolutely necessary, such as an ingredient better known name for a recipe. This too, though, must be written with English alphabets.

    My article will look better in a different font and colour. Can I put my own choice of font?
    No, all articles will, by default, have the same font type, font size and font colour. You are not allowed to change any of these by putting HTML tags to make a change.

    Which HTML tags are allowed in an article?
    You can use only certain tags: h2 for a main heading (h2 tag for paragraph-heading, h3 tag for sub / small headings, underline tag and a bold tag to highlight a word or words. However, only 2-3 bold tags should be used in an article. Do not overdo it otherwise it will be considered as spamming. Bold tags may be permissible for headings if they have been exclusively used. But H2 tags should be preferred .

    You must use html list tags (ol / ul and li tags) for mentioning points in your post and close the li tag for each point for a better presentation of your article - .

    Can I insert a table in my article?
    Yes, you can place a table in an article. Preferably, you could take a snapshot of the table you created on your PC and put the table image as an attachment. Only those who are experts about the use of HTML tags for tables should use such tags.

    How to submit an image attachment?
    When you complete your article and it is ready to submit, you can select the box near the submit button which says "I want to attach". Then, when you click on the submit button, you will be taken to the page where you can upload your attachment via the browse button. Put in an appropriate title for the image. You have the option to put in the attachment at the end of the article or place it within the text of the article. Accordingly, select the option provided after you upload the image. If you select the option to put the image within the text, you then need to use the edit button at your article's page and copy-paste the image tag provided (this tag you can see after the image is uploaded).

    What formats of an attachment are allowed?
    JPG, PDF, Word doc, Excel spreadsheet
    [JPG preferred, other types avoid as far as possible]

    Can I insert images taken from other websites or from printed matter?
    Copied images are not allowed. One exception: review type of articles These should preferably be from the official website. For example, if you are submitting an article on a smartphone, you can insert an image from the official website of the manufacturing company which has launched that smartphone. As far as possible, try to put self-taken images, such as for a tourism-based article. While you insert an image from any other website or source, (ensure that the image is not copyright protected -and you must mention the source below the respective image.

    Note: If images are taken from Wikipedia, then it must bear GPL 2.0 Share Alike license. There should not be any kind of modification to the image and it must be properly credited.

    How many images can I put in one article?
    It depends on the length of the article and the topic. Ideally you should put 1-2 images. However, more are allowed when necessary, such as when you are giving step-by-step guidance to create a PPT presentation or to install a software on a computer. 4-5 images can also be placed when the article is very detailed and is more than 600 words.

    Is there any word limit for an article?
    Yes, you need to submit an article of minimum 500 words. As such, no maximum but avoid far too lengthy articles. If necessary, you can split an article into parts. You can submit shorter length articles of less than 500 words only in some cases, such as for admissions, results, announcements, recipes and sample letter formats. In such cases, the number of words should not be fewer than 300 words.

    Can I insert a YouTube video within the text of my article?
    Yes, you can do so only if absolutely necessary.

    I do not wish to submit my article immediately. Is there any provision to save it as a draft?
    Yes, on the page where you are going to submit your article, you can scroll down and see the option 'Not ready to publish yet'. You can select this option and then click on the submit button. It will then be saved as a draft and will not be visible to readers. You can return to it at any time by clicking on 'My drafts' link.

    I posted an article at my blog. Can I submit it at ISC too?
    No, any content submitted at your blog or website cannot be submitted at ISC.

    Can I edit an article at any time?
    If the article is not locked, you can edit it. It is better that you do so only if you think it is important to update some information or correct some major error in the article. Preferably you should submit the article once and for all and not repeatedly edit it once it is approved. Of course, if it has still not been reviewed by an editor and is in the new submissions mode, you can edit it as many times as you wish. In case it is approved and locked to edit and you feel an update is required there, you can post a forum thread requesting editors to unlock your article along with the url of the same so that you can make necessary changes there. It will be better if you mention what changes you made in the box 'Message to editors' for an easy approval.

    Where can I see my recently submitted or previously submitted articles?
    After you log in, you can go to the articles section. Click on 'My Resources'.

    Why was my article deleted?
    You article will have been deleted for non-adherence to article submission guidelines. Refer: Content

    I am not satisfied with the reason for deletion of my article. Whom should I approach to express my dissatisfaction?
    You can submit a forum thread in the problems/compliant category and provide the URL of the article.

    The editor keeps shifting my article to pending for various reasons. I am fed up! Why can't the editor tell me at one go what all changes need to be made?
    The goal is to guide you step by step. From experience it has been noted that when too many reasons are given at one go, the author tends to get confused.

    To avoid the shifting of your article to pending state repeatedly, do follow the instructions of the editor mentioned in the reason box and accordingly make necessary changes in the article instead of resubmitting without making the necessary corrections.

    How long will it take for my article to be reviewed?
    Ideally, an article should be reviewed within 2 days. However, editors may be busy with their professional work or academic studies or even have some personal work which may cause a delay in reviewing your articles. You are requested to be patient!

    Tip: For quick review / approval of your article/s, check and recheck your article after submission and correct the errors (grammar / spellings / HTML formating, if any.

    How many articles can I submit in a day, week or month?
    There are no limits as such. However, if 5 articles are in queue for reviewing, then you will not be able to submit more articles.

    Will I get cash credits for all my articles?
    Not necessarily. It depends on the quality and originality of the article.

    I got very low cash credits for my article. Whom should I approach to complain?
    You may send a message to the Lead Editor Sultan or to Managing Editor Vandana or post a forum thread in the problems/complaint category.

    What is the republish feature?
    This feature enables you to get the same article re-published again, with a new date so that it becomes a fresh post for search engines. You can use the re-publish feature once in 6 months. The benefit is that it will give you a further extension in AdSense revenue share.

    Refer to this forum thread for further guidance

    I no longer wish to submit articles at ISC and would like to transfer all my articles to my own website. Can I do so?
    No. Once you submit an article at ISC, it becomes the property of ISC. You cannot transfer/post the same article anywhere else, not even at your own website.

    In a response below you can put any queries you think have been left out & get your doubts cleared. You can also point out some details which may have been missed out and would be useful to other members. However, do not post any needless responses in this thread.

    Refer for all section's guidelines: Sectionwise FAQs
  • #510488
    I read the whole thread carefully and found that it is very useful to all but I have a question concerning insert image in this site.

    My question is:

    Suppose I am writing an article on any topic and I want to insert image of it. I have no original image created by myself but I have an image in a newspaper or in a magazine. In this situation I have two questions

    (1) Can I post the newspaper image after scanning in my article in this site?

    (2) I take a camera and take the photo of the newspaper image and after doing it, I insert this image in my article. Is it permitted?

    Thanks & Regards
    Ekta Raikwar

    Make each day your masterpiece.

  • #510500
    This is the wonderful initiative on the part of Managing editor to provide complete details on article submission in this site which is often asked by the new members.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • #510521
    The answer is Yes to both your queries. However, you should mention the newspaper/magazine source. For example, let's say that you take a photo of a product from a print advertisement from Times of India. Then, just below the image, you can put it like this in parentheses: [Image source: print advt. in Times of India, dt. 17/01/2015, page 11]. You can even take such images of a banner or logo of some event you are writing about.

    As far as possible, though, it is best to take images from the official website as they are of better quality.

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  • #510536
    I want to ask a question regarding the republish feature of an article in ISC.

    Q: Can a member republish his/her article without doing any changes/modifications to the original article?

    Second, as the article will become afresh with new modified date, what about the date of comments of the article that will remain unchanged. How can an article be such with new posted date and bearing comments with old date.

  • #510553
    Thank you Vandana madam for giving information about writing and submitting articles. I normally find problem in this section. And you gave a good information. Thank you :)
    sharath perlampady
    Believe always!

  • #510576
    Suman Sahu
    Yes, members can simply use the Republish feature without making any additions or deletions to the article. However, it is advisable to update the information in the article, though not necessary.

    However, the date of comments will not change as the article is republished but not published and you can see the 'post date' as well as 'last updated' date.

    'Post date' is the date on which the article was posted / submitted.

    Thanks & Regards

  • #510685
    Great resource and it is well explained. I do not think any member can make mistakes when posting articles.
    I will make use of this in posting my resources in the article section.

    Adesola Adeyeye

  • #510889
    If i republish the old article with new date , is it possible to penalize by google panda update?

  • #510902
    Republishing an article will make it fresh content for a search engine. As far as I am aware, penalization is done for poor quality content & has got no connection with the date of the post.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

  • #511188
    Thanx vandana mam for guiding us with such an amazing article.I realy benefited alot from this thread as i was unknown to all these things.

  • #512691
    Great! I would like to submit the article for your website. Do I need to write author's biography? Can I give link to my social media profile?

  • #512694
    Nice to hear that you are interested to write article in ISC. Yes, you are allowed to write biographical article of any author. Just keep in mind that you have to write a self-written quality article. And you should not give any link to your social media profile.


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