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    Beware of bogus calls related to your credit cards

    Recently a new trend started to cheat the public. A call came to my mobile number as a lady called my name and told that she is from credit cards department and my credit card limit has been increased for which she need my card number etc., I asked her about which bank's credit card they are talking as I have two bank's cards (I was not informing the names of banks from my side). She told me that the query is related to both the cards . I asked her to send the details over email id as I provided with the respective banks. With suspect I told her, that I am not interested further. She replied that if I am not furnishing the details and tell the confirmation, the cards would be blocked from operations. I just said ok and cut the line but seen no further call or block from banks I met. People are like that cheating us to collect information as if they are talking from the banks.
    Friends please beware of such calls.
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    Yes the author made the right alert. We do get such calls as our numbers are easily available from the social network sites and thus we are bothered about credit card and its upper limit time and again. Two months back I took vehicle loan from First Capital. On seeing my application, the other companies also contacted me for the finance. But I refused saying that I already got it. But they wont keep quiet. The funny thing is that, they are now ready to finance for new car or second hand. I said I am not interested. But still they keep on calling me which is the nuisance.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    We should be able to differentiate between real calls and fake calls. Sometimes your card company calls to tell new about new deals and offers. A point to note is that true company callers will never ask for your card pin number or ask for other such sensitive details. Do not divulge this in any circumstances.

    Mala Jaiswar

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    Yes, one has to be very careful in dealing with such calls. More often than not, a female voice comes on line. They try to talk in a very professional manner by first asking the name etc. I think many of such girls do not know themselves as to what they are doing. They are offered jobs for doing such routine exercise and collect data from unsuspecting individuals with intention to cheat them by the employers of such callers. Many individuals fell in the lure of nice conversation by a female voice and repent later. It is akin to 'honey trapping'. Perhaps the best way to deal with such calls, is to first listen and then tell them point blank that we are not interested. Nowadays many calls are received inquiring about insurance policies also. I often tell such callers to send the details on email, but they express their inability to send emails, telling that the offer is available on phone only. The golden rule is not to reveal any confidential information on phone to anybody.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The best suggestion given by the author is to ask which bank's card it is. Even if we have a single credit card, if we ask such questions, the other person will be fumbled. He/she has to depend on his/her luck to guess the name of the right bank. As the author mentioned, the lady can not say that the credit card limit is increased for both the cards as no genuine bank employee will bother about the credit limit details of other bank cards. The other better alternative answer to such queries is to tell them that I am busy and send the details to my e-mail id.

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    The wise thing to do is -. Ask the caller from which number he/she is calling, and tell them that you would call them back. If they give any number to contact, just verify whether it is a genuine number from the bank. If genuine, call them back and ask what they want. However, even if it is the right bank, don't reveal sensible details like card number,A/c number pin number 3 D code etc; If they refuse to give any contact number, scold them and warn them.
    No life without Sun

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    @sun Ji, they wont give time us to call back by telling that this call is registered and reply to be given immediately.
    @Mala Ji, It is very difficult to identify practically whether call is genuine or not. Only thing we should make ourselves to stand in a particular place and talk to them otherwise genuine calls got involved in some chaos.
    @Mohan Ji, you are right not only credit cards, for loan also such callers irritating us but they wont give us time to decide if we require really.

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    Generally many calls are received from one way number, where one cannot call back. Spoofing services are also available. Even such calls can be traced back but for that purpose one will have to have sufficient spare time to record such calls and then lodge a formal complaint with the police.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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