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    Discuss the merit and demerits of IPLT20 comparing ODI and test cricket.

    I am watching little bit of IPLT20 cricket (because of my busy schedule). But whenever I watch ODI cricket and Test cricket of Indian Cricket Team, I do not feel that charm and enthusiasm among the cricketer of Indian Cricket Team as the team was performing 8-9 years ago.

    I think the zeal of ODI and Test has taken by IPLT20 and other T20 international cricket matches.

    I need you opinion about this, what should the Indian Cricket Team/BCCI/ICC will do the maintain the enthusiasm of ODI and test cricket.
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    A fast bowler needs to bowl 4 or 5 overs in T20 match, so he can keep energy level well as it is for short time. For a 50 over match, he has to have energy for 10 overs. In a test match, he has to bowl unlimited over. He will become tired and will not be effective at all after some overs.

    A bowler who takes some overs to settle in line and length, will not be useful in T20. He may be useful in 50 over match. In test match, he can bowl well.

    In test match, end will not be clear; sometime in the name of draw, bowling team will be toiling without any purpose.
    Limited overs brings end.

    A scoring batsman can bat throughout the game in 20 or 50 over game, where as a good bowler cannot bowl more than a fixed over. So limited over match is in favor of bats man.

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    Merit of IPL or t20 are as cricket is watched by many Indian so they needed a shorter version in place of spending like whole week or whole day in watching it.
    2. IPL allows more exposure to local players.
    3. International techniques in playing can be shared.
    4.Huge income which can be invested in organizing more local tournaments.(This should be, I do not know happening or not)
    5. This increases Indian or say BCCI influence over ICC.
    As you told original form is loosing. In one day or test more skills were required, matches were not batsman sided.
    Lots of effforts and proper training was reuired. There were less tournaments which allows to have some time for audience to watch some other sports too.
    These are points which came to my mind, other members can please share more.

    Chitra Rana

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    T20 matches became advantageous for the batsman and its a disaster for the bowlers. And this creates problems in ODI and test cricket. ODI should be of 2 innings per team of 20-20 overs and test cricket should be played only 4 days.
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    As a cricketer, one can earn more money in 20 over, 50 over match. Very less money is offered in test match. Players play test matches to get practice and get national selecters.
    Players become exhausted in test matches.
    Test match time can be four days instead of 5. Days.
    Each day is for one innings. that will remove frustration.

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    Hi friend,
    First of all I would like to list the merits and demerits of IPL and then I will give my opinion on this IPL.

    Merits of IPL:
    1) IPL gives more entertainment in less time.
    2) Players can earn more in less time. They can earn their annual income in just a few matches through IPL.
    3) Every IPL team must include 2 uncapped players (Local players who didn't made international debut) which would give exposure to the young budding players.
    4) Players can become popular overnight.
    5) Government gets good amount of tax from every match.

    1) IPL destructs the interest in test matches as well as ODIs.
    2) Fraudulent incidents such as betting etc takes place in IPL which bring bad fame to BCCI as well as to the name of cricket.
    3) IPL fixtures are during April-May which significantly affects students' concentration in final exams.
    4) Players get greedy to earn more money.
    5) Finally and most importantly IPL kills our sleep time and increases Blood Pressure levels during tight match situations which are threats to our health.

    My Opinion:
    Change is the thing that never changes. So, Everything must face changes. Its time for cricket to face the changes. Definitely IPL and other international T20 matches reduce our interests on test and ODI matches. But nowadays we are not ready to sit and watch a test match for the whole 5 days. In test matches, the bowler will start at the end of the 60-yard inner circle and will bowl at 140km/hr speed to the batsman and the batsman just leaves the ball behind. Its boring. I can't watch a batsman leaving the ball behind a whole day. But in IPL, every ball is going to be either runs or wickets. That's entertaining. We are watching cricket for entertainment right? So what's wrong with IPL when it delivers the entertainment we expect?
    So, I support IPL. But betting should be completely eradicated from these games. Betting fools the audience. In other ways, IPL and international T20 matches are needed to keep the game healthy. If teams simply play only test matches people will forget cricket. So T20 matches are a healthy change to the game of cricket.

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    Each format of cricket has its own fan following and we cannot single out the important and popularity of the same. While test matches are played to know the patience quotient of every player who can stick to the wicket with long partnership by playing all kinds of players. The One day International brings in best talent amount fast hitting batsman who want to make big score in limited overs. The T 20 matches are designed to earn fast money from the public and talent wise we cannot expect over rated performance. If at all some players excel means that is purely luck.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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