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    Police department is for whom? is it for the people or for the politician?

    As the citizen of Uttarakhand I am depressed or shock with the political world here everything is easily available to every politician but there is no one for the public or for people . crimes are increasing with time girls are not safe in their home even girl child. In Uttarahkhand there are many of rape cases which are unsolved due to the involvement of politician. There is no one with the family of victim, they don't know by what pain the victim family is going through. Police is for the politician,by the politician and with the politician.
    The girl kidnapped found raped or murder ed, this things are happening with the girl child also aged like 5 years girl who are kidnapped from the marriage of her relative and her dead body was found just 500 km ahead from the location from where she was kidnapped. The postpartum report says that she was get rapped by three man and she was beaten badly and by high bleeding she dead. And the all three rapist get arrested within one week by the involvement of public. At the time when the girl is kidnapped the family was near to found her because they catch one of the rapist outside the party who are the truck driver but police didn't believe and they forgive the truck driver amd in last he was declare as the rapist and this all happen with the 5 year old girl .
    In last I just want to say that if police work sincerely and there is no involvement of politician in any case than the case will be solved successfully and there is nothing to be shame.
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    In a democracy like India, the ultimate responsibility of providing safety and security to the citizens lies with the Government which is chief minister of the state through home minister. The Government is formed by elected people's representative. Political parties participate in general elections and the one with a majority forms Government. After becoming a minister, the person should act as a minister, not a politician. But ultimately a home minister is a politician only. It is not possible for the individual to have dual personality - one as minister and the other as a politician. Thus the political person acting as a minister and the police has to work together. They are jointly responsible. A balance has to be struck between the legitimate supervision of the police by the politician minister and illegitimate interference and wielding influence on the same. The power of appointment, promotion and transfer etc. is used by the politician minister as a weapon to derive undue favors and advantages. A politician after becoming a minister gets enormous power. The criminal acts of rape etc. are sometimes symbolically perceived as perquisite of power.
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    This incident shared by you is really heart-aching to me that how much the people have fallen. It is really inhuman and such sinners must be punished for loss which cannot be recovered in terms of anything.

    If I go by the title of your thread alone, I do not think if Police is for us, the poor and middle class people. What the Policemen really want from all of us is to remain frightened from them, regardless of if we have done a crime or were just passing by the side of road. Police department today thinks that the government, law and order has given them an official permit of being "Gunda".

    Those who do not have high approach never gets the actual help from the Policemen. There might be some loyal, true and hardworking Policemen but they are hard to find.

    I feel that if there is something for which you need the help of Police, just do not visit them. Instead, hire the local thugs and 'taporis' to get your work done. They will charge you but at least get you work done. Policemen in most situations do not try to understand the problems and seriousness of the common man.

    At the time of recruitment, they are also selected on the basis of their fitness but later all we see is a huge stomach hanging outside and the so-called respect Policeman being biased to the fat party or politicians. We, the middle class people already know that most chances are that they will not take our case seriously and will not cooperate.

    ..and that is as sad as pathetic.

    Even a small city is divided into smaller areas where the Police stations are there, but still, crimes do happen and they are not seen solving the cases until or unless media puts pressure on them.

    Ank Arya

    "Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth"

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    Really that case was a first houarable case I had seen from my own eyes. The people's are shouting all there but this is not a solution to this problem. Now the rapist is in the police custody but they did not get the punishment yet. There is a no way to get the solutions from all this, there are many rape cases in which the rapist is from political family or a politician himself. If those people who are chosen for the society or country by the people are like that than, what we can say what actually the future of our country?

    "Is not about one is for all who had suffered from all this crap"

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    For some corruption policeman , we can't claim to all police force. Some police do their duty in honesty and sincere. We knew that Hotel Taj attack, Kedarnath nature calamities and other places police safe to people and loss their life. Even some politician also arrest and proof their corrupt by the court. This all credit goes to police.

    But, some Politician use their full power, they never care of people and police. They do illegal work without care of police. Because they have power to release all the claim.

    This type of politician is black spot in Indian Politics .

    "Time is never wait for anyone"

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    For this I just want to say that why we are voting, we did not stand and wait for our turn to vote for those corrupt politicians..... if thay was a result than I am damn sure there is a day when BJP is with 0 votes and Congress is also with 0 votes and all othes have 0.

    Than the last they have to said is "thanks and promote mr. Arya bhatt"

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    Defiantly, police are meant to protect people's rights, eradicate evil and safe guard them at all times. In India, we elect either corrupt politicians or candidates based on cast and creed. That all the major mistake we do, we make an illiterate as a minister to rule over us and as he doesn't have any moral issues, he will behave as he wishes. He will take control over police, public and don't even mind to issue lati charge over public if he feels the crowd is causing inconvenience.
    Now a days due to these politicians all evil factors are being sheltered under his roof, don't know what business he does with them, but he has surly a great concern over them and don't even mind protecting them if they are involved in crimes. The first thing that a police must have done in this case is to arrest suspect immediately after that family complained him so that police could have saved girls life.

    Venkat Satish Mamidisetti,
    Power Plant Operations Engineer.

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    Yeah I am completely agree mr. Ram pravesh sir there are many officers who lost there lifes for the country . The recent incident was a terrorist attack in Dinanagar (Gurdaspur) Punjab at 5 o'clock on 27, july,2015 where late SP Baljeet Singh lost his life for saving others. In this attack there was three terrorist,they had fitted five bombs in railway track of Amritsar to Pathankoat. after that they all come to the main road and shoot a man and they run away in his maruti car after that they attack in a punjab roadways bus but all the driver save all lifes. Than they shoot a mman near Dinangar police station and now they came under policestation from where they also killed a woman in a hosipatal near to station. Now they started firing in officers appartment than the firing started by both sides and all this happen for 12 hours.

    In this attack Late SP Baljeet Singh lost his life I salute to him for his loyalties and I pray to god for his family.
    RIP to Late SP Baljeet Singh.

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