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    Do you read full thread before Posting your response?

    There are meany threads posted in ISC forum every day. Sometimes by the time you see them, many members would have already responded to it. So the thread would be very long with 10-15 responses. On reading many such thread, I feel some of the respondents have not read complete thread. They would have read the author's opinion and posted their response.

    Others would have read all the responses before posting their response. I belong to this second category. I have to read full thread before responding. More often than not, this process consumes time. But I feel I don't have other option. That's the way my mind works.

    How about you? Do you read all responses in a thread before you post? Do you think it is okay to post after reading the original message of the author only ?
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    Yes I too read full thread i.e. responses of all contributors prior to posting my own response. It is a different story that when I am the first respondent then I will have to respond only after reading the author's posting only. It raises another question. After posting their own response , do the respondents care to visit the thread again for knowing other's point of view on the subject matter or just keep satisfied with the points earned by posting their own response.
    As we all know ISC is a forum to share knowledge. It should not be unilateral. You should gain also besides parting with your own. As soon as you start ignoring other's point of view, your own development process ceases.
    Various members on this forum have their own reputation. We may be curious to know the point of view of certain members but on the other hand we may prefer to ignore the contributions of members of meager or no reputation.
    So we all should endeavor to build our reputation by posting quality contents in our postings.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I am of the opinion that the thread creator must come out with a apt heading so that it becomes easy for the members to respond with grace. But many a time we find varied content not matching with the heading raised. So I will go for both heading and content and then respond with my personal views.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Mohan, I think you misunderstood my question. The question is apart from reading Heading, and authors posting on that, do you read all other responses in between? For example, in this thread Mr.Kailash's response.
    - Manjunath Bhat

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    Yes, yes. Before starting to respond to a thread, I read all responses already posted there.

    But as you have mentioned, sometimes, by the time I finish typing and posting a response few responses appear before mine.

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    I am not a very active member yet. But whenever I read a new post and I think I can contribute I mostly read the authors opinion and respond with my opinion. When I read the title I form a opinion then I read the content and post my opinion before reading what others say about it.

    I have a reason for doing so. I am new to writing. Most of the members here are well read and so much knowledgeable, I do not want to cloud my thought process with what their opinion is. I want to give my opinion. My post may be wrong, right, confused whatever but i'll learn to think. After I post I make it a point to read every thread that was posted and also every thread that gets posted after mine.

    Please guide me know if I am trying to learn the wrong way. I will correct myself and try to evolve.

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    Yes I will also read the responses made by other members and proceed to append mine.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    For me, it depends on the nature of thread. When I find some normal thread where I cannot expect any thing interesting or worth discussing, then I simply post my views without reading others response.
    On another side, when I find the title good enough to read in details including all the responses, I read it patiently and then I give my opinion.


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    Firstly, I go through the title of the forum thread and then I go to read the content. Frankly speaking, I usually respond to the title if the title is self-explatory. This is easy to answer by reading the title and it save time.
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    A valid point which never loses its relevance in ISC has again been brought up by the author. This topic has been finding its place quite often in this section as a suggestion, recommendation and advice in different forms by members and editors. Many, though, have not yet been able to comprehend the importance of reading the title, content and responses of the posts before posting their own opinion here.

    I have always maintained that one should find time to understand a thread properly alongwith the ideas of others, if any, before venturing to post a response in any thread. There is no doubt that one will easily get an idea or form his opinion just by reading the title, or just the contents or even by glancing at a response. But that is not what is required. We can ensure a quality discussion or exchange of ideas only when we read and understand the thread and its context in totality.

    Our aim should be to keep the entire thread connected so that a person who goes through the same gets a wider view of the whole thing. Posting a response to make our presence felt or to score points should not be the target, the quality of our response reflects our comprehension and understanding about a topic and hence we need to be responsibly careful.

    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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    Yes. I do sometimes read the responses posted by other members too for a particular thread. By reading this I can get a clear idea on various aspects and learn new points as well.

    Reading the responses of others may also help us in responding or creating a different thread related to that topic or relevant to that post. We get opinions of the people in giving back our ideas in a different way.

    When we are to be answered as the first member, then we need to understand the authors points and highlight the points which we think. This make us to google a lot or encourage us to learn more about that. So we try to get information regarding the topics and update ourselves.

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    If the title interests me then I read the message,and post my opinion or responses, then go to the responses of other members also because I would like to know about the views and opinions of the members regarding the topic message. By this I would also be learning of some of the things which I am not aware of, and this will add on to my knowledge

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    I am a great lover of reading and hence I will read every thread, its contents, responses and only in some I will respond but also if I found any thread interesting, I will again and again read responses as soon as it is updated with more responses.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Just as Saji Ganesh pointed out, though this topic was brought in and discussed many times, it retains its relevance. Hence I also venture to post my comments.
    Of course we are all dynamic. We also change our rigid stands on certain matters as we evolve by.
    I generally read thread messages and the response posts. But if the responses are much in number I may read a few of them fully and glance for an overview in others. Sometimes if in that glance I get hooked to one or more posts, then I read them fully.
    In many of my responses, I used to refer to one or more previous responses in the thread and either agreed with them or disagreed.

    But there were some messages where the thread matter did not have much relevance to or deviated from the title. In that contexts I had responded going by the title and used to mention it in my response.

    It is for the practical difficulty of reading all posts and then to put forth my counter or concurring views, that my participation in GD has dwindles.

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    Along with reading or understanding the thread before posting, as Mr.Kailash indicated, coming back for reading the responses after you have posted your responses is also important. Only in such a case there will a good discussion.

    For every good thread on which I feel there will be good discussion, I check the subscribe update box so as to read every response.

    - Manjunath Bhat

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    When we go through the threads in the Forum sometimes we find the creator of the author is unable to bring out the point of issue to be discussed clearly and so we find vague answers from the fellow members. Sometimes few members respond to the threads without understanding the issue as well as going through the thread fully for getting some points which give a low rank to the quality of Forum section. Members have to be serious while creating the threads as well as answering threads. If the members are thinking about only the points, maintaining their rank in the site, getting revenue bonus share etc. will spoil the image of the site. Then editors have to be strict with such members in order to maintain the standards of ISC.

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    @ Ramakrishna Kambhampati, a valid point but I feel you missed the point of the thread. The discussion was about whether you read all the responses above before your answer?

    As far as your concerns are concerned, I have seen editors address that in few other threads recently. The forum being open section, moderating the type of threads will be very difficult. So what editors can and I think are doing is deleting absolutely improper, policy violating threads/posts. Agreed that it is the collective responsibility of the members to maintain the quality of the forum and all of ISC.

    - Manjunath Bhat

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    Depend on topic i read full or sometime headline if topic is in under my knowledge then i can randomly give answers if topic is new for me then i read whole story about topic or read all answers posted by other user then i share my answers

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    Yes,Before starting to answering to a thread, I read other member responses already posted there.

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    Though I am reading all responses, I give weightage more to author of the thread and reply what author has opinionated about.
    Most times, I have replied to some of the best responses made. But to tell the truth, If the response can't grab my attention after reading first few words or sentences, I have left that response without evening giving a bird's eye to catch what the responding author is try to convey.

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    Sakkthi, please do not pull up old threads by responding to threads that are ten or more days older and are no longer active.
    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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    It is said by the editor to me once and the guidelines of the forum is that no member can pull the forum thread which is more than 10 days old. Please, do not do it again.


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