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    Dessastrous result of flood at assam and greives of local and around assam.

    A few days ago, a heavy rain caused to flood at assam and several districts and rural as well as urban areas are upper tiskia, dibrugarh, shivsagar and many districts are mainly suffered. There are many relief team are reached to flood are but they can't make arrangement for them. And now the level of decreased. The administration try to make avail facility to them.
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    Nature plays its part every now and then. Sometime in Uttarkhand, sometime in Odissa, and now in Assam. We have to learn to live with the nature. We should be happy that we have our government and volunteers to help the affected people during such natural calamities.
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    The correct spellings are 'disastrous' and 'grieves' respectively.
    I have lived in Assam during the period 1986 to 1989 and have seen mighty river Brahmaputra. During the period June to October, floods are common there. Deforestation has resulted in increased siltation levels. Periodic flooding is a natural phenomenon since ages. The people living in the region are accustomed to it and they face the situation in their own way. It brings certain benefits also e.g. it causes fresh alluvium to get deposited in the agricultural fields, replenishing the fertile soil though at the same time, it causes large scale damage to crops.. Since last many years, it is widely covered by media so has become known to all individuals

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    Sorry, for mistake of disastrous and grieves. Typing mistake.

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    Some times nature shows its fury to its fullest form and the human beings, the most moderate one suffers the loss of natures brunt. Assam was always at the mercy of flood hits in the past too as the rivers get swollen due to heavy down pour and cyclonic effects very often. I really appreciate the people who are adjusting their lives according to the nuances of the nature. The National Disaster Team has already pressed its workers to monitor the flood and take care of relief operations. But attending every one at every place is the big challenge.
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    @Ram sharma - you can use the edit button to correct the spellings. We all do like this.
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    What is total points mean in my profile?

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    This response is not relevant to the thread raised by the author himself. He may better opt for raising a new thread in case his query remains unsatisfied even after reading the Help section.
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