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    In the name of merit scholarships exams conducted with negative marking.

    In the name of merit scholarships exams conducted with negative marking. For some Educational Institutions, the month of May and June becomes the earning months as they conduct entrance exams for awarding merit scholarships for those students who already shown their merit profess in the public exams. What is more surprising is the fact that those entrance exams are conducted with some out of bound questions and with negative marking pattern. That means there are every chance of even bright student getting into negative marking mode. So the awarding of scholarships is defeated.
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    Such events are just like marketing gimmicks offering discounts and free gifts to attract the customers. Announcement of so called scholarships is just to trap gullible students and parents. Every year so many seats in engineering and management colleges remain vacant despite such a large population of students.
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    The pattern for Public Exams is set keeping abilities of students across the board. You have weak students, average students, intelligent students and brilliant students, all appearing for the same set of question papers. Here a marking system that recognizes only the intelligent and brilliant students would be unfair to the rest. Public Exams are so designed that even a below average students scores well.

    True intelligence shows in competitive examinations where the marking pattern is patterned to distinguish between intelligent students and those who may have scored high in Public Exams, through means, like memorizing.

    Competitive exams, whether aimed at providing scholarship or those conducted for admission into educational institutions follow the negative marking pattern, to separate wheat from the chaff. They want the cream and the best way to judge a candidate's intelligence is through a marking pattern that deducts marks for every wrong answer. Major competitive exams follow this pattern.

    An institute conducting an exam promising to offer scholarship to meritorious candidates can be said to be cheating had it not disclosed the negative marking pattern, before the exam.

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    Valid points put forth by Juana. The competitive examinations like JEE or civil services are designed accordingly. As a matter of fact, such competitive examinations not merely test the academic knowledge of the students but many more personality attributes too even before personal interviews. The ability to set a goal, paying focused attention to the set goal, consistent efforts with due devotion, determination, stress busting capability etc. There always remains a degree of uncertainty in the outcome as it depends on the relative preparation of the other guy, who is your competitor.
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    I am not talking about JEE or other big entrance exams. My concern is about small educational trusts which conduct exam for sanctioning scholarships.
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    I totally agree with Mohanji that the period of June -July is a peak season for sale for private and small educational institutions. In the name of scholarships they market their institution for grabbing as much students they can.
    Also there are several layers of offering to attract as much as possible students. If the students has proved himself in the voard exams then why again agian he has to prove his ability for getting scholarships. Instead of test I would recommend interviews and group discussions to find out who is deserved for scholarship.



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    You are talking of scholarships based on merit. The said institution must want to distinguish between the truly meritorious and the rest, which is why it introduced negative marking and had candidates solve probelms out of syllabus.

    Anyone can learn by rote and score well. But, true intelligence is gauged when students apply what they've learnt to solve problems that they haven't done before.

    Coaching centers tutor students for competitive exams. They want to ensure they enroll (grab) only the best and hence offer scholarships to those who possess a certain inherent aptitude.

    At the end of the day it's a business for them, and they want only the best students on their roll call. Candidates who fare well in exams such institutions conduct are easier to coach since they show they have better analytical skills and understand concepts, knowing where to apply them. They are the ones who will bring fame to the institution.

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    The merit scholarships are just a marketing technique about the respective Institutions. In order to get the attention of the students, they give attractive offers.

    The conditions will not disclosed, but when we go in person they say many conditions in order to reduce the strength. These are some tactics in gaining money by charging fees for registration, forms etc.

    The students who really wish to get the scholarship struggle hard in preparing for those exams too. Sometimes the question paper may also be leaked or sold to some amount and then achieve the cut off. But the meritorious students thinking of the negative marks, they have an oscillation in choosing the correct answer. Some questions may look familiar and the answers may be confusing. If we choose the wrong answer he would lose quarter of his mark for every wrong answer. So he decides to answer for the known questions alone.

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    Usually negative marking helps the institutions to choose from the 'best(s)'.

    There may be many students with same grade or marks and also if they compete in examinations also have a scope of same marks and so institution will have difficulties in choosing 'the best' among them and that is why negative marking is introduced but even then, the filter will be tough as students may cleverly left the questions they are not sure of it.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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