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    Should we Indians have Aadhar card or not? - Discuss


    After a great thought, our Indian government has introduced Aadhar card for Indians. It is a good proof of identity of a person. Government wants Aadhar card to be used for all purposes. But there are objections from some quarters. Supreme court has stayed the use of Aadhar card, allowing it to be used only for certain purposes for LPG and Ration items.

    Let us discuss - Should we have Aadhar card or not? If yes, how it is to be used.
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    I have Aadhar Card. It is an unique ID proof. It has biometrics like images of finger prints and iris. The Supreme Court of India vide interim order dated 11 August 2015 has ruled that 'UIDAI/Aadhaar will not be used for any other purposes except PDS, kerosene and LPG distribution system'. Apparently, the observation of the Hon'ble court is based on the fact that presently neither there is any constitutional nor statutory provision regarding essentiality of the Aadhaar card for availing Government services by the citizens. It is not mandatory. Let the final judgement come. The Government may consider to make some law in this regard in future. My personal observation is that, the resistance about its application is perhaps due to the fact that it will make availing the benefits unauthorizedly by unscrupulous elements difficult though the reasons being cited are security concerns, privacy issues, overlaps with National Population Register and legality of sharing data with law enforcement etc.
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    The Aadhar Car project of the previous UPA Government has been an utter failure, both in terms of cost and implementation. There was no strategy/policy of the previous Government how to utilise this card. Moreover, there was no effective checks and balances and I have personal knowledge to the fact that many people who are not citizens of India have acquired this card fraudulently. In the USA, there is only one social security card which serves all the purposes of proving citizenship, opening bank account, joining armed forces, etc. So, there was adequate precaution taken by that country to issue social security cards to the genuine citizens of the country. Same is applicable in other developed country. On the other hand, in India, there are various types of cards which create more and more confusion. Last but not the least, it is very difficult and time-consuming to change the details (like change of address, etc.) in the Aadhar Card.

    Because of these practical difficulties, Hon'ble Supreme Court has had to intervene.

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    Aadhar card did not serve the purpose for which it was meant for. So, it could be restricted to the welfare and subsidy schemes, where there is occurrence of Government expenses. When the Aadhar card was introduced, it was said that it is voluntary to take it or not. But, some Governments are forcing people to have an Aadhar card like Government of Andhra Pradesh, which made Aadhar card compulsory for writing +2 exams. I don't understand the logic behind this.
    Before introducing the Aadhar card, there could have been lot of studies to be conducted like how we did while writing our Constitution. Lot of previous UPA government's decisions were purely based on political gains with the expense of public money.
    The Aadhar card should be fine tuned so that it can be used as a single and unique identity card for every citizen of India.

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    I think if it exists, we all should have it. If not for anything else, then for recognizing the dead bodies of unknown, unrecognizable people can be easier from it.

    At present, the government and services must not make it compulsory to apply with Aadhar card. Not all of us are having it with us. Recently, a few short term courses had came in our town from the government, but they asked to also provide a photo state of the aadhar card to register your name. I don't know if it was a necessity or the respected person said so for his own ease.

    Whatever, but unless it gets confirmed that most of the Indians have received their Aadhar card, the application of Aadhar cards must be ceased. It is only being misused to trouble the public.

    (On a fun side, "No, we should not have Aadhar cards. Because they always disappoint when putting our photos on Aadhar cards. Our faces look weird and hard to recognize, as if we got our eyes and fingers scanned but the photograph was taken of somebody else".)

    Ank Arya

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    In September, 2014 a fake Aadhaar Card was detected in the Sikar district of Rajasthan, which was issued in the name of 'Hanuman Ji'. His father's name was mentioned as 'Pawan Ji'. A mobile number was also given which led the police to one person named Vikas Kumar, a computer operator. On interrogation, the person revealed that he was trying to get his Aadhar Card generated but the system was not accepting his finger prints. So he tried it in the name of Hanuman Ji and got it made.
    Another case was detected in June, 2014 in the Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. In a sting operation several Aadhaar (UIDAI) project officers were caught who were charging Rs. 250 to 5,000 for proving fake identity and residence proof to Nepal and Bangladesh citizen for making their Aadhaar Cards without finger prints or retina scans.

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    Yes, Mr. Kailash Kumar. I also read the article in the newspaper. Now I remind it. Such incidents definitely prove that the system of preparation of Aadhar Card is not full-proof in our country unlike USA or Britain.
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    I strongly feel that Aadhaar card is the best identifying tool of any person and that can be used effectively by all the departments to prevent duplicate beneficiaries in each schemes of the government. In Hyderabad the government wants to start one more survey keeping in view the details of the Aadhaar card submission and the actual position. For example if you are owning a bike or a car, that must be declared with your Aadhaar card number. Same is the case of those who are owning the auto or private taxi. By doing so the government can catch hold of vehicles which were owned in wrong means and also have tab on stolen vehicles. I feel that Aadhaar card must be possessed by every one as the citizen card and that is the identification of our history and so on. There should not second thought or undermine the importance of this great card.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    We, present Indians follow foreign countries in each and every respect but for the identity sake if our Government introduce one system why should we oppose? It is the government's effort to make some sort of safety to our citizens and Government officials. Since there is no strong chek in identity many unauthorised other citizens doing all miscreant activities.

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    Social Security number (SSN), a nine digit number is issued in USA to its citizens, permanent residents and temporary worker residents. Though originally, it was conceived for tracking individuals for social security purposes, but it has become practically a national identification number and never any controversy arose about the same. As far as I can understand, the opposition for Aadhaar number in India is primarily due to the fact there are many illegal activities going on in India, which will not become possible after making Aadhaar number mandatory.
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    So, Is it not necessary to stop the illegal activities going on in India by strict adherence to Aadhar cards. If any authorities try to play foul with issue of Aadhar cards, they should be booked and dealt with severely.

    Aadhar card should be made compulsory and should be a must to get admission to a child in a nursery or KG.

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    In case of children, at the time of issuing birth certificate itself, Aadhaar Card should be issued. Rather it will be better if instead of birth certificate, only Aadhaar Card is issued. Similarly at the time of issuing death certificate, Aadhaar Card can be closed.
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    I welcome your proposal. Aadhar card should be issued at the time of birth, and it should be closed with the death. Aadhar should be made compulsory for children born with effect from 01 January 2016. If done, we can see an effective Aadhar card after few decades. Every Indian will possess an Aadhar number then.

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    A social security card is always welcome, but does our Aadhar card serve that purpose, that is the doubt. Now a citizen has to have different cards - Electoral ID card, Ration card, PAN card, Driving Licence, Passport, ATM card(s), etc. Very often duplication of information is there.
    (By the by, I have not taken Aadhar card yet)


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    Aadhar card is the beginning. If there are any faults, they can be rectified. The courts give judgements based on the case filed. Aadhar card is very useful. The beneficiaries of government schemes are paid directly into their bank accounts which are linked with Aadhar card. The students scholarships are paid into their bank
    accounts minimising the scope for frauds. Aadhar card is a good beginning and it should be improved if any shortcomings are noticed.

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    Kailash has made a very good suggestion that Aadhaar card must be made compulsory and should be issued to the new born children at the time of birth and it must accompany with the birth certificate along with the name christened in it.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Aadhaar card is another step of our government in leveling the identity of a citizen common all over India. Though as sankaran sir told there are so many cards, my view is the government will cancel all other cards once a common identity card is confirmed. But in the initial stage itself if gossips are coming means the situation is equal to discussing about christening the baby before the delivery.

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    After the Aadhaar Card is hoisted on head and implemented with adamancy and rigid compulsion by government, what is the place and position of Pasassport?

    If Aadhaar is such a fool proof record of an Indian citizen , then will it replace Passport? If not why this duplication at such a hefty cost?

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    Mr. Venkiteswaran,
    All Indians are not foreign goers. Only those very few Indians who desire to go abroad have a passport . It is a fool proof record that is valid as an identity proof in and out of India. But Aadhar is required for the whole citizens of India as a proof of identity. I think, we should not compare passport with Aadhar card.

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    I could not get the suggestion to issue Aadhar at the time of birth. What about the photograph, fingerprints, identification marks etc? Aadhar can be made an all purpose card but to include items that are subject to changes does not seem practical due to difficulty in getting the details amended every time.
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    It has been clarified by UIDAI that the children and kids above 1 year of age can apply for Aadhaar card. Kid's biometrics data, such as finger prints, keep changing frequently up to 5 years of age. Therefore no biometric data will be collected for kids below 5 years age. For children below 5 years age, the Aadhaar card will be linked to their guardian / parents.
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    An Aadhar card number can be issued immediately after the birth, and all the particulars can be entered after the child reaches certain stage, But a number as identity is a must at the time of birth to ensure that none is missed out without an Aadhar card.
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    First answering to the question raised in title, Yes we must have Aadhar card.
    The how to use it. As we have seen there are cases of false Aadhar card, even many refugees, Bangladesh migrants have got their Aadhar card.
    I support to have a method of having unique identification. But till wee get best method to get true Aadhars only, we can get it attached it with some other id proof like pan card which are authentic. Then make it compulsory to have every Indian a bank account and get it linked with Aadhar card and pan card, slowly when it seems to have covered almost whole Indian population then it should be made compulsory and further facilities can be given directly in banks.
    Having such unique identification will help in identification in criminal cases, identifying lost people found in state they may not be able to tell about them selves. Government facilities will be easily pass on to all people. Corruption chances will be less. There will be a track of how many people working outside India, about their present wealth also.

    Chitra Rana

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    Government made a good approach regarding the issue of Aadhaar card. It mainly relies on Unique Identification of people in India.

    While booking Train tickets the irctc site has given an option for entering Aadhaar card number. It is a good step. The fields like this should be made mandatory in most of the Government Applications. So that it easy to track each individual and the issue of this card is used effectively.

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    Absolutely yes ! Every one should have an Aadhar card now. This is one universal ID proof which is acceptable in all govt. services, and also serves as ID proof wherever required. Aadhar number is linked with bank accounts, then it helps in direct transfer of govt. social welfare schemes such as LPG subsidy. Govt. is planning direct benefit transfer of a number of other subsidies and Aadhar has become the basis of all govt. welfare schemes. In certain states, Aadhar is mandatory for the property registration also. Aadhar works as ID proof for passport, license, credit card, bank account opening and almost all services.

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