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    Inculcating savings habit a challenge and getting into good books of others is also great.

    Inculcating savings habit a challenge and getting into good books of others is also great. What I feel that a person seems to be contained in life if he inculcates the habit of making savings. That means he is making provisions for the future requirements. Like wise one must create situations where in the others must appreciate your works. Getting good name from others testifies your good behavior and ample scope for future development. If these two good attitudes are there, then that person is considered a blessed one.
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    Helping others, polite behavior, showing respect to worthy persons is also an investment for future. Good behavior also grows like savings over a period of time and one gets back the same one day or the other. We have to invest in relationships too. The habit to treat all well and properly makes us rich in human relations. There may be situations when money alone will not work but the relations will yield positive results. Money can buy many things but not goodwill. Like savings bank account a passbook of human relations too is maintained. One should try to save regularly in both the accounts for rainy days.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Saving money for the rainy days is a good habit. I would like to recollect the golden words of my professor who had defined 'habit' as follows:-
    Habits don't die easily. If you take out the letter 'h' from 'habit', a bit remains. If you take out 'ha' bit remains and when you take out 'hab' still 'it' remains. Therefore, cultivating a good habit of saving money would always keep the cash bells ringing .

    In contrast, having good social values is also equally important.If a person cares , shares and understands the pathos of others, he or she will be considered as
    the most wonderful human being living in earth.

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    Then, I can say that I am that blessed person. My work is appreciated by my senior officers and Chairman. Sometimes, it happens that I argued with some senior officers regarding work, but still they trust me for the job to be done within deadline. I am famous in my educational organization to get the things done within time. It may be my positive attitude towards the job or may be my dedication or anything, I do not know. But one thing I know that if a senior officer has assigned me a job, then I do not disappoint my senior officer or my Chairman.
    Life is full of surprises and compromises!

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    I enjoyed Radha Muralidhar narrating her professor's explanation of word habit in a lucid way.

    I am a person who had consciously cultivated savings habit. I had started savings formally by using 'saving stamps' from post office in my school days itself. Then pooling all that I opened a post office saving account immediately when I was eligible for that. My savings habit only has helped me al these days. Though now I need not save, I do save money still.

    Regarding the habit of 'getting into good books of others', I do not act deliberately in that direction and can admit that I am very poor in that. But I see that I am normally polite, civil and courteous to all I interact with.

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