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    Does feel freedom attitude spoil the students at higher education level ?

    Does feel freedom attitude spoil the students at higher education level ? We all know that in private schools the attendance and the studies of each student is monitored and informed to the parents through daily messages. This is happening up to the Intermediate education. But when a student joins the degree or Engineering course, he is left free and no one is monitoring his movements. He may leave the home for the college, but after visiting the big campus he not attending to the classes but found with other friends in the hostel rooms. That is the reason being so the pass outs are also minimal.
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    There is some truth in the observation. After remaining with parents and under some control of schools and teachers, the students feel as if freed from a cage when they reach a college or institution far away from home. This feeling is more when they are staying in a hostel.

    For many students the value based training at home will have an invisible rein and they may not go beyond a limit. After some experimenting they may comeback to self control.

    But many students are pulled away by the unlimited freedom they enjoy and also under the peer pressure. Those who do not have the sufficient will power to control themselves get carried away and end up in problems and spoil themselves. Such cases are not rare also.

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    I believe that the biggest reason behind this is the way people think. When i was in junior classes, i was always told by my elders " Go through this with some pain as higher studies are walk in the park". This is the worst thing you can tell a kid. The kid usually studies well only to clear 12th class exams and have fun after that. Most of the kids, once they clear 12th, they start believing that this is the time for fun.

    The balance between freedom and insanity must be made. It is the most important thing in life.

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    What Ajay has observed is right. When we are in class 10, people will tell us that this is your first step. If you do it good, there won't be any looking back. Similar situation happens with class 12 also. People will tell us that it will decide your career, so do it good. But people will stop telling the same thing when we reach degree level by thinking that we are matured enough and we don't need any advice.
    But degree level is more important than class 10 and class 12 because it decides our fate whether we will be successful in our life or not. Any bad company can ruin our life, which can't be reverted back.

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    The students who study in private schools, where attendance is monitored daily and reported to the parents, as mentioned by the author, are likely get admission in proper engineering college , where only serious students are admitted. In such schools, a different atmosphere prevails. Only those students who are not serious up to 12th standard, are forced to take admission in pseudo engineering colleges, where main consideration is timely payment of fees. Most of such students , even after passing engineering degree somehow, are not able to get any employment , and join MBA course. They continue to remain irresponsible and thrive on parents hard earned money. They avoid taking responsibility by joining available jobs on the pretext that the offer is not good and all that. Continuing as students is a win win situation for such students as expenses are met by parents and there is no attendant responsibility of working also.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The students are adolescents when they enter the college. They are neither children nor grown ups. This is the time there will be some disorientation and the students try to discover themselves. This is the time when the students like to follow the peer group. They give more importance to the peer group. The way the student develops, depends on the peer group with which the student identifies himself or herself. The habit of absenteeism from the class and class work starts at this stage. Parental guidance and unobtrusive watch are essential. The students in a college cannot be looked upon as a school going children anymore. It is time for the students to feel the responsibility and behave for themselves.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    To some extent, I blame the film industry too because in most of the films they show the class rooms as chat room and they can do any thing including teasing of teachers or passing humours or bugging classes etc., So students always imagine once they passed 12th and reached colleges they are let free and do what ever they want.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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