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    Education for Politicians

    Since, we are living in technological world where daily technology and innovations are changing through scientists and innovators, and to understand this education plays a key role. To understand this in an appropriate manner a politician must be have good educational background to express the developments taking place in other country's.

    Having good educational background is not only the criterion for electing a leader he must have good qualities to serve people. However education plays an important role in implementing the policies. When we are aware of problems can think of solutions.

    So, the potential candidates must have educational background that is relevant to political arena.
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    Unfortunately in India the constitution never asks for basic education even for being a politician and then plunging into the election fray. All one need is the money and muscle power to be in politics and rest all works like in tandem. That is the reason being so India is still developing country even after so many years of our Independence. The illiterate politicians who does not know the rights and utilities of his position has always failed to address the peoples aspirations and thus when election comes, he resorts to other cheap ways of alluring the voters but not on his previous performance.
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    You know, all educated people are not brilliant. Similarly, all uneducated people are not fools. Education is not reading a thing in a book, writing exams on it and passing out. According to me, education is experience. Experience is the mother of all forms of education. You can forget the things you have learnt through books. But you never forget the things you have learnt through experience.

    So, in order to rule a country, a person must have learnt real life values through experiences. Only then, he can govern it well. Education is a thing needed to understand the world. Education can help us to understand the environment. But, experience will help us to feel the environment. I didn't mean that you have an experience in ruling a country. I mean one should have experienced real life values through experience. I hope you all know about, K.Kamaraj. He was the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu. He was illiterate. But, still now, he is considered as the King Maker of Indian Politics. So, what I want to convey here is, education is also important but real life values and experienced education is more important that examination education.

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    Yes I do agree. If politicians are educated too, they can really understand the needs of the hour for younger generation and for this I can quote our ex PM Rajiv Gandhi, if he did not bring revolution in science and technology in India and globalisation in 1990, we would not be this much updated in technology.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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