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    While attending interviews reveal your full name.

    While attending interviews reveal your full name. I was told by one of the friends that even if we use short cut method of saying our name, there is every chance of rejecting our application and not offering the job. In an interview he was asked what was his name. He just said I am Reddy, that irked the panelists and asked him to spell the full name. Then my friend told them that Yogeshwar Reddy. But he was not selected for the job for not spelling the full name in first occasion. So this is the alert for members attending interviews.
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    Hi Mohan Sir,

    Really you have posted a useful thread. Its true. Interview panelists expect us to say our full name. You know, they need to know about our qualities in just few minutes. We are going to interact with them for only few minutes. They are going to judge about us in those few minutes. "Telling our full name is a form of self confidence", says researches. So, definitely the panel will expect us to say our full name when we are enquired about our name. They don't want our pet name or pen names. They need our full name. "First impression is the best impression". If we fail to impress the panel at first, then its definitely not going to be our day.

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    Mr Mohan, are you sure that your friend was not selected for the job just because he did not give his full name when asked? I doubt. Your friend has probably given you a lame excuse for not being selected. It is not a criteria at all though the answer may be used to judge the basic caliber of the candidate. Moreover, I don't think that even a novice who is basically knowledgeable and reasonably educated will tell his surname only when the interview board asks his name. I feel sorry for your friend but the selection board has certainly made the right decision.
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    I need not bluff here for the sake of points. When I shared a information here means it is shared it with me by my friends or acquaintances.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Now, when did I say that you are bluffing. You could have justified your point instead of trying to pull out.
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    It is mostly depends upon the mentality of the panelist members. I could see many of the people want to get answer for a question in a shorter form. Even in IT industry people use to call other person in shorter name. They mostly won't use their full name to call them. Using a shorter name becomes more common nowadays.
    It is always better to pronounce our full name in any official occasions. It is easy for others to remind our name without any confusion. Telling shorter name during interviews and official occasion tend to make confusion among others.

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    Thanks Karthik

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    We have to tell our name clearly. By telling " I am reddy", he might have irridated non reddy members. They would have thought that candidate wants to use caste as a tool. The non reddy members of the interview committee might have asked him tough questions, the candidate might not have answered,
    Thus he might have rejected.
    So his way of telling his name triggered tough interview and he lost.

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    So Hemamalini, it is better to say only surname. In India still the caste names are attached along with names in many states but that is not there in TN. In TN, even the caste name has been taken out from the street names too because earlier many street names are with persons name and after the caste name taken out there are many streets with same names and it really shows the names are common irrespective of castes. I really liked your reasoning our of non selection.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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