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    Are online courses an effective way of education? - active GD (last date extended)

    <b>This forum thread has been selected for an active GD. Give your views for/against or discuss both sides to win cash prizes! [note: do not give repetitive answers of your own or of other members & be clear when expressing your opinions]</b>

    Internet usage is common these days and it is playing a major role in the development of the country. Nowadays, virtual classrooms is taking place of the old style classrooms and there are many online course available for college/school students. Some people are saying that a virtual classroom is better than a real classroom. There are universities which have started offering short term courses for various disciplines in e-learning mode where students just need to have a good internet connection to get the lessons.

    In foreign countries it is more prominent and they have actually designed special courses which are suited for e-learning. Students are preparing for their exams with the help of internet and most of them even take classes online for a particular subject in which they are weak.

    What do you think about these virtual classrooms? Are online courses an effective way of education? Discuss.

    <b>Last date to submit your views extended</b>: 4th May, 2015.
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    I do understand that on line education has become more popular and new takers too. But I strongly feel that students cannot be benefited in the long run for various reasons. Studying in the virtual class room under the scanning eyes of teacher is always better as we know the progress made on daily basis. Whereas in online classes, the seriousness in the student may not be there as there is no control over him and bad elements can always distract him from the studies and thus even skip classes. So virtual school class room is always better.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Online courses involving recorded lessons may not attract students. But if a teacher teaches online, it is effective. Students spend time in travel to reach tuition home or tuition teacher's home. In such cases, teacher online reduces the over heads. Teacher is face to face to the student. Skype is popular, Google hangout also used.
    Earlier internet charges were high, so in India online tuition was not popular, but nowadays it is becoming popular,

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    Very good lectures are available in youtube. The lectures are video version of actual classes. Such lectures from MIT are a boon to students all over the world.
    IIT also has come out such lectures.

    I am teaching Engineering maths online. For writing equations, we can use word - equation option and screen share mode. We can keep the student interactively and teach.

    We can interact with student even in online as though we are in front physically.

    Some of my friends learn Carnatic using online method. They are able to get good musician's guidance even though the between them is too much.

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    For higher level of education this can be supported but for little kids, person is needed to understand them too. So upto a level in school there is no need of going for so tech savvy. Online courses should be only after school only.
    School days are more than only bookish education, we learn to get socialize, we learn to be disciplined etc.
    So I think school system should not be replaced, while for diplomas and for other advanced courses online classes should be available butt this should also be kept optional till we know that every student have enough reach to computer and internet.

    Chitra Rana

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    I do support the us e of the internet for studies. The reason is that the world is going digital and such the entire world needs to turn to it.
    Studying online has a greater advantage than the normal school studies. It is more effective and accurate to achieving the purpose for it. I believe soonest the entire world will embrace the online education as against the normal system where corruption, strikes and sabotages are found.

    Adesola Adeyeye

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    I think it depends on varios aspects like is it live online course or recorded & Which level's course is that.
    As in short user named K.HEMAMALINI said that it depends on the type of course whether it is live or recorded. Because live way will be very much helpful since only the regular students will attend them & students will be attracted with that. & of it is recorded then also a good but not very much because students may not be attracted & pay atension to that .
    Now it is also inportant that which level's education is served . Because for example if course offered are about education served in schools in 1 to 12 standards then it won't be proved succesful because there are schools awailable which teaches. But if the course is about something that which is not taught in schools or universities like specialy only about leadership developement then it will be proved successful because it is not approachable easily.

    Hope this may be helpful.

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    Online courses may be convenient and easy to manage but I don't think they can be an alternative to the existing class room system where there is a direct interaction between the teacher and the students. In this age of Skype and other like facilities, we get to interact with our near and dear ones who are in other parts of the world but does it satisfy our desire to meet them in person? So, online courses has lot many drawbacks and cannot be compared with the classroom education. It may be relied upon for tuition or guidance but surely not as a regular class.
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    I am in favor of real classroom not virtual classroom simply because it helps in overall development of the student which is totally absent in case of online courses. If we want the students to become developed in each and every aspect then real classroom is the best way to do it because it provides better interaction between teacher and students.

    Also, students learn a lot when they study along with other students in a group. In online education one can just sit in front of the computer and it can be a very dull process overall. It will never allow a student to develop his/her personality. Hence, real classrooms are still better than virtual classrooms.

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    Is Online Course is an Effective Way of Education?

    I say YES and NO.

    YES : Change is the only thing which will never change. Online Course is an improvement or we can say a next generation to the current way of studying. I am not exactly telling about the school. But its generic. For example, all our previous generation used to go to Computer Summer Classes but now most of them are going by online. There are so many benefits with this online course. Its similar to the Work From Home which reduces to the office going people to boost Go Green by avoiding Vehicles - We can think online education is a similar approach. Second of all, the Child Crimes has increased a lot now a days. Everyone would have heard about the Bangalore school issue which happened sometime back, this will avoid that completely. Most of the home has internet now a days and they don't do much other than subscribe to the lessons. Last but not least - Kids can do something better than Social Networking & Online or Offline Games.

    NO : Everyone knows about apartment culture - No two neighbours will meet. I am not saying that its with every community but with many. Owing to the fast life, we cannot expect the same life like previous generations. This similar life style will happen to Kids. Now a days Metro kids has only School as the option to mingle with People. If we avoid school life, then Kids will not have any Social Life Just Social Network. They will never know all the Group Activities, they will loose having Leadership qualities.
    If any one would have seen Wall - E Movie, the humans who had been in the Space Ship - Haven't done any work for years, haven't played any games - That's the life of our kids.

    Every way of life has a Advantages and Disadvantages - Its how we take it.
    As per me, I do go with School Life with additional education from Online Courses rather than additional Tuition or classes. This will have a well balanced life for kids with less travelling.

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    Today the entire world is globalized. We need to upgrade ourselves to be at pace with this era of globalization. One big weapon towards a more globalized world is the internet. So we cannot discard the positivity or the progress that Internet brings in our lives.
    One such positive effect is the online course and education. I completely support such courses. My reasons are as follows:
    1) Day by day every generation is becoming more sophisticated and progressive. So our children are more aware and technology oriented than us. So internet has huge appeal to the young minds. By bringing online education internet is making wise use of such young and fresh minds.
    2) Kids and teenagers who are the best lot of recipient of education can be catered to with this format of education and that too in huge numbers. So government can even think of bringing an alternative format of the primary education through online academies. The amount of school dropouts could be minimized with this new format of education.
    3) Internet has taken a huge influence education from way back. We have encyclopedia CDs, which have replace the book of encyclopedia. We have online e-books, which a student can download easily and free of cost. So this helps poor or under-privileged students to cope with rising fee of books and cater to their thirst for knowledge. Today books published by high profile publishing houses are very costly. When you join online courses you get free pdf versions of those books endorsed under the course curriculum itself. With the help of these e-books one can complete their education online and keep those e-books for your lifetime for further reference.

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    Online courses can never beat the on-campus learning. In the early years, students need proper attention. So, the traditional method of schooling is best for them. When the school days are over and students enter the college life, they can go with online courses. It is beneficial for those students, who live far away from the college and a lot of time is wasted in journey. In the online course, one can save a lot of time. It also makes the students independent and they do not have to take the help of the friends.

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    If I have to say yes or no to online method of teaching and online courses, I would say a big Yes.
    Reason for supporting online teaching or online courses are,
    1. Problem of infrastructure can be solved and also fix timing problem can be avoided by this method.
    Here I am trying to say that in villages where it is tough to enroll all children in school as there is no school or no trained teacher want to get posted or do not attend school even on posting. There Village head can be given a big screen and a projector where any person can be appointed to keep attendance of students, people who are in school administration.
    Even adults can be encouraged to attend such classes according to their availability of time. Evening classes or course related to their work can be conducted.
    2. In courses which are online, student can review it again and again as per his or her pace of understanding.
    3. These courses include case study etc. which are good for understanding of a student.
    4. Student have to use computer for interacting with teachers and during examination too, this will make more of our population more computer friendly, which is like necessary and helping in lot of daily activities like paying bill etc.
    5. In online teaching course can be updated with knowledge of many teachers while a teacher can take or leave any topic in classroom way.
    6. Audio visual method supports learning more. Making animated pictures, 3D pictures and making stories or something creative can help in understanding of student. They will remember it for longer time and will understand mechanism behind everything.
    7. Problems of students like few do not have confidence of asking their problem among all classmates, while they can ask in online courses by writing a simple mail or during classes as there will be no fear or pressure of dominating classmates.

    Chitra Rana

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    8. Students can have their self assessment time to tie by practicing various short papers and can evaluate their understanding on it. Different lectures can be added to make better lecture for students.

    I would promote taking best of both and should come up with proper mix of both. Like we must have a teacher present in class who can assist student in their better understanding or in any problem.
    Such classes where chapter can be taught by online teacher and practical can be done under presence and guidance of teacher who is physically present there. Same way as we had emotional and character teachers also in school time so physical presence will help children to have a person whom they respect and dream to follow.(to certain age)

    @ Saji Ganesh, I am in against tut-ions or fake guidance classes. Complete education thing should be completed in school and colleges only. Technique or anything which can help in making education better in school should be adopted.

    @ K Mohan, if studies can be more fun to learn students will take more interest in place of pretending to stay sitting quite at last bench and just passing the whole day without learning anything. So I think online presentation will bring child interest towards it.

    Chitra Rana

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    I support class room learning because of the following reasons:
    1. Class room learning is always lively as there is physical interaction between student and teacher as well as student and student. A live interaction always bring a scope for better discussion of the topic that help in better understanding. Online learning avoids conversation, debate, discussion, discourse which are the fundamental activities of good learning.
    2. Online video learning makes the student to watch the topic in a movie like fashion and the student gives importance to the things like the way the person talking or teaching, the things they were shown in the video, background shown etc. but don't show attention to the topic taught.
    3. In online learning Teacher has no control over the student and cannot guide him to the destination. In class room learning teacher has control over the student and can guide to the destination.
    4. Lot of stress on the instructor to complete a given topic in limited time in online learning. But in class room teaching such stress cannot be there on the instructor as he/she can continue by extending time in a convenient way.
    5. In guiding practical work like laboratory experiments, instructor can guide the student at every stage of practical work and attend every individual as the instructor is always in direct physical contact with the student. But in online instruction such a facility you cannot find in it. So a teacher with a piece of chalk is always has an edge over online instructor in imparting education.

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    I would like to put forward some more arguments in support of online education.
    Today class room teaching is given a lot more importance since teachers are there to confront the student questions. But all of us has to agree that a normal school class is bound by time. It is of maximum 45-50 minutes. Each class consists of around 90 students. Now if we do the math then very less time and attention can be given to student queries. Due to this a lot of students have shifted to private tuition. So isn't this a failure of class room teaching?
    On the other hand online teaching has comprehensive videos which are created from the student point of view. These videos are self explanatory. Along with these self explanatory video tutorials online courses provide video conferencing with teachers. That helps student confront a teacher exclusive for himself and ask all his necessary questions.
    Most importantly, online courses are not bound by time. You can have video conferences with different tutors at different times of the day. You are not enclosed by that 45 minutes time schedule. Can a class room teaching provide such flexibility?

    Live life Kingsize!

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    I would like to make my point clear to those who support online education that education is not just about learning lessons. Education need to be wholesome to be effective. Aristotle has said that education is the creation of a sound mind in a sound body. I don't think online courses would be able to understand and develop the inherent qualities in a student. It is not just about assessing his learning capacity or whether he has learnt what has been taught. So, it involves a process of direct interaction and hence schools cannot be replaced by online courses.
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    The following are points from my view;

    Online courses are a boon to the students who are in remote areas but do have the facilities of internet but are unable to attend school/college due to inconvenience or accessibility to the school.

    For physically disabled students it would be a gift for them to learn at their homes online that would save them the time of travelling, hardships in attending the classes every day.

    Also to those people who have discontinued their studies due to various reasons may be ill health, family issues, marriage problems, social stigma, this online education would a great help for them to learn.

    This would be of great help to those who are taking treatment in hospitals for long durations and also this online education could be provided for reforming the prisoners who would continue their studies.

    Those people who are interested in taking studies in later part of their life would find it difficult to attend their classes,this online education would an inspiration for them to learn.

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    Classroom teaching has more wider advantages and it is a more effective way of gaining knowledge through experience. India today needs practical knowledge rather than just theoretical knowledge which can only be achieved through real classroom teaching only. Some of the points are mentioned below in support of classroom teaching.

    1. Most of the science subjects required lab work and they can't be done through online courses.

    2. Online studying requires one to sit in front of computer for long hours which can cause problem in eyes.

    3. Students can clear their doubts immediately if they are attending a classroom course.

    4. Online courses doesn't hold importance if we talk about younger children who are in primary schools because they don't know how to operate computers.

    5. Group study is a more efficient way of education and it can help an individual to grow not only in terms of knowledge but also intellectually.

    Hence, in my opinion classroom courses are the best form of learning today as well as in future.

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    The best part of online education is that
    You can continue it from any streak of your life. So many people leave their regular schools due to family pressure. Their families cannot support the high cost of regular schools. So they get into family business to earn money and leave their education behind. After such a gap no school is ready to take them. Where do these people go? They do have a love for education. How do to they get to complete their education?
    It is through online education. Online courses never have any age barrier. It is the best part of it. Any person can join it and at any point of their career. They may get middle aged by the time they join the online courses. Even such people can have a job in parallel. For class room teaching you have to be there from 10 to 5. Along with that regular class room teaching does not allow students beyond a particular age to join it. So it is way easier and worthy enough for people to join online courses.

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    I do not know whether people have noticed or not that today most competitive examinations have become online. Today most examinations that select people for a certain job or certain scholarship have left paper works way behind.
    Today they give a time slot in any examination center and examinees come at that time, sit on a particular machine. They solve the questions given to them on a machine in a stipulated time. The score of their examination are decided right after the moment they complete the examination. If people get more accustomed with online courses they will become more aware of such online examinations also.

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    Joyshree, what you have highlighted as the best part is, I think, actually the worst part of online education. What would be the mindset of a student and what would be his approach to studies if he realizes that there is no time limit for completing a course. Won't such possibilities decrease his competitive spirit and determination to complete a task within a given time frame? Such easier methods without any laid down guidelines will not help him as an individual except for the filtered knowledge he gains.
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    As a educationist and an academician I disagree with the online courses because for mentioned reasons. First, if the online course offer certification then there is a big question mark on the validity and authenticity of the certificate. Second, online lecture, webinars (web-seminars) are no so much effective due to audio and video quality, need of interrupted high speed internet line is required to conduct these online classes. Third, there are so many website and organizations which provide online courses but some of them do not provide study material, we have to pay extra money to buy study material. Study material should be included with the fees of online course. Fourth, it is very effective when a teacher teaches in the class room with chalk/marker on black/white board, respectively because the explanation power of the teacher and grasping power of the student is at its best when teacher directly (face-to-face) interact with the students. With this it is very easy to solve the queries of the students.
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    I believe online courses can be effective if they are taken seriously and positively. Student should get most out of them otherwise there is no meaning of such online courses.

    For example, NPTEL is a online open source platform created by IIT/IISc professor where their engineering lectures are video recorded and put on YouTube for free. But the poor thing is, the page views of most of the lectures are not more than 10,000 views. Almost every video lecture are less viewed. This shows why online courses are lagging in terms of popularity.

    Student always look for presence of teacher in front of him/her. I believe it is upto student who take most out of online learning.

    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
    'I'mprovement always begins with 'I'.

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    Like one of the members said that yes, "authenticity of the certificate" is a big issue. But my question is
    "Isn't authenticity of a certificate a major issue in regular courses also? Isn't that the reason why the degree of so many regular colleges are rejected by the government every year?"

    So my point is that be it an online course or a regular course one needs to find out first what is the validity or effectivity of that course and its certificate. This thing is also easily obtainable from the internet. Every year our government gives out the list of colleges and academical courses that are affiliated under governing bodies like UGC or AICTE. People need to choose such courses which fall under that list only.

    Now, when I raised the point that people can join such online courses at any point of time, I advocated for those people, who want to pursue their higher education and have thirst for knowledge. I mentioned this in my above argument too. Such people need a chance to shine.
    Everywhere there will be students who do not follow or do not wish to follow educational curriculum and they try to find more time to complete education or even try their best to keep their education incomplete. No regular course can bring them on track, forget about online courses. People who wish to study, we need to think about them. For them we need to erase the barrier of time and money through online courses. How can we do the same about people who have no interest for education only?

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    There is a vast difference between real class room and online course.

    When taking online course, the people who are really interested in that subject can only do. Since there are some people who need special attention to understand that subject. Regular follow-ups is mandatory for those kind of people. So the Online class room will not be helpful for that kind of people.

    When coming to real class room sessions, the crowd will be a mixed one. i.e. people with more knowledge, people with less knowledge and there are some people who will come to know some thing during that time only. I mean to say, the awareness about a particular subject, why they need to study.

    First creating awareness is very important. Without any awareness or introduction, the mind will not be open minded to get things accepted.

    So it is very important to have real class room session to understand things in a better way. The online courses will be helpful only those who did not find time to go for class room sessions. So that they can learn from anywhere / anytime, that too only for interested.

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    My opinion in this regard is somewhat midway.First of all i would say "Internet can either take you to heights if you use it wisely and it can also spoil your career depending on your habits".To be very clear the underlying idea is internet has provided a lot of informations and made everything possible for a courses helps me a lot but the entire system should not be replaced by virtual classrooms, rather a partial virtual classroom concept should be introduced for every group of students from schools to college because if we talk in terms of concentration, there are no issues regarding good iit or other lectures because they introduce the topic and teaches from very basics and in a proper sequence while in private college (i am from private engineering college),they are hiring our passout seniors also as a professor and they are not conceptually strong and this thing made the quality of education really worse but it is not case with online lectures(good lectures like nptel),they are providing complete information in a format that is understandable by every student.
    so it depends on a person, how much he gains but online courses helped me a lot in making my concepts strong and i think it should be included with our university curriculum.

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    Deleted being duplicate.

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    @ Joyshree, what's the point of teaching if the person doesn't get the real time experience? You can't conduct practicals lessons online and also you can't get the lively environment which is only available in a classroom full of students.

    Isn't online courses a dull teaching method? In my opinion online teaching can only bring laziness into the students. They won't get up early for classes and the most important thing they won't learn discipline. Classroom teaches every student discipline which is surely absent in online courses.

    Better thinking for a better tomorrow!

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    As the GD is approaching the closing time, let us have some more discussion based on our stand on the topic.

    We are discussing whether online courses are as effective a means of education as class room studies and I stand by my view that virtual classes can never be compared to schools. It is not the question of accessibility, ease, freedom or adaptability that actually matters. It is the question whether a student will gain in the same way from an online course and the training imparted in a school room. I don't think we have to ponder much over this fact. If we take factors like competition, comparison (among students), companionship, camaraderie etc, we can easily conclude that online courses does not involve any of these.

    Schools ensure close monitoring of students and influence their individual and social behavior, attitude towards life in general, aptitude and will act as a guiding factor in shaping their outlook and thought process. They will be in a group, unlike in online courses, which will support their development as a social animal.

    Online courses may be having some positives but they are not directly linked to effective education and do not help an individual in totality.

    “The door to wisdom is knowing yourself." Anonymous

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    There may many questions will arise if we go for online courses through virtual class room environment.

    A. How can we know the syllabus has been completed or not?
    B. How we will ask queries if the online class is not live?
    C. Ok, if not live online class then we write our queries in a paper and email it. But some students forget.
    D. Need proper infrastructure to conduct virtual class and it needs money, if the school/college organization implement virtual class environment then the tuition fees will be increased and the question is how economically poor students afford it?
    E. Online classes are good for the intelligent and sincere students. What about students who are poor in studies?

    A responsible teacher has to face the difficulties regarding poor students. It ia very important them to explain each and every point/topic. Online courses do not have this much convenience to deal the poor students in their studies. It may be beneficial for the studious students.

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    1.First point , we will understand online courses as natural development.
    First we had Gurukulam, only certain people could get education. People like Ekalaivan could not get a teacher where as Arjuna and Duryodhana had gurus.
    When university and public learning came into existence, more people got opportunities to learn.
    When population increased, colleges were not sufficient. More people could not get admission. Correspondence courses solved this problem. At that time people were telling " Students getting degree through correspondence are inferior to regular students. IGNOU's proliferation and penetration helped so many poor people to get education without spending huge money. The concept of open university helped students who had to discontinue due to various reasons. Thus now online courses are coming into existence in the field of distant education. It is a development meeting society needs with technology.
    2.Second point: Now actual class rooms even in schools are becoming smart class room. The teacher is using all modern tools to teach. For college subjects, lecturers are to use similarly.
    A lecturer in the class room uses internet online and uses smart boards to teach. Actual class rooms are like theater , with teacher as anchor. If the same thing is recorded and put in video, then it becomes online course. So teaching content will be same whether it is class room with slides and internet or fully online.
    Point 3: interaction
    The complaint is that in online course teacher is away, you can not interact.
    Now in online course we can interact with skype or google+ or any other smart boards.
    Point no 4: affordability
    Some 5 years / 10 years back, internet cost per hour was prohibitive in India. But today most of the students are accessing internet unlimited service. This service is available in most of the houses even in rural side for the purpose of contacting relatives outside.
    Point no 5: For online courses, net availability with speed is a requirement. High speed internet is available. Of course most of the states are having power cuts. Heavy duty UPS are supporting the high speed internet.
    Point no 6: With cloud technology, even computer labs can be virtual. The college need not purchase actual machines. You configure virtual machines and get a lab for college. In this context, we should not insist that a person should stand before me physically and teach. Then only I will learn.

    We should accept the technology development and adopt ourselves to use it, instead going on telling online course can not be better than class room teaching.

    We have moved from Gurukulam to so many levels and online is the one. Let us not grumble.

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    Here, we need to consider the difference between the online cources and online cources means we need to do the cource completely in online based ,where as online learning indicates that developments in the particular topic.we can conclude that online cources are not an effective way of education.

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    NPTEL by IIT Madras and MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) are different. They are very technological and will be accessed by who has good IT infrastructure for online classes and those lectures can be understood by intelligent studious students.

    But as a teacher, we has to consider all the students specially we have to take care more who is poor in studies and understand the topics little bit or face some problem in studies.

    Yes, we have to go ahead with the technology but we cannot leave our traditional culture of study. Online courses are not authentic and cannot be accessed by some economically poor students.

    I already have taken some online classes, workshop, training session organized by NITTTR, Chandigarh and I have and my students have face the difficulties like no synchronization in audio-visual, no power to convince the students about the topic, answering any queries with delay or in distorted form, sometimes weak internet connection from their side.

    In some online classes by NITTTR, Chandigarh we all teachers and student both attend but all the students with few students understand the topic what the online lecturer was teaching but many students face problem then we teachers deal the situation, manually.

    So, online courses/classes are not so much successful at this time. We need more technical facilities and proper arrangement for the financially and/or studiously poor students.

    I hope we are convince with this.

    Life is full of surprises and compromises!

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    another thing is that there is lot of time waste,lot of power consumption for the particular online based cources for the particular system.that is why it is not an effective way of education.

  • #520792
    we may get sight problems for the eyes in the process of online cources in the particular computer or it is not an effective way of education.

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    K. Hemamalini, I don't agree with your point made on interaction and affordability. How can you have compare the interaction on skype with the interaction in a real classroom? I mean classroom not only have teachers but also students. There is a lively atmosphere in the classroom which is absolutely absent in online teaching methodology.

    Talking about affordability then I don't think villages are still having high speed internet in most parts of the country. Also, how many poor people have access to things like computers, internet and even electricity in our country. In my view classroom teaching should be promoted in remote areas because it doesn't depend on technology and also it will provide on the spot doubt clearance rather than depending on high-speed internet.

    Better thinking for a better tomorrow!

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    Every body wants class room studies. Now let us see what happens in Kerala and other states.
    Every week , college studies are affected by bandh and strikes. Students come to schools and colleges by bus taking strain. At ten o clock, some students start shouting asking other students to come out.
    There a Poly technic in front of ISRO inertial systems unit. Teachers are very good. UNESCO aid is available to this institution.
    Political parties never allow students to study.
    Students go to exam using Minimum attendance criterion .
    It is the state of most of the institutions in Kerala.
    Correspondence students study well here.

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    In group discussion, members are discriminated.
    Some members get 5 points for 2 lines.
    I got 2 points for explaining various aspects in detail.
    It discourages.

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    Hemamalini, not a point for discussion here, sorry! You will understand as time goes by.

    Coming to the topic, I am going by what we understand about effective education. A virtual class where you do not know each other cannot bring in a relation that can be cordial. A teacher standing in front of you and interacting with you can never be replaced by someone who is virtually connected.

    “The door to wisdom is knowing yourself." Anonymous

  • #520885
    Online courses does not have the basic features like those in class room teaching like immediate solution to the queries effectively that cannot happen in online course; direct interaction with the students so that students being more attentive in the class; teacher can give reprimand to the student directly if any student is not attentive or feel sleepy in the class room; students gets bored and look here and there in online class because of lack of interaction and virtual presence of teacher.

    A teacher can effectively manage the class room with full of students (even if the students are indiscipline). Indiscipline student can be dealt by the teacher, directly and effectively. This cannot happen in the online class if the students are indiscipline.

    There are many disadvantages of online course even if the technology is at its best. Some things can only be dealt, manually that way it is best for students.

    Yesterday, I was in the farewell party of the final year students and I asked the question whether online course is good or class room teaching, approximately 90 percent student opt for class room teaching with their opinion of disadvantage of online courses.

    I think this feedback from my students put me in a very good place in this group discussion.

    Life is full of surprises and compromises!

  • #520886
    Ms. K. Hemamalini, last date of this GD has been announced since then the participant of this GD are awarded with less points. I think its the last date anyway we are here to discuss a serious issue about the future of students, so we should concentrate more on GD rather than points.

    Thanks and regards

    Life is full of surprises and compromises!

  • #520928
    I agree to this fact that a good interaction is possible with classroom studies but if you take a look at present scenario especially engineering college, there is no sense in going college everyday it's a total time waste because the faculty concentrats more on completing syllabus because they are instructed to do so and students are helpless we have to waste our precious time in writing, rather in online courses we need not write everytime, we can carry any standard book and when we listen to them their way of teaching makes every concept very clear.
    Classroom studies can be only effective when the teachers have command on their subjects but it is not the case, single teacher teaches different subjects in a day.While in online courses we are studying with a free mind and we need not to worry about assignment and attendence we are only concerned about subject.And regarding discipline i believe we learn discipline at our school level itself and one point that was raised about attention that some students sleeps in class, i must say that my colleagues also sleeps and if the student is not willing to study in that situation he can remain sitting and looking at board and teachet but he can't gain knowledge.

  • #520929
    Pardon me, same response was posted twice due to net problems and error in submission .

  • #520940
    This is not true the teachers are focusing on just completing the syllabus. The teachers are in the pressure to convince all the student about the topic.

    If the matter is to complete the syllabus then online lectures are an excellent option because online lectures are not time consuming (offline class takes time but explaination of the subject/topic is effective).

    As Head of department I was facing this problem that few teachers take the student in the online lecture room/projector room and show them online lectures and powerpoint presentation. Hence their syllabus is completed in 20-25 lectures.

    But the ordnance or guidelines by UGC(University Grant Commission) the total minimum lecture should be taken to complete the syllabus is 40-50. So I ordered my teachers to take lecture as offline class. And use the projector room for doubt class or tutorial class. Since then the study of students are in good position and the result was good and teachers teaching is now effective.

    Life is full of surprises and compromises!

  • #520941
    As per the guidelines of UGC, academic institution should follow the rule of LTP (lecture, tutorial and practical(if any)). UGC defines the following guidelines about effective teaching.

    A. Lecture of a subject should be taken in class room (offline mode) by the assigned/engaged (if concerned teacher is on leave) subject teacher by HOD only.

    B. Tutorial of same subject can be taken by teaching assistant, teaching associate or teacher himself/herself in the projector room (powerpoint or audio-visual presentation) only.

    C. Practical (if any) can be taken by lab demonstrator, lab assistant or teacher himself/herself in the laboratory only.

    If you see the point "A" UGC is very strict about offline class room teaching while point "B" is for doubt or tutorial class for students.

    I hope I have put my points strongly according to the guidelines of UGC. But still some colleges are teaching their students in online mode just to complete the syllabus. They are not concerned about the educational quality of the student through offline class.

    I know offline class takes time, hard work and efforts of the teacher but it quite effective study for the students rather than online mode.

    Life is full of surprises and compromises!

  • #520948
    Might be possible that in your college teachers are doing well but offline study is effective only if teachers are able to deliver their knowledge in a way that is understandable by students and the next point is all the rules made by UGC doesn't makes our career bright Rules are just rules.

  • #520953
    When compared with Online training, the real time class room helps a lot to understand more about the concepts. Where in online class room, it will divided into modules, it may not more descriptive like in class room.

    In class room session, we will get clarify our doubts then and there. Also we will get more examples to understand the concept in a better way. The examples may be from real time experience and also an updated one.

    Whereas in online, you will get same type of examples, precisely to say, same example for how many times you can hear or listen. There will not be update and sometime the update will be outdated. Online training is acceptable only when it knows about the audience / listeners and based on the audience / listeners, the course module should be updated and tuned.

    The only drawback in the class room training is, the difference in methodology to train the students. The teaching or coaching methodology should be knowledge transferable, not notes transferable. Just by giving notes will not work for knowledge update. It will be helpful only to clear exams. So understanding the basic concepts will be the more responsibility for teachers.

    Otherwise class room session will be more helpful to understand the concepts and real scenario than the online training.

  • #520959
    Members can visit "cousera" a website offering online. For trail you select a short term course.
    You can feel how effective these courses.
    You can learn easily.

    Practically you evaluate the effectiveness.

  • #520961
    Its ok that we do not have follow the rule but rule can be bent but not to be broken. If we teachers broke the rule, then how we able to teach the students about discipline and to follow the rulels and regulation of college/school as approved ordnance by UGC.

    If UGC has made some regulation about online class then they must have some discussion before making any conclusion. UGC itself organize online class for workshop, training, development program for teacher (who already have some basic knowledge) but they did not mention online class to teach the student and complete the syllabus.

    The UGC knows the disadvantages of online class for student. Online classes are suitable for workshop, training, development program for the studious one, but I will not recommend online courseware to teach the student.

    There may be many effective online courseware (tutorial, lecture, etc.) but atleast we should think as a student point of view who cannot afford those expensive online classes or who are poor in studies (but good in discipline and want to improve).

    Life is full of surprises and compromises!

  • #520962
    The question of adaptability is raised in case of online courses. If we go back to the stone age and neo-lethical times then people were not used to fire and eating cooked food etc. But gradually they got adapted to it.
    Even after that when people got a little bit of breakthrough in science and astronomy, they believed that earth is fixed at its place and the sun revolves round it. But gradually they knew the truth and even though they opposed it at first, they got used to it later.
    So through ages people has been initially resistant to new changes in life. People have questioned it, opposed it but gradually got used to it. So adaptability is something that comes with time. But for that we have to give new things a breakthrough in our life. If we don't give newer opportunities a chance then we will never progress and we will never get to check whether we could have been benefitted or not. So it is too early to question adaptability of online classes. Let our future generations get accustomed to it first. They will only decide whether to accept or reject online courses.

    Live life Kingsize!

  • #520963
    I fully agree With Mr. Vijay. UGC or the University Grants Commission, which is one of the supreme governing bodies moderating the education system in India, itself organizes online courses, video conferences and workshops.
    One of the biggest example of that is IGNOU. Under IGNOU even workshop and seminars for the teachers are held in an online and video conferencing mode.
    Let me tell you that such video conferences are informative and very much practical oriented. Lets not forget that seeing a procedure is a lot better and cognitive than hearing about it. These video conferences are both ways.
    This means that you will not only listen to the experts speak but you can join the conference and put forward your questions to the experts. You can be from any city all over India. Everyone can participate in this workshop or seminar. This is definitely a boon of technology.

    Live life Kingsize!

  • #520966
    I am saying that online leactures are good but for teachers or intelligent students but we have to think about those students who are weak to adapt online mode of classes.

    Their are so many academic institutions in India are organizing online courseware as correspondence course or distance education but the quality cannot be maintained in online education system.

    There are only few students or professionals go for correspondence or distance education and they study with the help of internet by downloading study material and watching lecture video. But they do not possess that much quality in knowledge and talent to express their knowledge as a regular student in offline mode of class.

    Life is full of surprises and compromises!

  • #520968
    From the time teaching procedure has started "INTERACTION" with students and its methods has been subjected to question. Whether it being classroom teaching, which hails from ancient times or our recent trend of online courses. It has never been possible to give 100% student teacher interaction.
    If you take up classroom teaching then the condition is even worse. Schools have one teacher is to 70-80 students. Sometimes government schools have even more student strength. The class timings are fixed, then how can we expect that all the students will be able to clarify their doubts in the stipulated time. Neither can students share their views with their teacher. So many students sharing their views at a time in the class will be a chaos.
    On the other hand online classes provided video conferencing, which is done in parallel to all students at any place at any point of time. So no time duration for interaction with teachers. There is audio conferencing where at any point of time students can clarify their doubts over the phone, with the teacher available at that time. Email posting is there. So you can write your doubts to your teacher. So online courses provide interaction of every form that a normal one hour class room teaching cannot provide.

    Live life Kingsize!

  • #520972
    Ms. Joyshree, this will arise some questions. Many students who study in Govt. schools or college because of the affordable fees (for financially weak student) and in these institutions do not have the facility to organize online class.

    So, how those financially weak students go outside and take online classes? How can they afford to pay the fees for online class? How can they afford personal computer or laptop with expensive uninterruptable internet facility to study online?

    FYI, one hour of teaching is enough because even the student can not tolerate any lecture of more than 45 minutes. Therefore, one hour of offline class room lecture is divided into; initial 5 minutes to discuss about last class, 45 minutes of teaching, 5 minutes to discuss with student about their queries and last 5 minutes for student attendance. If there is any doubt to students the teacher write all thr queries and clear all the queries in the tutorial class. That is why the concept of tutorial is introduced in the academics, as I have mentioned about LTP rule by UGC.

    By the way Joyshree, if one hour of teaching in offline class room (which is effective) is not enough as you are saying then how the online class will resolve the issues of students like effective interaction, doubt clearing, instant provision of notes, etc.

    Life is full of surprises and compromises!

  • #520973
    Joyshree, will you disagree if I say that one can fake in online courses (not forgetting the Bihar episode)? I do agree that the quality and interest of teachers are declining but that does not in any way make online courses better than school rooms. Our society has already shrunk because of the net and I won't support it's death by reducing our younger generation to mere individuals; someone who remains unconnected with anything other than net. Should our world be confined to computer screens and four walls?
    “The door to wisdom is knowing yourself." Anonymous

  • #520975
    Competition, comparison (among students), companionship, camaraderie etc things are most supportive argument for offline classes.
    To sum up my view and best points from overall discussion I think best is to have Hybrid Classes where one can have a teacher to assist in practical aspects of education like in practical classes, in craft and sports classes etc. For rest of the theory part and evaluation part online education should be supportive.
    I believe that we can have a totally new system where till class 5th we can have a teacher in the class and have more subjects are offline subjects while we can start to have few subjects as online subjects. Nursery rhymes, fruits name, animal names should not be made to mug up by a student but their picture, video, visit etc should be organised where online perfect lecture can be prepared to best of child understanding. These ready made chapters should be made according to the time table and should be flexible to add on or give any important or live example to children or in case any student have any confusion or any thing to add on.
    After sixth we can have option of choosing between online and offline classes. If a child is ready to culture anything else that his regular studies then he can go for online classes. This support will help a lot to all the children in maintaining and choosing their work field as per their choice and interest.
    If a student is not doing anything else than studies then he can be provided with hybrid option where he can self evaluate its performance and can practice as per his own pace. He can also skip a few classes and have those lectures later online.
    And this way all the benefits of offline and online classes can be harnessed properly.

    Chitra Rana

  • #520977
    As mentioned in thread a student can take different courses in online classes subjects. From sixth to twelfth there should be mandatory to attend few offline classes too to keep track of student preparation and know on time if a student is unable to keep its pace to attempt board examination.
    During graduation (general)and different short term courses can be made online and even these can be done by having option open for going to college and having minimum number of attendance or submitting regular evaluation reports to college online.
    This way huge amount of money can be saved on name of organizing different task in colleges. There should be proper practical classes and defined courses for every semester. And presentation, projects etc should be asked by professors in colleges even when they are giving option of having online classes for few subjects.

    Chitra Rana

  • #520990
    I fully agree with Saji Sir that education is more than just gaining knowledge. Education is the overall development of the student for the future and that can only be achieved through real classroom not virtual or online. One can gain the theoretical knowledge through online methodology but for real life experiences only classroom teaching is more beneficial. Also, we can't eradicate the importance of a teacher in the life of a student. An online teacher will never have the same relationship which a real teacher have with a student.

    In my view online teaching can have some negative effects too like if online teaching is promoted in a full fledged way then students will remain confined to their own home and will not attend any classes in future. It can also be dangerous for the teaching community which is one of the most respected profession in our country.

    Better thinking for a better tomorrow!

  • #520992
    Online courses are of courses a good choice for those people who are busy to attend classes. Online lectures can be attended at any time as they dont hav time norms. Moreover internet has become a basic facility. These online course videos can be watched as many times you like to. One need not depend on someone to learn something. There are no public holidays and sundays for online courses. So the bottom line of the story is online courses are an effective way of education

  • #520993
    Mr. Prasanna, what if any subject consist of laboratory practical experiment. How can you achieve practical knowledge in online courses? Do you watch online animation or simulation of any practical experiment and understand it?

    These are big questions to ask in online courses.

    Life is full of surprises and compromises!

  • #521017
    If a person cant afford a course in an institute he can always go for an online course. Thats what i suggest

  • #521019
    For online class, it requires heavy IT equipments like computer, leased line for uninterrupted internet, etc. These are expensive equipments more than affording that in class room teaching.
    Life is full of surprises and compromises!

  • #521023
    Mr. Vijay, I think you did not understand my argument properly. So let me make it clear to you. I am not saying anywhere that one hour time is not enough for teaching or completing syllabus.
    But what I am emphasizing upon is that 1 hour is not enough for doubt clearance of a student. This is neither the fault of the syllabus nor the fault of the curriculum. It is the consequence of the class room teaching format that we have to bear with. Every format has some advantages or disadvantages. so does class room teaching. Why should we fight for its disadvantages? we must always try to replenish the disadvantages.

    Live life Kingsize!

  • #521024
    If teaching via computers were so expensive, then today every school would not have made computers a compulsory subject from class 1.
    Today many schools have adapted to smart classes, the basis of which is video courses. What is this? This is basically the basis of online courses.
    When Rajiv Gandhi wanted to introduce computers in India, many people opposed it saying that it will incur a lot of cost and it will cut the job opportunities. But today we see that computers were inevitable come and it did.
    Such will be the case for online courses also.

    Live life Kingsize!

  • #521034
    Ms. Joyshree, I think you did not read what I have written; that to clear the doubt of the student tutorial is introduced, in which not lecture is taken by teacher but students asks their queries for what they have studied in the last 3-4 lecture (as per credit system of the university). Even tutorial also get credit of 1 against 3-4 lecture. I think you understand how credit system works in academics.
    Life is full of surprises and compromises!

  • #521047
    I think everybody understands credit systems Mr. Vijay. But I do not know if you really understand the problems underlying a credit system or point system.
    Let me show you one huge issue here:
    1)Credit systems at the beginning itself draw the mind of a student towards points and rewards. So that means the curriculum gets lesser importance here. Every student has the hunger to get more credit and more points by hook or by crook.
    So the problem of cheating in examinations and copying from other student's homework comes.
    So students never care about originality or authenticity. Solution to problem 1, in the light of online education-In online courses the pattern of online examination or projects are totally different. You will never get the pattern or sequence of questions as your partner does. All questions have negative marking. So either you understand the question and answer or either you answer wrong and don't qualify the test.
    Also online courses have sets of questions asked at the end of each lecture, which you need to answer then and there based on what was taught that day. The question pattern may be one line answer or true or false, etc. You need to use your machine to answer such questions. No need to write down the questions, go home and take help of parents and answer them.
    This solves two purposes:
    1) The concept of homework is not needed further.
    2) This technique emphasizes deeply on whether you have understood that day's lecture or not.

    Live life Kingsize!

  • #521048
    One of the members emphasized on the point that I wanted to earlier. Yes, due to the time limitations of class room teaching a teacher is bound to complete syllabus first and then look into other matters.
    Whether a subject is interesting for a student or whether and how to make the curriculum more realistic and syllabus free is seldom a matter of concern. We have seen this message in the hit movie "3 idiots too".
    Online teaching also has the goal of completing the stipulated syllabus, but it does so by making the curriculum interesting and worthwhile for the candidates.
    It is very difficult to say or communicate something in a simple and realistic manner. Online courses approach towards this goal.

    Live life Kingsize!

  • #521049
    Movies are different than real life scenario. Better we discuss about the GD topic.

    My conclusion for this GD is that online courses and offline courses both have some advantages and disadvantages, which we have already discussed. Offline class have more advantage than that of online classes. Offline class does not need much infrastructure as online class require. So, it is better to take offline classes for the subject (for lecture and practical) and take online classes (for tutorial). Hence, we are agreed on this.

    Thank you and Regards

    Life is full of surprises and compromises!

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