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    A new Gift Shop in ISC

    We have made several improvements to our Virtual Gift Shop in ISC.

    Virtual Gift Shop allows ISC members to send some virtual gifts to other members to say "Thank You" or appreciate them on their achievements. This feature has been there for a while and in the past, it used to cost you some of your points to send a gift. For example, if you send a flower to another member, you will lose 10 to 25 points (depending on the value of the gift) and the recipient of the gift will receive the same amount of points.

    In our new virtual gift shop, every item is free. You can send virtual gifts to other members and it will not cost you anything and no points will be deducted from your account. The recipients will receive 5 points for each gift they received.

    To send a gift to another member, go to the profile of that member and click on "Send a Gift" in the top of the profile page. Then select a gift to send. The recipient will receive an email notification. You may even use this feature to bring back your old referrals who are no longer active in ISC.

    Do not abuse this feature. There are certain restrictions on how many times you can send a gift.

    - You can send only one gift every 3 months to the same member.

    - You can send maximum 5 gifts every week.

    - Each member can receive maximum 100 gifts every year.

    NOTE: Do not abuse this feature to send offensive messages to other members. Also, do not abuse this feature to give lot of extra points to your dear ones. Your account may be banned for such activities.
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    Wonderful development in the virtual gift feature. Now, there will be no deduction of points who sends the gift. This will help the members to notify the old referrals to get back to ISC. This feature will bring more traffic to ISC so that there will be improvement in Alexa ranking of this website. Thanks to Tony sir for bringing this feature again with some development in it. Hope to see some more new features and addons in ISC in future.


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    It is very welcome value addition in ISC. Earlier the members were shy of sending gifts though wished so due to points factor involved. We see a number of congratulatory messages to different members on occasion of their getting some awards or recognition. Now members will be ably to send gifts too besides messages. It will also reflect the interpersonal relationships of the forum members. Restricting the numbers of gifts to a specified limit will restrain its possible misuse.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    This is very good decision. Now no deduction in points will help members to send more gifts.

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    Its a news of joy for all members who have developed good relations with other ISCians to show appreciation or thanks. A very warm welcome to the new upgrade and lots of thanks to the webmaster for making such a wonderful upgrade in the website.

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    The new virtual gift shop is a great move by ISC. This can help members to maintain a good relationship with others. This will also serve as a motivation factor for new members.
    It is good to have limits in sending gift so that it will avoid possible misuse and keep the gift option as a special one.

    Hope to see lot of new such features in ISC.

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    Thanks Karthik

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    It is a welcome move and I have even shared in other threads that in the contribution score board, gift sent should be included to know to whom we have sent the gifts. Now in the modified contribution table it is not there.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    There is a problem regarding sending gift, when I click to the profile of some member (Mr. Kailash Kumar) and click "send gift" on the member's profile page and then choose the gift of my choice to send then this direct to search the member again. Is there any problem or am I doing something wrong?

    The same problem has mentioned by Mr. Kailash Kumar in this forum thread Never regret of what you are; be the person who you are. Recognize yourself & your ability

    Life is full of surprises and compromises!

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    Dear Web Master,
    I appreciate the change made in the procedure for sending and receiving gifts and the limitations and restrictions. Yet the gift shop remains the same without any change with a prize tag for various gifts . Eg. Gold coin prize Rs. 30 - Discount 0. Flowers - Rs.15 - Discount 0. If the points are not counted and not valid , then what is the use of prize tag in the gift shop ?

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    Wow that is the good feature initiated by the webmaster Tony which is really welcome. Normally new members are excelling with their great posts and I shall use this feature to maintain their tempo here.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Vijay Kumar,

    I will fix that issue soon.


    I will remove the references to the Points for the gifts.

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    When everywhere there is only price rise, it is a welcome feature that gift articles in ISC gift shop come free.

    I wholeheartedly welcome that.

    The effectiveness of 5 points to the receiver has to be evaluated in due course.

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    I was also thinking of sending some gift to my guides here on India Study Channel but afraid of loosing my points. Because i have earned it by my hardwork. Thanks for giving us this oppiortunity to send gifts virtually to people to show respect toward them.
    Thanks to tony sir for bringing this great opportnity to us.

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    Hearty congratulations and many many thanks to the webmaster of ISC for planning and introducing many new strategies for the success of ISC and for the benefit of its members.

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