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    Is higher education mandatory for every graduate?

    In today's scenario we have many unemployed graduates across the country, be it Engineers, MBAs, CAs, Arts, Commerce etc. Why are so many of the graduates unemployed? Is it that the number of colleges are greater than the number of skilled manpower required in the country?

    Many parents have aspirations of their child becoming a graduate and getting a five figure salary. They end up taking loans in the hope that the graduate get immediate employment after completion of the course. But alas, the dreams are often broken. Then many of the graduates want to opt for higher education in the hope that they will be immediately employed after post graduation.

    So there is a concern here: Is it necessary that every graduate needs to opt for higher education? On what basis should the graduate choose to opt for higher studies? Is Masters or MBA the best option? How does one decide what to do?

    Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.
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    Graduation nowadays has become sort of matriculation of yesterdays. I remember photographs of graduates donning black gown (and pride) and holding rolled degree in their hand hung in drawing rooms in olden days. Graduates used to be rare and far between and used to be showcased in society as species of rare breed and pedigree. Now every other student do graduation that too in engineering or management. Simple graduates in humanities, science or commerce subjects are diminishing. Most of the graduates cannot write even one page of correct English or an application for their own employment. There is rat race. It has become sort of a ritual to complete graduation without adequate value addition in knowledge. This is resulting in growth in unemployment. Higher studies are meant for scholars only who care for learning. All job seeker need not go for higher studies. Generally many students go for higher studies because they are not able to get employment after simple graduation. Focus should be on skill development. It may prove better to do diploma and certificate courses from institutions like ITI.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Higher education is not compulsory, as per my opinion. Some people want to handle their family business, then they study till graduation (Bachelor's degree) and some people want to open their business, then they go for post graduation like MBA and other professional degree. But it is mandatory for the teacher, professor to have higher degree because of the guidelines of UGC and other educational bodies. They demand Post graduation at least to teach in colleges and further post doctoral (Ph.D.). It is depend on the requirement of the field and the people.
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    When we choose teaching as career, it is essential to go for PG and Phd.
    When we go industry jobs, sometime specialisation demands higher education. For example, If a BTech person joins VLSI area, M.Tech VLSI will give him more carrer oppertunities.
    Sometimes, if a person does not score well in B.Tech, he will not be getting good jobs in inside campus interview. He can go for M.Tech and score well to get a good job in inside campus interview.
    Similarly, if one engineer wants to go to managemen jobs, then he can do MBA in high profile private institution. He may have to spend 20 lakhs, but he will get a good high management job in world class companies. If you apply straight, you will not get But if you do MBA in these instiutes, inside campus interviews will enable to get it.

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    Higher education is not the passport for our aqaintence in the relevant subjects. The need of the hour is to get quality - education and it does not necessarily mean that we should run after Post- graduate or Doctorate Degrees.
    We are aware of the standards of the graduates produced by the Indian universities. It appears a matter of crying shame that many such aspirants lack the expertise to write correctly be it English or any language in which one had sufficient exposure. Such ignorance inspite of having a prestigious graduation degree reflects the standard of the existing universities.
    I have had the oppurtunity to go though the contributions of Mahatma Gandhi and I was really impressed with the originality of the texts. Each article has been written lucidly and the contents are devoid of any grammatical errors though he had been placed in the third division in the Matriculation Examination. This should be an eye - opener for we Indians. Actually, education in any field calls for sheer dedication and devotion. Consistent practice would yield refinement in the way of our writings and such practice should be the integral part for the inquisitive learners.

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    I read an article some time earlier regarding the hundreds or thousands of professional graduates coming out every year in our country. That report was from the industry heads. The main core point there was that today's graduates are 'not employable'. Most do not possess even the basic skills to be absorbed and employed.

    So the contributing factors are excess supply over demand, too theoretical syllabus, students''don't-care 'attitude or 'sillyfying' the course. I have seen many professional course students not having the attitude of even a high school student. They simply take things for granted and just enjoy the course period. It is only when they are facing the reality of interviews and recruitment procedures, they realise the seriousness. By then it is late. So with a more serious attitude they join for higher education. Sometimes it is the allure of higher salary that draws them to higher degrees.

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    I think people are made about earning much money and wont get contended with what is being offered. Fore example, if a B tech person is offered a trainee job with fresher salary, it is not accepted as if his qualification is being undermined. But the at same time a M tech person is being offered big salary even as the fresher. So the higher qualification matters . People who can afford for education can go on studying the whole life. But for many middle class family, the father will be eagerly awaiting for a break to his career as he expects son to take over the family responsibility.
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